Friday, September 10, 2010

all weird things today

The other day Hanneke over at Northwoods Adventures asked if we'd seen anything unusual. This morning I saw a Buick LeSabre with mud flaps. That's right. Mud flaps. I noticed them first because one was falling off. And no one except truck drivers use mud flaps, so it was just plain weird. Upon closer examination, this car had a Ron Jon Surf Shop decal in the back window... and Minnesota plates. A poser? Former surfer forced to move? Wishful thinking?

I've been proud of the fact that my sons voluntarily share a room. We have 3 rooms upstairs, but they've chosen to sleep together, lined up like the Five Little Peppers (only there's 3 of them, not 5) in the largest room. Every now and then someone will want to bail out and head to the room we use as a guest bedroom, but it never lasts longer than a week. The third room is a playroom, overrun by battle castles, train tracks, blocks and action heroes.

The Trifecta of Beds

Last week they declared their intentions to split up. Oh! The! Drama! All the toys are going into Mr. G's room, the original bedroom, the biggest of the 3 rooms. But Mr. G doesn't want to be alone in a room and his older brothers are using that room as a Dumping Ground for crap they don't want in their Fancy New Digs, but also don't want to part with permanently. Mr. G's feeling crowded and lonely. Mr. B is happy in the former guest bedroom. He gained the Most Desirable Closet Space and The Room Closest to the Bathroom. Mr. T is on the cusp of Preteenhood. The idea of privacy appeals to him, he doesn't want any babyish toys cluttering the former toy room, and he'd like to keep the futon in there, thankyouverymuch.

This rearrangement has forced my hand in pulling Crap I've Been Storing in the upstairs closets. I either have to find new spots for things or get rid of them. But tomorrow afternoon I'm forcing their hands to get Their Crap out of Mr. G's room. Solidarity, people.

Speaking of solidarity, I ran the first Happyland Elementary PTA meeting of the school year this week. Instead of the usual introductions, I filled a bucket with questions ala Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor. Now, instead of knowing that Mrs. Smith has 2 children, a daughter in Mr. Jones' first grade class and a son in Mrs. Taylor's fourth grade class, I know that Mrs. Smith prefers her eggs over hard. Or that Nancy Drew was her favorite childhood character in a book. The random questions went over really, really well. The introductions were faster and more interesting. I figure if we're all in this PTA business together, we might as well have more fun with it, right?

Which brings me to a final random fun fact: I used to be a breakfast waitress. The number of abbreviations I had to know for that job was insane. Eggs could be SU, OE, OH, SCR, OM, P, HB. Toast could be DRY, WWT, RT or T. Ordering an omelet was akin to ordering pizza. In pizzas you order SMOG (sausage, mushroom, onion, green peppers). In omelets you can order CHOG (cheese, ham, onion, green peppers). In all the waitressing gigs I had, I enjoyed breakfasts the most. No salad bar to mess around with, no cocktails to mix, no appetizers or desserts to remember. You walk by once to drop off drinks and get their order, you stroll through in turns with your fellow waitstaff to "coffee" all the customers in the restaurant, you walk by again to drop off the food, you swing by a third time to check on everyone and leave the bill. Breakfast people were generally sleepy and easy to please, unlike dinner patrons who tend to be grumpy and uptight. The only exception to the breakfast shift are buffets, which are a horror story best left unremembered.

Spill it, reader. What unusual, random thing do you know?


  1. Oh the drama of the bedrooms switcharoo. Reminds me of a the Brady Bunch episode when Greg moves into the attic.

    Random things I know:
    * I still remember most of the tour I gave at Monticello and lots of arcane Jefferson trivia.
    * I know that the promise of a sip of my Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino is enough incentive to get my 10 y.o. to do just about anything.
    * I know my husband's tricks for trying (and failing) to getting me to do some of his chores for him.
    * I know the distances of pretty much all of our little downtown, thanks to my running and my need to know exactly how far I've gone.

  2. We had the bedroom split last year---DRAMA!!! (They're still split, but every once in a while I'll find #3 curled up at the foot of #1's bed)

    Random useless fact...hmmmm---Turtles can breath out their butts. I don't know, my dad swears he read it in reader's digest (which we all know to be the highest authority on turtles)...he told this to our oldest, who then told his entire preschool class (yes, I became "that mother" very early on!).

  3. I can name the actors/actresses in movies I never saw. I know that wetting your eyeliner brush before applying eyeshadow works better than any eyeliner pencil. I know AP style, I know I dislike hostessing, and I know I will never own a Burberry.

  4. ...A Burberry what, Bri? *heehee! Christmas is coming...Santa could bring you a scarf or something, eh?

    I know that you can stand an EGG up on end on the Spring Equinox, around march 20 or 21st.
    * : )
    ~ magic! ~

    And I know the day of my own conception. My momma told me.
    * = D

  5. I'm afraid I'm well acquainted with bedroom drama. All three of mine have fought for years over the bedroom over the garage--it's the biggest one. We had to go with the rule: oldest one gets it. And my youngest rejoices, because this will mean he has it the longest--he'll be with us 6 more years after the middle child graduates. You'd think he'd play it cool, but no. He brags about this constantly.

    Random facts? Being a chemistry teacher I know the periodic table like the back of my hand. BORING.
    I also know where my husband hides all his clutter--he's like a squirrel, and I go behind, collecting his nuts.
    We'll that came out wrong. :)

  6. Thanks for the link! I have a freakishly good memory for numbers. Especially if they are sequenced in a way that talks to me. Way back in my banking days, I used to know my customers' account numbers (9 digits!) by heart. It freaked them out, so I never told them after that one time.

    I remember all my old phone numbers and license plates, too.

  7. All three of my boys wanted to share a room too, until my oldest decided the younger two kept him awake too long. The boy likes his sleep. ;)

    Hurray for your meeting going so well. I love the bucket of questions idea. Well done! :)

    Um, we have a TON of surfers in town here. As a matter of fact we just had the Dairyland Surf Classic here last weekend. That dude probably wasn't a poser. There are some of the best freshwater surf spots in the world in this area. Check out my Lake Michigan link if you want to see more. Though you probably have already read it. ;)

    Hmmm... random things I know:

    You can get a cold in your eye. It becomes red and oozey but not as bad as pink eye.

    Our new house is exactly one mile from our old house.

    Dragonflies eat mosquitos. Makes me love them even more.

    And like Jen on the Edge I know the distances all over my neighborhood because I need to know exactly how far I've run too. ;) hehe

  8. I can remember so much useless information about rock bands that I ALWAYS can say "I told you so" to my hubby when he questions who that singer is, followed by an "Are you sure?". (Yes, I'm sure.) Wish I could remember the tricks on how to effectively nab a high score on the LSAT. Sigh.

    I know way too many lines from Caddyshack. "Will you loufah my stretch marks?"

  9. Our pizza order at our favorite place used to call for a diagram--now it's just called "The Dave Special."

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  11. Poor oldest son has an invisible line in their room: "You're in my air space, duude!"

    Random tip: Breakfast waitressing: Not as good, tips-wise.

  12. Oh no about the bedroom drama! The three beds lined up next to each other were pretty cute though! :)

  13. My head is a great repository of random shit. Like, I can now (because of all the ER visits) read x-rays for breaks. And I know what a hemangioma and a glioma are and where the zygomatic arch is. I know the words to both the Oscar Mayer bologna and wiener songs. I can recite TS Elliot, Shakespeare, and GM Hopkins by hear4t. And I pretty much can answer 80% pf Jeopardy questions.

    Random enough?

  14. I worked a breakfast buffet, of all things! To this day I won't touch restaurant bread pudding, but I learned to make some darn good french toast and potatoes.

    I have a lot of random knowledge. Some day I'll go on Jeopardy and make something of it.

  15. Waitressing. Ah the memories. I do remember being nicely thin in those days, dare I say even a size 3. Sniff.
    I spent the better part of 5 hours yesterday cleaning my kids rooms while the were at school. The garbage bin was stuffed with broken toys, paper ~ oh the paper and random junk they no longer play with. #1 thanked me for the good cleaning and admitted her room 'needed a good cleaning' while #2 was not as thrilled. Apparently he can find his toys better when the room is a complete disaster.

  16. Random thing I know -- I know how to make authentic Elizabethan (Tudor/Renaissance) clothing, complete with corset, hat, and hose. I just had a flight of fancy one year and decided to make it for Halloween. No one at the parade "got" it. boo-hoo. ;)

  17. I know that my oldest daughter still has "her blankie" tucked in a drawer.
    I drink so much Vanilla Chai that I order it by the case online.
    Nothing makes me happier than a Happy Meal from you-know-where.

  18. I know I'd rather be part of your Happyland's PTA than Pleasant Suburb's PTA.

    Our youngest resisted the bedroom separation, but it turned out that she really likes not being nagged by her neatnik sister for her messy ways.

  19. I didn't know mudflaps were weird but I like how you use "coffee" as a verb.


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