Thursday, August 5, 2010

happy little thoughts

Tomatoes--so many, so different looking, so delicious, all fresh from our garden.

Seeing this at "the end" of the classifieds in the newspaper every single day.

The front of our porch abundant with summer flowers.

My sons at the end of my grandma's dock--busy catching nothing but having fun doing it.

Deciding which box of note cards I'd like for myself over at Ink Obsession Designs! Remember, I'm giving away a box of Erin's FABULOUS note cards to one lucky winner. I'll pick a name on Sunday (randomly, of course) and every comment this week is a valid entry.

Spill it, reader. Five things that make you smile.


  1. 1.The beach.
    2.The Mama duck and her 6 babies that live in the retention pond near my work parking lot.
    3.Videos of my co-worker's 2 yr old son singing Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
    4.Lip gloss that tastes like oreo cookies.
    5.Planning an Anniversary road trip with my dude.

  2. Watching my oldest finally get the hang of swimming.

    This lovely hot weather we've been having.

    Children that go to bed easily and sleep through the night.

    Staying in our jammies way too long every morning.

    The plethora of butterflies and dragonflies in my yard.


  3. 1) Talking with my kids, even though they're so far away.
    2) All the wonderful people I'm surrounded by now in my life.
    3) This gorgeous weather.
    4) The sense of accomplishment I'm feeling since I'm finally getting on top of things in my life
    5) My amazing husband who makes me laugh every day.

  4. When my boys just pick up a book and read without me suggesting it.

    Seedless watermelon with a sticker on it that says, "May contain some seeds".

  5. Love your pictures!

    1. coffee in bed
    2. tabby kittens
    3. my boys giggling @ my story
    4. not having to get up early
    5. seeing bald eagles when I go to the store

    (I still don't think I'll ever get used to that last one!)

  6. 1. Tomatoes; I don't have enough yet. Must resist buying at farmers' market, though; I'll have plenty soon.
    2. A cool breeze through an open window
    3. public transportation close to home (we're going downtown for lunch)
    4. a fabulous public library (we were there yesterday)
    5. Did I mention the breeze? Oh, yes, I did. It's such a relief after so many hot days.

  7. 1. Hearing my kids laugh together instead of bicker, even if they aren't getting the laundry folded.
    2. The way my puppy follows me around and lays on my foot when I stand still.
    3. I finished painting the front porch and it looks great.
    4. Purple polished toe nails.
    5. The lake at the end of my road- seeing it and swimming in it.

  8. 1.) GIVEAWAYS!!!
    2.) Watching the kids interact
    4.) FREE food at today's festival
    5.) Pink nail polish on the babies toes

  9. 1) Standing outside at sunset with the warm wind hitting my face.

    2) Watching the price of something go down when they scan my coupon.

    3) Walking through my dad's garden and seeing how everything has grown.

    4) Late night talks with the BF when going to bed.

    5) Watching Jimmy Fallon crack up while trying to do a bit.

  10. 1) The rose bush planted after my grandma passed away.
    2) My kids getting along and laughing together.
    3) Our house rabbit and the way she tries to dig through our wood floors.
    4) Watching my oldest sun herself on the concrete like she is a lizard.
    5) All of the veges my girls and planted producing abundantly.

  11. 1) Fryday

    oh that was a slip but made me think

    2) french fr-eyes
    I mean

    3) a romantic look

    4) a good book

    5) almost anything
    can make me smile
    at least
    once in a while

  12. Seeing those tomatoes makes me wish I was home to see mine in the garden ~ uuuugh! I can only imagine the weeds ~ yuck.

  13. 1. Lola riding a pony at the Oneida Co. Fair
    2. The bonfire we built last night in the absense (temporary, I'm sure) of mosquitoes
    3. The two tiny deer standing by the side of the road early this morning
    4. The handwritten note I received from an old neighbor
    5. The abundance of echinecea in my mother-in-law's garden

  14. man, your tomatoes are way ahead of mine. and your flowers and porch are gorgeous.

    i am on the porch, writing, with dogs at my side and drippy rain spattering on the roof. that's four of my favorite things right there.

  15. 1. Sam's club. I love the plethora of stuff you can buy in mass quantities. I know it's wasteful, but I love it anyway. Besides, they make the best cakes ever.

    2. The fact that the Bishop will be doing Melanie's baptism tomorrow. So special.

    3. The fact that I will be married 7 years on Monday. where did hte time go?

    4. Kitty's HOT PINK toenails. She picked out the polish color this morning.

    5. The way I've kept my house CLEAN for the past 3 days. Go me. :)

  16. 1)finishing a book, and starting a new one

    2)when my girls still seem little to me (pleeeeeeease make it last)

    3)painting a room that really needs it and liking the color as much as I thought I would

    4)figuring something out without spending any new money on it

    5)husband loving his new work life - how much this has improved my life I could not have predicted

  17. Oooooh....the flowers are lovely. Are they still harboring pesky mosquitos? Everytime I brush against any of my flowers, vegetables,or bushes they come swarming out.

  18. Whoops! I forgot to share my five things...

    1) Watching my 17 and 20 year old
    sons laugh with each other-
    more often than not they have
    argued the last couple of years.

    2) Deadheading flowers with colors
    so rich that they take my
    breath away

    3) Hearing from former students on

    4) Several choices of books on my
    nightstand---all look so

    5) Sitting on my deck with my eyes
    closed feeling sunshine on my

  19. 1. Road trips (big and small)
    2. Rollercoasters (6 Flags on Tuesday--see above!)
    3. Homemade pesto pizza
    4. Drinks on the porch with neighbors
    5. Being down 20 lbs.


Spill it, reader.