Friday, July 23, 2010

little bits

*I heard crickets last night for the first time this summer.
* And the sump pump going off at regular intervals.
* I feel compelled to throw a party and invite scads of people for a huge game of Capture the Flag. I should wait until the woods dries out--over half of our acreage is flooded. Capture the Flag ought to be played with the advantage of a wooded terrain.
* Of course, watching Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief last night further cemented the awesomeness of idea.
* I bought shiny new running shoes for Mr. B and Mr. T.
* We start running 3 miles to prepare for their black belt candidate training tomorrow. If it's dry enough.
* We didn't start earlier because they were both in soccer and soccer requires much running. But that ended last Saturday.

Come on, like you didn't see Another Gratuitous Photo of Team Testosterone coming?
That bottled water by Mr. T & Mr. B did NOT come from me, BTW.

* I believe I called it "Black Belt Candidate Training" when I did it last fall--obviously it was much more important when I was involved, hence the capitalization.
*Alyssa Goodnight commented yesterday that she discovered a smelly pen called "Ninja Berry." The power of "Ninja" is everywhere.
* "Aunt B" sent the remastered Beastie Boys CD to continue Team Testosterone's music education. They're officially truly, madly and deeply in love with Aunt B and the Beastie Boys.
* Past the raspberry madness of gallons per picking. Now I only find a pint at a time. They seem to taste better this way.
* Her return made my week brighter.
* Am I the only one looking at a summer bucket list and feeling freaked out by the looming shadow of fall?

Spill it, reader. In little bits. What's new?



    Almanzo and Mary from the TV show will be there speaking!

    Troy and the girls are coming with me....and I couldn't be more excited! :)

  2. I too am very excited about the return of Mrs. G.

    I'm finding myself increasingly focused on BlogHer and my wardrobe for the various events.

  3. Ready for the weekend. Moving into the new cottage Saturday. Sunday my son has two games to get in from all of the rainouts.

  4. We've had 12 straight hrs of thunderstorms! Today starts the going from room to room de-crapifying everything and maybe boxing up the stuff I hopes of good things! I also have 2 bags of cucumbers to make into pickles--ahhh summer :)

  5. Forgot to mention---the boys LOVE the Percy Jackson books (we're on #3)! They've seen the movie in the theater and then we rented it the other night (Jamie said the movie wasn't anywhere near as good as the book...and he loved the movie!)

  6. First of all, SO completely envious of historygirlie!!!

    It's my last day of employment so right now I am not concerned about anything. Hee!

    Also excited about Mrs. G.

    Must begin serious packing this weekend.

  7. 1. Cute photo!
    2. Hope the flooding up there doesn't get any worse - I've been thinking about you.
    3. Raspberries - yum! I'm jealous.
    4. Beastie Boys are the best - your boys have good taste!

  8. Fall is coming?! What? Nooo! I have yet to make the summer bucket list. Maybe I should make one for Fall. Then I will be ahead instead of behind. Yessss...

  9. Going kayaking with a heretofore unmet in real life blogger on Monday. That should be fun.

  10. seriously, i feel the same way about fall. it is coming sooner than we think!

    it's nice to live in a place where you can look forward to seasons changing though.

  11. Nice list! My summer is going by way too fast. I have so much to do to get ready for school, but just no desire to get into it yet. I'll panic soon, I guess.

  12. I'm new here! I really like your blog! very cool!!

    (i am sooo in the mood for a game of capture the flag now!)

  13. Unpacking boxes from the shippers!

  14. thought of you tonight---baseball tournament going on and I just saw my first coach wearing baseball pants...hehehe...nice ;) I threw up a little in my mouth!

  15. Ninja raspberries?

    I am in the middle of a road trip to the Chicago area to see my adorable niece - and my brother and SIL, of course. Next week: math training class all week. After that: more appts. for stupid health issues (they're not stupid, just a pain).

  16. How can you feel intimidated by Fall coming--when you do so much every day, all the time. I'm loving the running for black belt stuff...and the raspberries...and the "decided to throw a party" business. I just know I'd like you in Real Life, you know.

  17. I'm planning a bike trip along the Danube...enjoying our summer lush balcony full of plants...finishing up a crazy midsummer work project...admiring black belt trainers from afar!

  18. Who doesn't love the Beastie Boys?

    -An old roommie is visting me and we're having mucho fun
    -The sun is finally shining in So Cal
    -We're going to get psychic readings today
    -I'm getting very excited for next weekend's SCBWI conference
    -I can't wait to hear back from my agent regarding my manuscript

  19. --Exhausted from the weekend even though I got little accomplished
    --Picked my first few tomatoes this week-- small but sweet
    --Planning a trip to NYC with my hubby
    --Your summer sounds way more exciting than mine!

    Happy weekend,

  20. Just curious... how young were your boys when they started running? Did they initiate it? Or did you have to convince them?

  21. * I need new shoes but the kids will get theirs for school 1st ~ always a Mom on the needs & wants much to my wardrobes dismay.
    * Planning a family vacay next week to visit the great north.
    * Ready for back to school like you wouldn't believe.
    * It's HOT outside.
    * I hate stinky sweat and people who have stanked through their deod.

  22. I'm so sad that we are at the end of July!! I'm loving the summer bbq's with friends and watching my garden grow and the flowers blooming and the smell of freshly cut grass and just lounging in the hamnmock.

    Raspberries are one of the best parts of summer!

    Capture the Flag!! FUN!!!


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