Wednesday, September 8, 2010

little bits

* Listening to the boys playing with friends. Mr. T yells, "Fire at will!" One of the friends stops mid-play and asks, "Who's 'Will'?"

* The last 5 minutes of Sons of Anarchy took my breath away--stunning in both the violence and the way the plot has ratcheted up to a new level.

* My BFF Sarah made this window for me. I luff it. I adore words everywhere.

She said these words made her think of me. I was so flattered.

* Little mushrooms growing in a flower bed with a certain Japanese flair.

Can we eat these? I don't know. I never take my chances with wild mushrooms or Blackjack.

* Playing a game with the boys. Mr. G draws a card reading How many countries can you name? He guesses wildly: "Wisconsin! Mars! The Sun! Earth! Iowa! Krypton! The Moon! Mountains! Gotham City!" Neither older brother could do much better. Clearly, Geography is a subject poorly taught.

* The nice woman at the bus company willing to work out options so Mr. T doesn't spend an hour riding home (the distance of < 2 miles) each day.

* Mr. G finally learning how to ride without training wheels.

Look, Mom! Only 2 wheels!

* Among other pleasures of being home alone all day, I've made granola.

Delicious and nutritious.

Spill it, reader. In little bits. What's new?


  1. "Who's Will?"


    "I never take my chances with wild mushrooms or Blackjack."


    Yay for Mr. G riding on only two wheels!

  2. I too, was shocked and thrilled with Sons of Anarchy last night.

    Your how many countries can you name section is hilarious. "Earth! Mars! Wisconsin!"

    What's new:

    -I'm loving visting my parents in Vermont
    -We're going to a dairy farm tomorrow and I'm SO excited
    -My new WIP takes place in northwestern Wisconsin. I know you're on the other side of the state, but I'd love to pick your brain... ;)

  3. I love that window and the message on it!

    New? nothing but the exhaustion of the first week of school...

  4. Funny... who's Will... :D

    What's new.... hmmmm.... I've been making movies with my iMovie from all those video clips I've been doing the last few days. I just might post it. I'm pretty excited I can do this... even losing sleep by staying up too late doing this!

  5. Will. Hee. Window. Oooh. 2 wheeler. Whee. Kind of concerning to consider that there are probably adults who would not answer the country query any more accurately. Or with greater enthusiasm than I imagine when reading off that list.

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  7. (I removed my first comment to correct a typo-oops!)

    The window your friend made is beautiful! I love being surrounded by words, too.

    I love making granola, too.

    Yesterday I made my first attempt at a homemade (and handmade) loaf of sandwich bread. And I made a couple new soups: carrot-tomato (courtesy of's delicious!) and pea with mint soup (courtesy of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook). Still looking for a soup that everyone in my family enjoys--I have the most "open" tastebuds ; ).

    Thanks for your continued comments on the joy blog.

    P.S. I didn't get to Appleton this summer, like I hoped!

  8. Who's Will---priceless!

    J came up to me the other day--Mom, can you tell Riley to stop acting! Ok?!? (Snicker)

  9. Lots of great stuff in your post--sounds like it might be time for a geography game at home--this video might help.

    I cannot get my back to school groove back--at urgent care with the youngest until 1 a.m. and so exhausted today. Again, I ask--who has time for a job?!

  10. A full nights rest.

    Wearing jeans and sweaters again.

    The smell of applesauce on the stove.

    So good. :)

  11. What a nice compliment from your friend. It was our first day of 2 day a week preschool. Grocery shopping and vacuuming by myself...doesn't sound fun but it was nice to get those chores done without little ones underfoot.


  12. My little bits:

    * Turning on the fireplace (gas, but still) and curling up on the couch in sweat pants

    * Making pumpkin squares from scratch (out of necessesity rather than conviction because they were out of canned pumpkin)

    * Assembling my beautiful table from Holland for the first time in 4 years

    * Handing out the casino's Above and Beyond Award this afternoon to one of my staff

  13. Yay for riding with two wheels!

    What's new...
    Pretty much working on new designs and that is about it. :)

  14. I love the window!

    My little bits:

    School and work resumed almost like we never left.

    I just about got the spirit wear wrapped up for the boys' school and I got asked to be room parent for my first grader's class.

    My b-day is tomorrow.

  15. "Who's Will?" Priceless.

    When Amigo was young, we'd see how many states he could name in ABC order. Then we'd start naming cities/towns in Wisconsin, again alphabetically. Remember, the kid has Asperger's and the detailed memory that goes with it.

  16. I love the "who's Will" comment. It reminds me of all of the plays on words in The Phantom Tollbooth!

  17. I had to work Tues night and Other things to do last night and haven't watch Sons Of Anarchy yet.
    I hope to watch today.

    New? 2 more days until I start my vaction!

  18. Love 'Who's Will!' And He Who Cannot Be Named counts Sons of Anarchy as his third favorite show (maybe fourth), but definitely behind Breaking Bad and The Wire.


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