Thursday, September 30, 2010

apparently I began to believe September was interminable

But it ends today--and my FABULOUS just squeaks in to be an official "September Fabulous."

People, meet Kathy. Kathy? Meet the people here. They're a fun group, encouraging and thoughtful. Kathy is a powerhouse of a woman. She's fighting health problems with admirable gumption and educating herself about holistic treatments. Her family is one of those Hallmark Card families--good-looking, successful people who gather together for regular love-fests of shiny smiles and genuine laughter. Seriously, I wish I'd married into Kathy's family. They look like a ton of fun. A brand-new grandma (Oh! The! Long! Wait!) of baby Graham, Kathy is one of those craftacular people who fills me with awe at her awesomeness. Check out some of her work:

a throw pillow I covet

coasters I covet

a bottle of wine I covet. KIDDING! It's 8:30 in the morning. A gift bag for wine I covet. The gift bag, not the bottle of wine. (Not until noon anyway.)

Kathy makes clever things and sells them at Four Dog Day, her Etsy shop. Go check it out--pillows, totes, pins and coasters. Her work is FABULOUS. She also opened up a vintage shop online where she stocks all kinds of beautiful and funky items. Her eye is good.

Reader, for a September FABULOUS, head over to Four Dog Day and pick your favorite item. I'll pick one lucky winner next Wednesday (so you get a whole week to decide) and your pick will get sent to your mailbox. Every comment in the comment box from today until next Tuesday is an entry to win. Four Dog Day FABULOUS, people. It's craftacular!


  1. You find the best things on Etsy!

  2. They're pretty cute. I'm new to Etsy, and someday when I have nothing to do (ha!) I'll spend more time there, and less time on websites dedicated to the furthering of knowledge of extra-terrestrials.

    In the meantime, don't forget, it's happy hour somewhere in the world. That's what gets me through the day. ;)

  3. I don't shop nearly often enough on Etsy. I kind of loved that mini light blue purse with all the buttons dangling on it. Thanks for showing off her work!

  4. I like the Green Print Brooch with Gemstone Center. I love green and that would be so fun to dress up a top or jacket.

  5. Ooh. I love Etsy -- I get so many good ideas there. Too bad I'm too cheap to buy stuff 'cause you KNOW I never get around to making anything!

  6. Love it! I love all the coasters (i am kind of obsessed with coasters) especially the Christmas trees. And I love the mauve tote bag. So pretty! :)


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