Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sad--that Daniel Schorr died. Certain voices evoke different responses in me. I hear Ira Glass, I expect to sit riveted. I hear Nina Totenberg, I know I'll get the behind-the-scenes skinny on the Supremes. I hear Bob Uecker, it's summertime. Daniel Schorr was wisdom and comfort and grace and dignity. I had no idea he was 93.

Saturated--by cucumbers, potato salad, beans and wasps.

Sore--the soles of my feet up through my head. We took karate outside, in bare feet, on a parking lot. My partner was merciless. My soles are scraped raw, my legs hurt, my allergies are suffering with the mold count. Then Mr. G woke me up at 4 a.m.

Surprised--that Mr. T ran 3 miles so well this weekend, but Mr. B turned out to be a 50-pound weakling. I'd always thought he had more gumption. Thank God there's time to get him trained.

Silly--lying in the hammock while Ace weeds the garden. But that's why we pay him, right?

Satisfied--finally having watched 500 Days of Summer and it was good.

Super--floating in the pool after a hot, sweaty day.

Scratchy--where mosquitoes bit me on my left ear, right knee, left wrist, right arm, and behind my neck.

Spill it, reader. What do you feel?


  1. Tired -- Too many late nights. Also, up during the "worry window" of 3-6AM.

    Grateful -- For a great husband who tries to understand me. Bless him, poor guy.

    Excited -- To be taking a trip to NYC next week.

    Scared -- To fly.

  2. That I need to get to that copy of "500 Days of Summer" that's sitting on the TV stand!

  3. Contented: I have a house full of people I adore, and who adore each other. We are all on holiday, we get along, and the eight of us being all crammed into one house is just fine!

  4. Relieved: all the fair entries are almost done...just the scrapbooking pages are left.

    Excited: The fair starts today! I (heart) the fair!

    Old: I turn 31 on Sunday. Gah. But I get to celebrate with the Bumbles at book club the next day!

    Buzzy: Excedrin Migraine has ALOT of caffiene!

    Annoyed: The Fu**ing Mosquitos! They are taking over the world! They are driving me absolutely crazy!

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  6. Hopeful--my son's baseball team wins tonight. If they do they'd be in the final four.

    Relaxed--my boys are tired out from being at the pool today. We're all just relaxing.

    Concerned--by the contractor who showed up to look at our roof for storm damage. Waiting for my insurance company to come out. If there is in fact damage I'll go with a local roofer.

    Impatient--I want our trailer sold.

    Happy--I got to spend the day with my sister and her kids at the pool.

  7. Mopey--after two long days of rain and several missed baseball games due to wet fields.

    Relieved--that we've already made it through half the summer and I've survived my two boys. :)

    Content--to just laze around on a rainy day.

  8. Hot - We just got back from the splash park

    Tired - I stayed up too late and got up way too early

    Hungry - I should probably go start dinner!

  9. TIRED. I've got a stupid summer cold, thanks to my kids. I just want to curl up and doze.

  10. Seasonally Challenged. I am weary of summer.

  11. Itchy-- rom the red ant bite on my foot;

    Grateful--that I have the time to get my book marketing done. I would have SO not been able to do this at another time in my life.

    Blessed--with family and good friends who support me, ditto Doc,and a lovely home I never knew you enjoyed so much!

  12. Sweaty - It was 97 with a dew point of about 75 today.

  13. Excited.....grandson will be arriving in a couple of months and the showers are next week.

    Creative....so many new ideas buzzing around in my head just waiting to be completed.

    Content....life is oh so good.

    Proud....of my follow through on my getting healthy plan for 2010.

    Fortunate....in oh so many ways.

  14. Feminine -- I wore a skirt today for the first time in five years. (The last time was so momentous that I remember the date clearly.)

    Relieved -- It appears that my MIL is postponing her planned visit this weekend to a date in the fall. Actually, I'm not sure that "relieved" covers how I feel about that.

    Relaxed -- Not having a guest this weekend frees up my time quite a bit for the next several days.

  15. Hot-Tired-Sweaty-Bitten Up! (Just got back from a day spent on Yellowstone Lake with the Mr's family)

  16. Sad, found out a dog I had from the time I was 10 until I got married and then my parents kept her, died. She was an awesome dog we rescued.

  17. Feeling sorry for my hubby...despite his (unique) efforts in bringing out the heavy artillery he continues to be the main course on the mosquitoes buffet, but feeling grateful I'm not on their menu.

    Any summer games of Capture the flag, of course around here it's more a revised version of Capture and kill blood suckers.

    Sweet wishes,

  18. Sad- I miss my friend

    Frustrated- that almost three months later I am still so sad.

    Relieved- that even though I have to go to training during one day of my vacation next week, that I don't have to go in to work and give bad news to anyone for over a week.

    Apprehensive- My husband is going camping next week. Completely unreachable for 9 days. I was better with it when the kids were smaller.

  19. sleepy - my 8 year old daughter had a slumber party last night.

  20. Intimidated - that I have to deal with the A/C guy who recommends that the Mold Abatement guy take care of the evaporator to our A/C system

    Sheepish - that I didn't take better care of the stupid A/C system better so that I wouldn't have to deal with the mold abatement.

    Nervous - because that's the way I usually feel. ;)


Spill it, reader.