Tuesday, July 6, 2010

midsummer madness

This is my favorite picture from the Fourth. Mr. G and Miss L. are playing together--which has never happened before, even though they're both five. Look closely and see how the Ben 10 aliens are interacting with the Disney Princesses. Too sweet.

A state-wide smoking ban finally went into effect here. Wisconsin's been the ashtray of the midwest for years. I tended bar for five years and inhaled my fair share of secondhand smoke--you do build up a tolerance, but when you're never around it, that tolerance fades. Now, if I go into a restaurant that allows smoking, I smell it right away. I've become pretty spoiled as more places ban smoking--used to be you'd need a shower to get the stink out of your hair and you'd have to hang your clothes outside after going out. These days smelling like smoke is the exception to the rule. Hooray!

A robin made a nest on top of my potting bench and her eggs hatched last week. I never knew robins would have babies in the middle of summer. Anyway, I've created an elaborate barricade to protect her from our cat--with a strategically placed watering can (full) and several old boards and doors. An impenetrable fortress around this nursery. The mama can get over the top to find food for her babies, but Violet the Semi-Stray Cat can't get in for a snack of baby robins. Technically this is disrupting the food chain, but I view robins differently than I do mice or rabbits.

The boys actually saw them hatching out and took pictures.

There are Mad Men marathons all month on Mondays. Oh the sheer pleasure of it! Team Testosterone bucked having to go to bed while it was still daylight, but this mama needs a little Don Draper to cool things off on a steamy July evening. Windows wide open, ceiling fan blowing on me, my knitting on my lap, ice water within easy reach. The humidity didn't bother me at all.

Green Girl, can I buy you a drink?

Mr. T is supposed to go to camp today, but he's complaining of shoulder pain--thank God we got him an appointment to check it out before his ride leaves later today. Now we have to hope he's still good to go--he'll be SO disappointed if he can't. He's packed and ready--just in case!

Spill it, reader. What are you doing to keep cool in this steamy July? I'll be by the pool if you need me.


  1. "Ashtray of the Midwest." LOL. Virginia started its smoking ban last December, although a lot of individual restaurants had their own bans in place long before that. We still have patients who try to smoke in the hospital. Just the other day, we found a patient's cigarette butts in his bathroom. I have no idea how he avoided the smoke alarm.

  2. Love that Ben 10 plays so well with princesses :) at that age, my boys would have been playing with the princesses---girl toys were so foreign and cool! It Is So Stinkin Hot---we live in the pool. I've been patiently waiting for the rain to actually hit our area instead of you guys! Hurray for the smoking ban! I hope you kiddo's arm is all good for camp (maybe a little scared? J always gets a stomach ache right before we drop him off).

  3. We are heading out to the mountains today. And thanks for the heads up on Mad Men - you and I have VERY similar tastes! Don Draper can be my boyfriend any day....

  4. Love the pool picture! The shoes aren't really you, though.

    I'm surviving the heat with a little A/C and a grad class project to finish. My garden? Soaked.

  5. I have yet to get into Mad Men. I will quite literally be by the pool, in the pool, and then in it again all summer long as my 3 year old learns to swim.

  6. What am I doing to keep cool? Well, thanking GOD for the central air that's in our new house (woo hoo! first time in my life for that!) and generally crashing the kids' party in the kiddie pool. "MAKE WAY FOR MOMMY!!!!"

  7. That is the cutest alien princess encounter evah :)

    And those baby birds :)

    I haven't had to stay cool it's been cold here in PO but supposed to warm up - I've got my fingers X'd

  8. I went to the mall. My oldest son managed to wear out some of his summer clothes.

    Then I sat inside with the A/C cranked and scrapbooked and watched TLC this afternoon.

    Our city already was smoke-free. It'll be interesting to see how things change up north. We left on Monday the day it went into effect.

  9. I have AC at my house, AC in my car and AC at work....that about does it!

  10. If you lived in San Diego you would really not be able to stand second-hand smoke--we are so spoiled. I always forget how good I have it until I travel in the Midwest.

    And it soooo not steamy here. I don't think it hit 70 today. It feels like mid-November.

    They are very cute playing together!

  11. Ooo. Will you take some more pictures of the baby birds in a couple days? So cute!

    As for July, it's not steamy here in So. Cal. It was 64 and cloudy today and the forecast predicts the same all week. Kind of a bummer since I'm big fan of Summer.

  12. I like the idea that they are placing more and more bans on smoking cigarettes in public places. I use to be a smoker myself but I found a device called an e-cigarette and it has helped me quit. Wish every smoker would switch to these at least. They don't stink or litter the environment with butts. A lot less harmful than tobacco too, all around benefits... Cheers!


Spill it, reader.