Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A few things I despise:

* Kidz Bop. For reasons too numerous to post.

* Bathroom stalls where the door opens into the bathroom and not out--so you're left with 3 inches of clearance between the door and the toilet. This seems to be standard design for public bathrooms and I find it both unsanitary and physically impossible to manage without climbing atop the toilet seat. I cannot believe that someone was dumb enough to conceive such a bad design and that others are dumb enough to keep replicating such a bad design.

* Making dinner. When I do, no one's around to eat it, when I don't, everyone shows up wondering what's for dinner. And of course, everything I make for dinner turns to sh*t, which makes the entire process of meal planning-grocery shopping-growing-picking-food prep-clean up even more demoralizing. I'd be willing to toss insti-food tablets at my family like Jane Jetson did.

* While I don't find it despicable, this weather is laughable. I should've planted mangoes, guavas and pineapples. Had I known we'd have torrential rains daily, I'd have planned my garden much better. Observe my rain barrels last night:

This one overflows, creating a huge, sopping mess.

Here the rain flows out of the downspout like a fire hose, shooting right past the full rain barrel.

At least we don't have water in our basement. And I don't have to water anything. I actually have to walk around with a sponge and dry everything off.
Spill it, reader. What makes you owly?


  1. I hate stall doors that are on backwards too! They're like that at the gym I go to. Not sure if that is supposed to make you feel fat and go work out harder or what.

    We are lucky we don't have water in the basement either or any trees down. The neighbors two down had a tree split in half and several were down about 2 blocks away.

  2. The mosquitos. We tried to play on the swingset on Monday and sadly, the skeeters were hanging out in the sandbox. needless to say, we made it 7 whole minutes before they turned cartoonish and swarmed after us in the shape of an arrow. :)

    This neverending headache is also making me owly.

    AND the fact I have no childcare for book club tomorrow night, so I won't make it. Gah.

    Owly. I love that word. :)

  3. Owly...the amount of baseball games suspended or postponed due to the rain..Got stuck in the thunderstorm OUTSIDE in a baseball dugout--didn't rain overhead but rain game in nicely through the chainlink fence. My tan capris turned whiteish with the rain revealing to all my pink striped undies..My son was mortified.
    Why didn't we run for cover earlier..when someone says the sky just opened up...that is what happened. There were NO warning rain drops--just a sudden SHEET and hail.

  4. I'm with historygirlie -- the mosquitoes are so bad this year! It doesn't matter if we're at home, in a park, or anywhere. They're all over the place. I had one buzzing around me in the post office the other day.

    Yikes on all your rain lately. I hope you get some good weather soon. I loved your Jetson remark too. Wouldn't that be nice?

  5. Waking up at 4:30 a.m. with my head already running full-tilt, thinking about the logistics of my move. So much of it is out of my control and I find that difficult to deal with.

    Being called "short timer."

    Having a headache so early in the day.


  6. Co-workers who know how to look up my boss's availability in our calendaring system, yet continue to email me and ask me to provide them with ALL of his available times for the next few weeks. No. Look it up yourself and then come to me if you have questions about what you see! I HATE CALENDARS!!!!!

    My hair right now. Something has to change.

    Faulty fire alarms going off at work a couple times today, producing temporary deafness because they're so screechingly loud.


  7. OMG, that whole dinner routine only gets worse. I don't even try anymore. I just buy lots of meat, lots of bread and make side salads and then invite everyone to have at it. Frustrating, to say the least.

  8. Not getting enough sleep, or having to get up extra early. I'm NOT a morning person at all, and it just happens baby has been teething.... UGH

    Public washrooms that don't have a baby change table drive me nuts! Having to try to get things done on the tiny countertops are brutal, and the floors just aren't an option. YUCK!

    We've had tons of rain this year as well. Its too bad we didn't seed our grass or get anymore trees planted on our acreage. At least I got the garden started :)

  9. Wow. You are so right on about the public restroom stalls. Especially in airports!

    You should have seen me on Sunday while traveling with my carry-on suitcase and computer bag. You have to be a member of Cir Du Soleil to squeeze into a stall with all that luggage and not hurt yourself. Excellent owly point!

  10. I know just what you mean about those stupid stall doors!

    Owly? The never-ending heat of S. Florida. Many would say, "Please!" but believe me, it gets old -- and hot.

    Reigning queen of testosterone? How many sons do you have? I have four. Come see me sometime!

  11. Are you sure it's not the school board that's bringing out the owly in you? Never mind.
    Grumpy teenagers; there's one crashed on the couch right now. Grrr.
    Weather: indeed. Do your rain barrels have an overflow hose? Not that it helps these days.
    Cabin fever. I'm stuck with grumpy teen for the duration: Asperger's syndrome sucks. Really.

  12. So I'm not the only one who wondered, WTF?, about the stall door thing!

  13. For a solution to your bathroom door problem, check out this Thereifixedit photo.

  14. We're getting some rain too!

    And I can totally relate to your bathroom stall complaint. The contortions required to keep from actually brushing up against the toilet are insane!

  15. I despise making dinner. I really only like to cook for two occasions - Thanksgiving, and Christmas baking. Take out, that's my cooking.

    I've seen a zillion of those stupid bathrooms. My theory - everyone of them was designed by a guy, who never uses that part of the restroom.

    I hat having to go to a job where I'm really underpaid and under-appreciated and I have to commute an hour each way.

  16. Yeah, the heat has me going owly. "Hey, play group's at the beach from 10 to 2!" What, you have a death wish? It'll fry your brain out there.

    And the mosquitoes, and the humidity, the weeds, the mildew, the creeping crud that has destroyed my tomato plants. In a word: SUMMER. And it's not going to let up for another three months. Why on Earth do people retire here?

  17. Things that make me go, "Grrr." Heat. Humidity. Grouchy teenager. Apathy. Things that cannot go down the garbage disposal.

  18. We live in a wetland area. Let's not talk about blood sucking vampires. The heat & humidity would be okay if my hair was ok. I need a style or to bring back the perm. one last one, despite living here over 5 years I still haven't really decorated the living room. Sounds strange but the room looks like we just threw the poorly matches furniture in here on move day and left it.


Spill it, reader.