Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the mosquitoes are sucking all the fun out of August

We knew it would be bad--standing water everywhere. The past few summers have been good, barely a pesky mosquito except at dusk when they line up like Blue-Hairs at The Golden Corral Buffet. But this year? I can't even get into my garden without marinating in Deep Woods OFF. I brush aside the bean leaves and the air is filled with little mosquitoes I've disturbed.

Yesterday it was 86 degrees and muggy. I donned long sleeves, jeans, a hat and my green boots. I sprayed down and took a deep breath. The water has receded enough to try to cross the creek with the four-wheeler. I made it back where Mr. D and Mr. T had seen the wild blackberries 2 months ago, but all I found were mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breeding, humming, feeding, divebombing every square inch of my face and body. No blackberries.

So I returned to the house to weed the potager and pick zucchini, beans and tomatoes. The mosquitoes were just as awful there because our sump pump drains to the lowest spot--right before the potager. Thank goodness for the stepping stones or I'd have to slog through mud to reach it. And above each stone is a cloud of buggy madness. I think a moquito even bit me on my left eyeball. That was the only spot I didn't spray with OFF--my eyeballs.

It's no use trying to have fun outside on a cloudy day or when it starts getting dark. I've really never seen anything like it. We can't have a bonfire all summer because the pit is still full of water. We can't swim in the evening because the mosquitoes attack us. We can't play in the yard when the sun's not out because, like vampires, the mosquitoes are happy to swarm everywhere. And it's been hazy all week.

About the only thing to do is stay inside and catch up with housework and correspondence.

On really cute notecards.

Like these:

Lucky for you, Erin makes these incredibly cute notecards over at Ink Obsession Designs. Even luckier, I'm giving away a box of her FABULOUS notecards to one lucky reader. Leave a comment and you're entered to win. Leave a comment every day this week, you're entered 4 times to win. I'll pick a lucky winner on Sunday.

Spill it, reader. What's bugging you?


  1. We have these gross moth-like weird bug things! Our area flooded pretty bad a few weeks ago and it seems like all the water in the fields must have unearthed some disgusting hibernating ancient bug---seriously, you can hardly see to drive at night!!!

    Do you have bat houses? We were at Yellowstone Park last week and there were hardly any bugs...according to my FIL that's how they keep the skeeters at bay :)

  2. Those note cards are as cute as can be!
    Ugh! I feel your mosquito pain! So sorry for your eyeball and all the other bitten parts of you! I really don't understand the purpose of mosquitoes. I really don't.

  3. The mosquitos, MY GOD, the mosquitos. On sunday night they almost made me cry with itchiness, and later, I figured out why.

    They were biting me through my pants on my upper outer thigh....i'm not joking when I say DOZENS of mosquito bites on each thigh. Even farmer was impressed by the amount of bites. YUK.

  4. Sounds like they're terrible all over. My son got 5 big bites on his back in the middle of the afternoon.

  5. super duper cute notecards! i want some...

    i am a bug magnet. it's in my DNA. i'm made of the stuff bugs dream of.

  6. The mosquitoes are bugging me too, big time. And the fact that I cannot get a mortgage because my credit is good, but limited. If only I had had a car loan, they told me. Funny thing is, I tried to get a car loan but I couldn't because I hadn't had one before. How on earth is a Dutch girl supposed to build her credit then? Grrrrr....

  7. What about some of those giant citronella tiki torches...? Would they help? Have you tried those new clip-on fan thingies from OFF?
    ARRG!! Those little bloodsuckers would drive me crazy...and we all know that's a short trip!! *HA!

    At 7,000+ feet in altitude, and arid conditions, we do not have many mosquitoes!

  8. Oh a giveaway, how fun!

    The bugs are HORRIBLE this year! Thankfully we don't have much standing water around us, or I'd become a hermit foe sure!

  9. The mosquitoes are discouraging. We have a bat house on the back of our garage. Our yard is small enough that one bat house can make a difference.

  10. @Shelley--During our June campout at Yellowstone Lake, we meandered up to watch the bats leave their little homes and a couple of "bat geeks" from UW-Madison were there for their date night. Apparently there is a deadly bat virus that is threatening the NA bat population--so bug-free recreation at YL may be a thing of the past.

    My hubby, thinking he would start a bat farm here at our house in Northern Illinois, collected 5 lbs of bat guano to "pre-treat" our yet-to-be-built bat houses. The bat crap is still sitting under the camper where he left it after I insisted it be removed from the camper!

  11. Wow! I am honored and actually SPEECHLESS (so unlike me!!). Thanks for having such a fun giveaway! :)

    Oh, and I so feel the mosquito pain. Ugh.

  12. The mosquitoes, the mugginess, the torrential rain are the natural elements that are bugging me. On another note, I'm stressing out (along with my daughter) over her upcoming tuition bill for her first year of college. She worked her tail off to get into her dream college and when we did our FAFSA the expected family contribution looked reasonable to her and us. When we actually got the tuition bill they upped the amount we have to pay by $8,000. We're scrambling to come up with the money, my daughter is working 60 hours per week between two jobs and they refuse to budge (actually when I sent in an appeal letter, they decreased one of her grants!). She was a Make-A-Wish child last year and we're supposed to keep her life as stress-free as possible. This is not helping! If she had a different disease, that actually has a cure, there would be all sorts of scholarships she'd be eligible for. But her diseases are so unheard of (and incurable) that there's nothing she can apply for. There - now that's off my chest!

  13. Mosquitoes are the vampires of the bug world - I can't stand 'em and they are thriving this year.

    But olive you ... that one was so cute

  14. Your mosquito infestation sounds AWFUL. I really hate mosquitos, so I have some serious sympathy for you.

    What's bugging me is that summer has not come to LA yet. Apparently, January temperatures were warmer than July's. I like it hot, so it's really a bummer.

    But things could be worse. We could have mosquitos.

  15. Did you know they spray for the mosquiotes 'up north' in U-per land?! I was completely against the whole spraying thing until I realized I could enjoy a hike in the woods up here without having to spray the crap out of my kids with chemicals. Of course the crop dusters came months ago here so as long we don't eat any veggitation we should be good but it makes me re-think the whole thing just a second seen as how back home is infested with the lime carrying vampires.

  16. tell me about the mosquitoes.. yikes.

    We were just in Calif, and nary a buzz around our ears. We return to WI, and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all the way home.


Spill it, reader.