Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green Girl gave Daisy the raspberries

I'm sure you all thought I was curled up with Jason Bourne for the past 48 hours, but I assure you that wasn't the case. So! Busy! Here! Summer fun never seems to end. We even raced over to catch a ball game yesterday. Doug Davis was pitching and the Timber Rattlers won. Very thrilling. And Big Daddy had us in good seats to boot--patio seating with our very own waitress so I didn't have to trek up to the concession stand and wait in line every 15 minutes. Nice.

I think Mr. G came in second.

But with enough cotton candy you can get over anything.

Mr. B knows we're living large and he likes it.

In April Adrienne over at the Story Board created this pretty little picture. She calls it "Wishful Thinking" and I was enchanted by it. I see the gardens and flowers everywhere I go and I see where they should be, too. I had to own that picture. Adrienne was kind enough to sell it to me and here it is on my wall! Doesn't it look charming? I smile every time I walk past it. My sons like it too. Mr. B told me that "whoever did this is a good drawer. They should draw pictures for children's books."

It thrills me to have her work on my wall. I can't believe it's mine!

And I made more jam--in fact, Daisy from Compost Happens
came over and jammed with me. I'm not the jam-master my neighbor is, but I passed along all the knowledge of my fore-jammers and the raspberry jam I made turned out good. I even squashed out some of the seeds for that batch. Daisy helped pick the berry patch and took an ice cream bucket of raspberries home to make her own the next day--a jammy success!

And today? Pick berries again, pull weeds, run errands, and knock "watching Toy Story 3 at the drive-in" off our bucket list. And figure out a way to convert hundreds of Grandma A's vacation slides into pictures for a gift...any suggestions on this front? I'm clueless.
Spill it, reader. What's on your summer bucket list?


  1. You'll have to get them scanned, whether you purchase a scanner and DIY or take them to a photo place and have them do it. I have read about an attachment to a DSLR that allows you to photograph slides, but I don't know any specifics about that. I don't have a camera quite that fancy, so not an option I would consider. Be sure to have them scanned at a decent resolution, so any prints you make will be good quality. Good luck with that project - old photos are so fun to look at - always bring back lots of memories!

  2. My dad is currently using a slide and negative converter to turn the THOUSANDS of slides that are our family history into digital photos. It's a bit slow-going, I think, but he's enjoying it and the photos turn out great.

    It's something like this:

    I think he paid about $100 for his - I first saw it in a Sky Mall catalog. LOL

    My summer bucket list? Quit job, pack, move, retain sanity. :)

  3. My son would have loved to see Doug Davis. Too bad he wasn't there Monday when we were.

  4. I am jealous of your jam-tastic-ness.

    My summer list: Spend as much time outside as possible. Everything I would normally do, try to do it outside. Chicago summers only last so long! I'm sure you understand.

  5. My summer bucket list includes flying to Seattle to meet Mrs. G.--which reminds me; buy plane ticket!

  6. You can buy thingies (that's the technical term, I'm sure) that will convert slides into digital photos/files.

    My summer bucket is list is simple: Relax and enjoy the time with my family.

  7. OOH! Toy Story 3 at the drive in is totally on my bucket list -- hope we can get there before it leaves. Summer just seems to be FLYING by. Enjoy - and enjoy your raspberry jam. I'm impressed you de-seeded your bunch. How do you do that, anyways?

  8. That is a great piece of art! And I love your ball field pics. You are having quite a summer. Sounds fun. :)

  9. Love the pretty little picture :)
    of course family photos are always fun too

  10. Toy Story 3 is on my list, too! We haven't been to see the T-Rats, but we went to Miller Park last weekend. Daughter is bringing a jar of fresh respberry jam (your raspberries!) to her boyfriend this weekend. If he's not already in love, this might clinch it.

  11. that is a lovely little piece of art you got yourself right there!

  12. Thanks for posting the picture - what a treat to see my painting in its new home! Mr. B's comment makes my day!

    On the list for summer - our first visit to the beach tomorrow...I can't wait. :)

  13. Ooooh. I just live in semi-awe of your jam-packed summer. To think of extending berry season out all year by converting it to gooey goodness in a jar. I have a friend who makes blueberry and another who makes red plum, and it is infinitely better than the stuff on the market shelves!

  14. I wish my summer list had the words "drive-in" on it; going to the drive-in is the MOST fun!

    So far, summer is trying to figure out how to amuse the kids and, well, you know, packing up a lot of stuff for year-long storage. Plus, trying to talk myself out of taking 30 long-sleeved shirts across the ocean.

  15. Oh IT'S GORGEOUS! And it's hanging on your very wall.
    I do believe that's my favorite she's done, which is saying a lot since I love all her work.

    And now you've inspired me to go with hubby and son to a baseball game tonight. Thanks, friend! Peanuts and coke, here I come!

  16. That is a very sweet picture, and it's nice that your boys appreciate it too.

    What about using the pictures to make a photo book? I've made a couple through Snapfish and been very pleased with the results. I think you can order them at the Target photo center'd just need to get the slides transferred to digital.


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