Thursday, August 12, 2010

how do I love my swimsuit? let me count the ways...

I found a swimsuit I love. Seriously. Check it out:

It's a tankini by Carve and this very style (different colors/prints) is ON SALE right now at Title Nine.

Why do I love this swimsuit?

1. The price isn't obnoxious. I'm cool with spending $80 on a suit if it fits well and stands up. I'm not cool spending more than that. On sale, with shipping, this suit rings up under $70.

2. Tankinis rule because when you have to go to the bathroom, you only have to pull down the bottom half.

3. Tankinis rule because without plastic surgery I have no stomach for a bikini anymore.

4. The fabric is really nice and thick. I'm rough on my suits--swimming almost every day, sitting on a concrete deck, exposing the fabric to sun and chlorine. My Carve tankini from two summers ago looks brand new still. It washes up well and does not get stretched out or transparent under any circumstances.

5. The bottom coverage is good--I'm almost never adjusting it. And if I didn't shave perfectly, it's not a big deal.

6. The top coverage is fantastic--the gathering at the top is flattering on a small-chested gal like myself and it's lined so I don't feel like the star of Nipplepalooza. The sides are adjustable with drawstrings, so you can tie it low for maximum coverage or a bit high if you like your tummy peeking out.

7. The straps and top design are great for active swimmers and mom-types. I have a lot of water wars in the pool with Team Testosterone and even with all 3 monsters hanging off me, trying to sink me, my top stays put. No "wardrobe malfunctions" with this suit.

8. It's cute! Face it, skirted suits make you look matronly. I like coverage without looking like I'm trying to cover up. This suit doesn't scream "I am frumpy!" It screams "I am surfer chic!"

I love this swimsuit I bought another one just like it only in a blue print. Because putting on a damp swimsuit is no fun and Mr. D says I can't swim in my underwear just because my swimsuit's in the wash.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement if you are or if anyone you know is having a Swimsuit Crisis. The Carve tankini is the answer. Available at Title Nine.

Spill it, reader. What perfect article of clothing have you found to wear?

Green Girl is not paid by Title Nine (damn it), nor was she compensated in any way for this endorsement. She only wrote it because a good thing must be shared with friends.


  1. I love Title Nine and Athleta. I found some great deals at Steinmart. I like a brand called Sophie Max (they have it at our Belk/Blek stores) but it's pretty pricey. They have the same exact stuff at Steinmart with the Max Edition label for about 25% off. Stretchy tops and dresses that cover my gut. Gotta love it.

  2. It is so hard to find a suit these days. Thanks for the suggestion! We have a willow tree in our backyard and I love it....such a fun tree.

    Carolyn at DeanandCaden

  3. I am seriously going to check that out. I can never find a swimsuit I like. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Guess what? I just ordered a suit. Now you'll have to invite me over for a swim so I can show it off! We can be twins! (Sisters from different misters!)

  5. I love my Keen sandals. I wear them in the water, for light hiking, and just around town. They're the pair I've grabbed every day this summer. I'll be sad when fall comes and I have to put them away.

  6. I'm a Land's End swimsuit gal myself. I have the opposite problem in the bust area and they are great with that.

    That suit is very cute.

  7. I'm a tankini gal also but usually go for a boy short look. My current (going to Goodwill) version is just plan had it in my book. I'll be looking at all the after season sales for a replacement soon. Thanks for the tip!

  8. almost that same suit in black, xcept with a ruffle-butt retro bottom half! Same top with the ruched sides tho - scored it @ Land's End...lovey-love love!!
    * = )

  9. Great review--you covered all the important points. Sounds like a great suit, but I LOVE my shorts. Don't know if I could do without them.

  10. I love tankini's too - now if only I can find a great one on sale

  11. I'm a big fan of Title 9.

    My go-to bathing suit is a tankini with boy shorts -- more coverage, especially on my upper thighs, where I have a geologic map's worth of stretch marks.

    But my go-to wardrobe item these days are the cute scoop-neck t-shirts that are all the rage. I have about a dozen in a range of colors (and not just black, black, and black) and wear them daily.

    And my fave shoes right now are silver ballet flats from the Gap, closely followed by my red patent leather Dansko clogs.

  12. i have no body at all for a swimsuit anymore. but fortunately, i don't know how to swim.


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