Monday, June 14, 2010

would you? could you? in a box?

Congratulations, Jen on the Edge! You've won a copy of Alyssa Goodnight's Unladylike Pursuits! Happy reading!

We attended a wedding over the weekend--and yes, I wore a dress! In the olden days when I tended bar, I could pretty accurately predict the success rate of a couple based on their combined level of sobriety by the time they hopped onto bar stools in front of me mid-day. I fear the future looks a tad bleak for this weekend's couple. The groom puked in the parking lot between "post-ceremony party bus" and reception hall. His 21-year-old bride slapped him. Then she grabbed a plastic pitcher to use as her personal beer mug--all night. I watched her pose for drinking pictures with her girlfriends and dance with the pitcher held over her head, Miller Lite sloshing over the sides. She did not make the rounds to green her 500 wedding guests, preferring to stay ensconced in the company of a few friends all night. To his credit, the groom did make it around to greet us just as we were getting ready to leave so we could make it home by midnight.
The flowers were stunning, the food was good and we sat by nice people. And we didn't have to endure an insufferable slide show, either. So, would you take the over or the under on this couple?

Ironically, Sunday's sermon at church was about the seventh commandment and how to avoid breaking it.

The really funny part about this wedding came later in the night. A friend of ours who works in research and development for A Corporation That Must Remain Unnamed asked me if I'd buy the latest project he's been working on. "What do you think about disposable towels in a box for your bathroom counter?"
"What the what?" I asked, a stunned smile plastered on my face. Surely I misheard him because that has to be the most unnecessary, wasteful and ridiculous thing in the world--disposable paper bathroom towels!
"Disposable towels. In a box. For your bathroom or kitchen."
"Towels in a box," I repeated. "Paper towels?" Scorn crept into my voice.
"Yes," he nodded, "in a box. For single use--you grab them out of a counter top dispenser."
"Ummmm, probably not. I just use regular towels and wash them."
"You must not be a germophobe then," he said, laughing.
Mr. D, catching on to my discomfort, chimed in with, "And she's green, too."
"J, she doesn't even let me use paper towels anymore. I can only use a couple when we make bacon. It's (Mr. D employs air quotes) 'Wasteful.' She's sure as heck not going to buy them for in the bathroom."
I did feel grateful to my husband for taking me off the hot seat.

Reader, I'm curious about how this company plans to market a single-use product. It's wasteful, for starters. It's definitely NOT environmentally friendly. I understand disposable towels in public bathrooms, but for home use? And I cannot begin to fathom the price point of paper towels in a box.
Spill it, reader--would you buy this product? If so, what are its merits?


  1. Woot! I won! I won! I won! (happy dance) Thank you. This helps make up for some other disappointments this morning.

    You know there's no way in heck I'd use disposable towels. No. Way.

  2. No. Way. But they convinced us to buy water in plastic for years, no doubt the advertising campaign will be extreme.

    Germophobe indeed. Pah!

  3. These are already on the market...or are we a test market? I wouldn't buy them for the house, but probably will for the office, which just consists of three people. Right now we use a roll of paper towels (the kind that are perforated into three/sheet). Funny that you should ask about them today when I just thought yesterday that I needed to get some of those when I was cleaning the office. On a life, such glamour.

  4. NO. I've seen them advertized and it's just such a waste. what's wrong with a dish or hand towel? it can be switched out every doesn't have to get grimy and gross.

    But the sad part is people will buy these like candy. Sad.

  5. Now to be perfectly honest, I may purchase and here is why.. Oldest son plays ALOT of baseball in different towns - in different parks. Some of the parks only have porto potty facilities. Really gross, but when nature calls..nature calls. Even using hand sanitizer, I often want to wash my hands with water- Towels would be handy- I often just have a roll of paper towel in the baseball tote.

  6. I've already heard of them being made, so unless he's a few steps behind it might not go anywhere anyways!! I thought it was a big waste...

  7. no i wouldn't buy it. how stupid would that look in my bathroom? and how wasteful too.....

  8. I shot weddings for over 20 years. I, too, could predict the health of the newly minted marriage. It was especially apparent when the bride and groom were already arguing while standing at the alter for photos. Nice.

    I saw that single paper towel for the bathroom thing. There is no way I will buy those. Definitely a waste.

  9. I think those paper towels are about as stupid as New Coke. A real waste.

  10. I've seen the commercial for them...they are the tackiest thing I have ever seen! Really, who wants a giant tissue box propped up on top of the towel bar?!?!

    Hmmmm, the wedding couple...that's a toughy! 21 is a hard age, one that I'm thankful has past us by. We got married when we were 20 and boy, did we have a lot of growing up to do (but it was with eachother so our "adult-ness" melded pretty good so far!).

  11. ugh..."They" are already test-marketing that product, or at leat, I have seen the advertisement for it on TV (direcTV)...I thought it was ridiculous. The commercial shows an unreasonable number and ways of use for a single guest-towel in a bathroom before washing it (drying your face, wiping down the counter, cleaniing the dog's teeth, catching a little girl's sneeze, cleaning up a toothpaste spill,cleaning the sink, wiping up liquid mercury), and then suggests The Product.
    And of course, it is sold in a stick-up PLASTIC dispenser, that you conveniently stick up in your bathroom.

    NO SALE for hope505.
    * : )

  12. Absolutely not! What a waste of paper, energy, and money. Germophobia at its worst!

  13. Heck no!
    When I taught school it used to drive me crazy to watch the kids go through the paper towels in the bathroom. I was that annoying woman saying, "Hey hey hey. One's enough! These are trees you're wasting!"

  14. No way. Couldn't buy it. Too wasteful!

  15. Ladies~ this product has hit the sales shelves already. Personally I would not use them for home use; we use handtowels in a small basket on a counter for guest use (used are placed in a container either in the cabinet or next to the waste basekt for wash) and keep the 'decor' towels on the wall.

  16. I wouldn't buy them. I buy regular paper towels but hardly ever use them. A roll will last me about 3 months.

  17. OK - I'll come right out and ask - how is it you know the happy couple?

    And no thank you to disposable towels. I have enough guilt over Kleenex thank you very much.

  18. I think these things are a disgrace and also poor on their part since most people are going green to some point.

    Plus as a friend of mine said it makes your bathroom look like a rest stop!

  19. I heard about this disposable towel product, too. Nope; I'll pass. Germs? Wash often, use soap, establish healthy habits.

    But as for the *ahem* happy couple? It does indeed look bleak.

  20. Oddly enough, our family of sometime germaphobes were aghast by nameless corporation's commercials plugging their single use towels-in-a-box. I wondered if you had seen those yet.

  21. The wedding sounds ... interesting. I'm always amazed at couples who don't seem to get their responsibility to the people who gave up their time to celebrate with them. I guess it's easy to overlook if you're young.

    Hi, I sound old.

    As for the disposable towels for home use ... I'm so glad you blogged about this and that you and the mister gave your tablemate a polite what for. I am appalled by this product. Under no circumstances would I purchase such a wasteful product loaded with bad karma.

  22. I also went to a wedding of a couple of 21 year olds, who, based on your theory, are going to be married a long long time. They were delightful and still sober when we left.

    As for the towels, not for home, but possibly to accommodate the porta-john-issue.


Spill it, reader.