Tuesday, August 10, 2010

curiouser and curiouser

You know that time-consuming Good Deed I mentioned a while back? About the kid I was helping get to college? Long story short, he wasn't planning to attend until his two baseball coaches pulled strings and encouraged him. But it was June and he had only filled out a fraction of the paper work. He's a first generation college student and totally clueless--didn't even have an email account or housing arranged. Well, I spent hours talking on the phone with this community college in Alabama, researching online figuring out what was required of him, filling out forms with him and explaining the loopholes and hoops of registration, financial aid and student services. I thought for certain this thing would blow up in my face and he wouldn't even get down to Alabama. Well, he texted Mr. D last night from his Alabama college where his is getting started at last. I feel such relief! And I mentally ticked that item off my "to-do" list.

Speaking of jumping around, I have pulled so many frogs out of our pool that I keep looking over my shoulder for this guy:

Think frogs are bad? Wait until I send the locusts!

They're not plague-like, but they are everywhere. Heck, I even found a dead one in our bedroom. Yes, you read that right. In. Our. Bedroom. WTF?

But the really unusual thing around here are the dragonflies. I do admire dragonflies--their iridescent colors, their fragile wings, their gentle manner. They are swooping and swirling all over our yard in big swarms--devouring mosquitoes like crazy. Usually I see a few dragonflies, never 50 at a time. It's fascinating to watch them swarming around in such huge numbers.

And speaking of mosquito-eating bugs, I also came nose to nose with a huge spider in the shower the other day. My reaction was something like this:

After regaining my composure, I squashed it viciously with the shower curtain and then made sure every bit of its 8 legs made it down the drain. Normally I wouldn't be so violent, but it startled me and I was feeling pretty vulnerable, being naked and all.

Now I'm wondering what it was eating to grow so big in my shower like that ...


  1. I hate frogs. One got in my classroom last year - it was the the AM before school started...the Frog went across my foot, I screamed, ran out of the room and refused to go back in until the maintenance man checked it out. YUCK

  2. I think all this rain is doing crazy things! We don't have the frogs, but have tons of dragon flies and butterflies (and moths)...August is when spiders start getting really active around here. Just think of how terrible the mosquitos would be without all those lovely predators ;)

  3. I am not a fan of frogs. our family reunion last weekend was full of them. Moses must have been lurking around the party somewhere.

    We had a party of daddy long legs hanging out on our screen door yesterday. their legs were all spread out...they looked as if they were trying to catch the breeze and cool down.

  4. Wow, 50 dragonflies. I would have been mesmerized too. I'm with you on squashing the spiders. I found a large one in my hair while showering once. Freaked me out. Think I uttered the same scream too.

  5. That was so sweet of you to help that boy with college! Frog in the house would FREAK me out

  6. Somewhere in my blog archives is a photo of the frog I found wrapped around my hairbrush one morning.

    After 4 years, I'm still wondering why there are no mosquitoes down here. Maybe because I live in the city?

  7. I'm not a fan of frogs. The way the leap is just creepy.

  8. I came across a group of dragonflies too, a couple of weekends ago, and I didn't know what to make of it. I have never seen more than one or two. it was the strangest thing.

    I love frogs. Big ones, little ones and the sort. the kids raced frogs this weekend. I love those hometown festivals and events.

  9. On the subject of college, you certainly have been an angel to the young man going off to school in Alabama. I'm sure he'll always be grateful to you. A college angel just came into our lives today. I posted something on your blog recently about the stress we've been under with my daughter trying to earn the money she needs to pay her tuition bill next week. We had been beating our heads against a brick wall trying to get another dime out of her dream school, even though we have a very valid reason she is struggling. Someone from Make-A-Wish gave me a name the other day of a gentleman who steps in to help when wish children have a particular need that isn't being met elsewhere. I just got off the phone with him and he is covering the difference between the money my daughter has saved up for school and the final amount of the tuition bill. I told him that I will pay this forward someday. I literally burst into tears when I hung up the phone. God's angels are definitely walking the face of the earth.

  10. I LOVE dragonflies - they are so cool!

    The summer I did outdoor drama, the lake there (part of the set) had to be purged of frogs regularly because there were so many and they got so loud, the actors couldn't be heard.

  11. I used to like frogs...but since I reached adulthood and am smarter and wiser-I know that these things are just too unpredictable to accept them fully. You never know when they will jump or where they will land and they make that weird noise in their throat. Frogs=creepy!

    My son is going to go to college next year - feel free to step in and get him accepted with scholarships!! Much appreciated.

  12. The mosquitos are driving us CRAZY around here. They are horrible this year. Nasty things.
    But I LOVE the dragonflies. I kept saying to the hubby the other day, "I've NEVER seen so many at once!" It is crazy!
    Once a year the frogs all come out like mad in a little town near where we live. I remember when I was in my early twenties I was going to visit my boyfriend in that small town and the frogs COVERED the entire road for MILES. It was disgusting. There was no way I could keep from driving over them, they were everywhere. I still have nightmares about that. And now so will you! ;)

    Hooray for the college boy! Well done you! :)

  13. If you have a few spare dragonflies, I'd welcome them here. The mosquitoes are threatening to carry away the neighborhood bunnies. If the rain continues, we'll be making homes for frogs, too.

  14. That is so funny! Thanks for the laugh! I demolished a spider with a vacuum once. Not a pretty picture.

  15. I can deal with almost anything EXCEPT spiders.

  16. My overactive imagination has spent years imagining a spider appearing in the shower in the time it takes to rinse out the shampoo. Good to know this lifelong paranoia is not wholly unfounded.
    What a blessing to help someone work out the difficult issues with getting into college. That's the gift of a future. Love it.

  17. Eww... spiders in the shower are the worst! There is something about being in that confined space and being naked that makes it completely horrifying to see a spider near you. I saw a HUGE spider go scampering (do spiders scamper?) past my foot at the store today and it got me thinking what else might be crawling around there. Blech.


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