Tuesday, July 13, 2010

if we spoke on the phone, this is what you'd hear me say

You know Mr. G is beyond tired when he starts wailing about a button falling off his favorite camouflage pants--"That was my favorite button!" I'm glad I can wield a needle and thread with skill and speed.

Arranging activities for 2 kids is easier than it is for 3.

But the house seems empty with Mr. T at camp.

Packing for Boy Scout camp is an undertaking on par with planning a wedding.

Or taking a newborn on a weekend trip.

I'm horribly behind in reading...newspapers, blogs, books.

I estimated it would take me a month to complete my to-do list.

Then I remembered the Photo Album Project.

I added 60 days to my original estimation.

An appraiser came through yesterday. I never know whether to tag along or let people do their thing when they come to work at our house. I generally back off, but stay within shouting distance just in case.

I'm involved in a Good Deed that is taking a lot of time. It began with a kid needing help filling out college paperwork. It has morphed into much, much more.

I knocked away the start of a wasps' nest in our front door. The nerve!

I'm unable to keep up with the beans. And the damn zucchini are so sneaky--one day they're tiny little stubs, the next, they're as long as my arm. Sheesh.

I'm 1/3 of the way through my manuscript revisions. My pace is slower than I'd hoped, but it's mostly going well.

I came up with a terrific drinking game while watching Mad Men. Every time they reach over to grab a bottle of booze off a sideboard, you take a drink. I'd be tooted up after one episode! It's incredible how frequently the characters reach over to spin the cap off a bottle of liquor. After closing a deal. After coming home from the office. After watching the news. After dinner. After sex. After fighting. Before going to bed. It's fascinating. Did people really keep glasses and bottles so convenient in every room and office like that in the 60's? I cannot think of a single liquor I'd have at the ready like that, can you?


  1. "That was my favorite button!" Sorry...but that made me laugh out loud!

  2. Duuude, this week, I could handle a bottle of wine in every room.

    Now, don't you know anything about child labour?? Boys can pick beans! You need to pay them in increments... like five minutes at the arcade for every five ounces of beans; or, a bonfire with one marshmallow for each bean? Something like that. You just need a way to quantify. Either they can pool their work efforts and winnings, or each boy can have his own bag, depending on how competitive they are. Trust me, I used to pay in chocolate chips, and it was awesome! Just make sure and give them a proper vegetable tutorial first, and explain that you don't pay for stuff that is too young!

  3. It is entirely unnerving to start the morning off with a daunting to-do list only to crawl between the sheets at night with the realization that the list has somehow grown still longer despite every effort to check items off throughout the intervening hours.

  4. I've got one kid away at camp right now, too, and it's too darn quiet around here! Makes me realize how much of the day I devote to breaking up squabbles.

    Are you writing a book? Fiction or non?

  5. Nope.....the only drink I could keep in every room would be my diet coke :)

  6. Your garden is growing much faster than mine! I'm still buying beans and peas at the farmers' market. Meanwhile, my spinach gave up the ghost just when I needed it to boost my iron levels. Growl. But the tomato plants are a jungle; it's going to be so much fun when they start yielding those delicious little red (and yellow) orbs!

  7. His favorite button, I like that one! Poor kid, having all these unknown ladies laugh at his misfortune.

    And no, while I love my occasional whiskey (and I am still dreaming of having a beautiful decanter for it), not in every room...

  8. I just had some appraisers here too. I didn't follow them around. I thought while they were doing the outside I could dry my hair quick. I'm not sure if they heard the blow dryer but I was done and in one of the boys' bedrooms when the lady said, "Just so you know there is a man with me too." Its not like I was walking around half dressed!

  9. Lately, my job has been sucking.
    I have a large bottle of Amaretto on my kitchen counter.

    Zucchini Takeover? Need a good bread recipe?

  10. I love the drinking game. More Mad Men, please

  11. We marvel at the guys on Rescue Me--seriously--warm whiskey right out of the bottle? Gross!

  12. Red Wine, enough said.
    My peas & wax beans are done and pulled out but the strawberry patch is shooting of runners like no bodies business & need to be seriously weeded. One of these days I'll get to them.
    Ordered two of Jennifer Landcasters books yesterday. Heard of her? Love her or hate her? I'm a virgin with her books but I think I'm gonna love them.

  13. I have a can of beer in my fridge from when my parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago.

    I don't know how you have time to work on a manuscript with all that going on!


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