Monday, June 7, 2010

unladylike pursuits

Full does not begin to describe our weekend and my plate today. It's like Thanksgiving after you've had seconds at both grandmas' houses. While busily tidying up the homestead after our first morning of summer vacation (which involved "summer school" Green Girl-style, laundry, emails and urgent messages) someone knocked on the door. Was it the summer help arriving an hour early? No, it was not. It was my friendly neighborhood Jehovah's Witnesses with a pamphlet on managing stress. Ironic, eh?

I'm sure they didn't notice the empty beer bottles I'd set on the washing machine to carry out to the recycle bin later. If they did, they were too polite to remark upon it.

Our weekend included meeting new neighbors, a graduation party and Cheese Fest.

Mr. G demonstrates the Two-Fisted Cheese Curd Eating Technique

Mr. T shows how a good cheese curd can stretch when eaten properly (outdoors, with family, while listening to live music and preparing for carnival rides)

Mr. B had some room and stomach left over after the rides for cotton candy AND a sno cone. Both blue. Both really bad for his teeth.

But in the midst of chaos, I'm offering the first FABULOUS of this month: Unladylike Pursuits penned by Alyssa Goodnight, fellow blogger and writer I met over at On the Writers' Road Less Traveled. Alyssa Goodnight left a stable, sensible career as an engineer (testing microcontrollers) for the wild existence of being a stay-at-home mom. Apparently lacking in things to do, she decided to spend her spare time writing a romance novel--it only took her four years. Alyssa's novel is published by her own press, Impress Ink. Ironically, she is now represented by Rebecca Strauss of McIntosh & Otis, hoping to get her second book published the traditional way. Unladylike Pursuits is a romance novel perfect for beach reading or bathtub reading, hot tub reading or coffee shop reading.

She needs to find a husband but in truth would rather not.
Miss Emily Sinclair has just answered the summons that will change her life. On the eve of spinsterhood, she is offered a month to find a willing gentleman or suffer a marriage to her stepmother's odious cousin. Neither choice seems palatable.

He wants to remain a bachelor and is weary of marriage-minded misses.
Lord Brandon Davenport has had more than enough of marriage--the infidelity, the gossip, the inconvenience. It has all reaffirmed his conviction to never involve himself in such a predicament.

Of course, need and want are very different matters...or are they?
When the two find themselves grudgingly paired in the ambush of highwaymen, temper is matched equally with desire, leading Emily to realize that Brand is the perfect prey for her husband hunt. But is Brand too cagey to be caught in her trap?

Every comment between now and Saturday is an entry to win this book! Spill it, reader. How do you relieve stress? Escape into a good book? Escape into the woods? Escape into a bottle of vino? Escape into the nearest spa?


  1. I just got back from the library about 30 mins ago with some new books, a romance and a biography. I definitely use reading as an escape. Would love to read this book too.

    Carolyn (Dean and Caden)

  2. Thanks for all the hype, Green Girl! ;)

    By comparison, our weekend was a walk in the park. A very hot, humid park.

  3. I love a good book or a good movie, along with some hand work (tatting, crochet, knitting). I find this very satisfying.

    I want to cheese curds. We don't have them here in Hotlanta. Squeek!

  4. I relieve stress by going for long walks.

  5. Congratulations, Alyssa! Wonderful news!

    I deal with stress with long walks with Tanner the Slobber Dog. And Sudoku. I don't know why, but it works for me. Todd says the numbers are my friends.

    What, my dear, is a cheese curd? (I'm shivering, not in a good way. But then I come from the land of Fried Twinkies, so I can't say anything.)

  6. how fun! I'm less stressed when everything is done. So, I suppose you could say I clean the house and weed the garden. Not that I enjoy either of those!

  7. Hello Green Girl! Thank you for your comments - unfortunately, I've been having trouble with blogger and for some reason, your comments never posted.

  8. If I had the time/money to relieve my stress at a spa perhaps I wouldn’t NEED so much wine!

  9. I go for a hike! And you're on holidays already? I'm jealous!

  10. I escape into myself when I feel stressed. I try to bring myself back into the moment and make sure that I am not stressing over the past or over the future because I can't control those things. Once I bring myself back to the present...the stress normally fades.

  11. CHEESE FEST???? Where the heck is that? Why wasn't I notified? Why wasn't I there? I live in WI! I LOVE me some cheese! Cheese curds are da bomb diggity!!!! I must get to a Cheese Fest!

    That book sounds fabulous! Thanks for letting us know about it. It sounds like one I would enjoy.

    I've had a stressful day today. My children are driving me batty. Completely nuts. And the hubby is NOT helping. Dur.
    How do I unwind? Well, tonight I'm watching mindless tv and then I will probably have a mixed drink and read a bit before bed. Ahhhh. :)

  12. You can definitely tell when I'm stressed. I start trolling Walmart for Harlequin romances.

  13. Oh mah holy hell. Relieve stress? A bathtub full of hot water, a glass of wine, and the bottle nearby ;-)

  14. Jehovah's Witnesses are always a welcome break. ;)

    I can't say as I'd read that book (I'm not into romances--too cynical), but I'm up for anything that's well-written. (I just skip over the "mushy" parts.)

    Stress? I have an anxiety disorder. There is no un-stress. (Yes, I just made up a word. Sue me.)
    I photograph, drink, watch old Buffy reruns or Friends reruns or Big Bang Theory... or curl up with a good book. What kind of book soothes an anxious soul, you ask? A good conspiracy thriller, preferably if it involves some scientific endeavor with a touch of science fiction and a big dose of realism, and the Nazis trying to take over the world but NOT succeeding. That always makes me very happy. Know of any good books like that? ;)

  15. Ooo, cheese sounds like a great way to relieve stress. How do I relieve it? It depends on many things, sometimes I shop (if there's a little spare money), sometimes I read a book (if I've got a good piece of fiction), and sometimes I eat... ok, most of the time I eat. This is the #1 reason I don't keep junk food in the house. If I really want to eat something sugary, I have to bake it. Helps me figure out if I really need it or not.


  16. Rollerblading around the park makes me stress free and happy. I also like stretching out under my duvet and wiggling my toes, if I'm feeling lazy ;-). A favorite stress reliever during the working day - sitting next to our lavender plant and inhaling deeply if on a stressful conference call!

  17. I coach a cheerleading team! It gets me out of the house (I'm a stay at home mom of 3) and gives me a short break from the everyday chaos that my children love to create!!! "Short" being the key word here :)


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