Wednesday, July 14, 2010

happy birthday, baby

My baby is six today. SIX. (Cue the mournful strains of Sunrise, Sunset while I grab a tissue.)

Mr. G is silly--the biggest show-off on Team Testosterone, he hams it up for our attention on a regular basis. Whether doing karate kicks, making funny sounds (he does incredible machine-gun noises) or somersaulting across the yard, Mr. G wants us to watch him--and watch him NOW!

Mr. G is passionate about certain things. In particular, dinosaurs, soda, donuts, Ben 10, Batman, dogs, baseball, Curious George and swimming. He loves to build castles and organize all his action figures and animals around his creations. He enjoys painting and coloring and counting and hearing stories.

Mr. G is our athlete--he's got a sweet swing, a fierce arm, and a fast stride. Watching him move is pure joy. Consequently, he's a tactile kid, always touching, petting, reaching. He's my boy who runs to the playground to play tag with his buddies. No standing around for small talk--Mr. G's ready for action!

Half superhero, Mr. G can often be seen in disguise--leaping over couches, sliding down banisters, racing through yards. His imagination is active whether he's playing with his friends or his brothers or playing alone.

Mr. G is surprisingly sensitive. He's a good brother, a good friend. He asks questions, makes a conscious effort to include other people, and treats everyone fair and square. He doesn't lie, he's takes turns, he shares and he listens. I'm often complemented on how well-behaved he is. He is a bundle of energy, but he uses self-control at school, church, and karate.

Mr. G is our baby. Spoiled and loved. Smart as a whip from observing his brothers. Coddled and endured, depending on his mood. He gets his way most of the time, but sucks it up when he doesn't. He's confident of his place in the pecking order and knows we've all got soft spots on our hearts and room by our sides for him.

Mr. G--ballplayer, champion snuggler, smart-aleck, beloved 6-year-old boy.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. G! I hope your 6th birthday is a wonderful and memorable event.

  2. Happiest of Birthdays to Mr G! He sounds like the perfect combo of all things boy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. G!

    I have a delightful 6-year-old niece in VA...just sayin'...

  4. What a great kid! And a nice loving post to boot...

  5. He sounds like a great kid! Happy b-day Mr. G!

  6. oh god six is such a great age. happy birthday, little guy!

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. G. I love 6, it is a great age.

  8. I love a champion snuggler, and he sounds like one awesome dude! Happy, happy birthday to Mr. G!

  9. Awesome photos! Happy Birthday to Mr. G!

    Are any of your boys into Go-Gos Crazy Bones? My youngest is obsessed with them.

  10. awwww love the post!! your blog is so cute!!
    happy bday to the birthday boy!


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