Monday, August 30, 2010

five secrets

1. Each time I pick a lucky winner, I pray that God guides my hand to choose a bloggy friend in need of a boost. I want my FABULOUS giveaways to benefit creative bloggy friends like Laurie Hertzel, but I also want them to brighten a person's day because it feels good to be picked as a winner.

That's why it made me happy to find Fannie's name in my hand last night when I drew a winner for a copy of News to Me: Adventures of an Accidental Journalist. Fannie's nest just emptied out and her sister's been very sick. If ever a bloggy girlfriend needed a little joy in her mailbox, it's her. Congratulations, Fannie! I hope you find a quiet afternoon with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) to escape into this book.

2. Saturday Mr. B and Mr. T had candidate training for their black belt tests in October. I've been making them run and practice ahead of time. Mr. B always dogged it, walking most of the run. I tried yelling, encouraging, bribery--every tactic known to moms. Nothing worked terribly well--one week he ran like a champ, the next week everything was the same, right down to the tunes on his iPod shuffle, but he'd walk it. "Why?" I'd ask him, gnashing my teeth in frustration. "It was rainy last week. This week it's not."

So it was with great apprehension that I watched my sons line up for their first 3-mile run Saturday afternoon. To my shock and awe, they did really well. They were among the first half of people to finish, they ran very well and Mr. B beat Mr. T by a good length. I'm just so damn proud of both of them, it still chokes me up a little.

3. Driving home the other day I heard Madonna's Material Girl on the radio and was reminded of a dirty secret from my past. When I was in 8th grade I learned a routine to that song and tried out for the freshman pom and dance team. I made the team that spring, but before I could even get sized for a uniform my family moved that summer to a new town, dashing my dreams of entertaining the fans at half-time.

This is a dirty secret because when I was in high school in this new town, I despised the cheerleaders. I actually sat at games in my old man overcoat (from the local thrift shop) and mocked the cheering squad. My BFF and I even encouraged the crowd to do cheers against the cheerleaders. I must have forgotten those starry-eyed dreams from middle school. I never think of myself as a cheerleader type, but in fact, I did try out for a squad and made it, even though I never participated.

4. I get great pleasure out of torturing phone solicitors. If they're calling for a donation to a charity, I ask if they work for the charity. "Oh, so you work for a fundraising company on behalf of Save the Children/Stop Cancer/Help the Puppies. What percentage do you keep from any donation I make? Twenty percent? So four bucks out of my $20 donation to cover mailing and other costs? That's great. Tell you what, I'll just cut a check directly to this charity and bypass you so they can get the whole amount, okay?"

If they're calling for a political donation, I say, "I only donate to local politicians who I can actually vote for. You see, most of the problems today in our country come from this partisan bickering--and donations to political parties just endorse the divide destroying America. I shouldn't have any say in who gets elected in Massachusetts if I live in Wisconsin. It's my principle to only donate to people I can vote for because that's keeping the intent of the Constitution pure and intact."

5. My left thumb is double-jointed.

Spill it, reader. It's secret reveal day!


  1. I learned something new today about you..I didn't know you ever tried out and made ANY type of school spirit squard...HMM what else are you holding back on.

    Secrets...Ya know, I think I live my life without them.

  2. Yeah, we were the ones in the stands making fun of cheerleaders too.

    Secrets, huh---in 5th grade, I LOVED Debbie Gibson (hanging my head in shame). I loved Madonna too, but my dad said she sung through her on Christmas morning when I got a tape sized package I was so excited--except it was the sound track to My Fair Lady, not the Madonna one I had asked for! Oh well, I can still sing pretty much all of the songs on that tape ;)

  3. My secret is ... I have none! (I don't think.)

    I laughed when I read your dance team snippet.

  4. I love love love #4! And a little surprised by #3. Hmmmm..... But #4 makes up for it. Love it!

    I can't reveal my secrets... because then it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Logical, no?

  5. Thinking about your double-jointed thumb is kinda freaking me out.

    I tried out for and made the dance team (called the Lancers), too...but also didn't end up actually participating. I had to choose between acting class and the dance squad and chose acting. Still wish I could have done both - and I still remember how heavy and hot the Lancer sweater was!

  6. Secrets? None to speak of...I'm an open book. :)

  7. I'll give ya 3:

    1. when my mom and dad divorced, I drove down from collegetown to the House, collecgted all my things, and peed in dad's closet before I left.

    2. I learned on an LSD trip one time that DIMES are actually the perfect currency. In case you were ever wondering. So, you need to be paying your taxes in dimes, people. The Masons and the national Treasury would prefer it. DIMES.

    3. I found my cat's hiding-spot. sshhh. I'm not allowed to tell that one.
    * ; )

  8. Haha! Those are GREAT secrets. :)

    I get super nervous and sweaty thinking about going into a group of people I don't know or mingling with people I only know slightly. It is one of the major reasons I am not interested in going to BlogHer.
    This is a secret to pretty much everyone who knows me because people always think I am so outgoing. I am secretly an introvert.

  9. That's a hard one - I talk so much - thus the blog, it would be nearly impossible for me to keep a secret

    Just ask my kids.

  10. I did not make the cheer squad when I tried out in 8th grade. It was for the best.

  11. I tried out for cheerleading in middle school too.

  12. These are good secrets! I'm boring...I can't think of anything right now, but it's late...maybe I'll come up with something tomorrow! :)

  13. I was a cheerleader in seventh grade at my Catholic school. The uniforms went past the knee and everyone who tried out made it.


  14. Trying to think of a juicy little tidbit in return for your spirited confession, and I now have one question, "How come most of my secrets are really OTHER people's secrets?" Hmmm...

  15. I say the same thing to phone solicitors looking for money for a charity!!! ;)

  16. Even if I close my eyes and think real hard I can not picture you as a cheerleader. And thanks for the book – yay!!!!

  17. yay, Fannie! i hope you love my book.


Spill it, reader.