Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh the cleverness of me!

Last weekend I got a tour of a friend's new house. It was gorgeous (naturally, as all new houses are) with some really unusual wood work and fixtures. From the outside you'd never guess how impressive the inside would be. At the end of my tour we wound up in a bedroom where the central vac lay coiled on the floor. "Sorry," the woman apologized. "I was in the middle of cleaning." I assured her there was no need to apologize and then marveled at her vacuum--the hose was covered in some kind of satin quilting with velcro and ties. "What is that on your vacuum?"

"I bought it with the vacuum. It's a casing to protect your woodwork from the plastic hose."

Brilliant! And of course, I immediately wanted one.

But alas! Back to school and cat expenses have drained my wallet. What's a girl to do?

Apply her Yankee Ingenuity, of course.

I grabbed 3 pairs of old tights (yes, I save them--for tying things in the garden) and snipped off the very tips of the toes. Then I pulled them along my vacuum hose and secured it along the way by tying it with yarn. The tights are slippery enough to slide across the floor and around walls, but heavy-duty enough to get dragged around the house. I tried out my New! Improved! Central Vacuum and it works swell! I don't even get that loud noise of the hose ridges scraping against the wall when I turn a corner anymore. Hooray for cheap fixes! I didn't think it possible, but I love my vacuum even more now. It is my favorite appliance.

Behold! The Sleek Midwestern Black-Tighted Vacuum Hose!

Especially this week. It's "Bring a Friend Week" at karate, which translates to "Bring Your Posse to the Dojo" if you are one of my kids. Every night we're trekking a crew across the field and home to enjoy snacks (oh the baking this week!) and playtime before schlepping them in the Momvan to karate. My floors are full of Major Crumbage. But all the boys are having a blast. It's good to have friends over--we haven't since Labor Day weekend with school starting.

If that isn't chaos enough, my mind is still spinning from another great episode of Sons of Anarchy. I totally want to write episode reviews, but I fear becoming a copycat blog by writing a weekly review. Yet, if my devoted readers are fans of the show, it could generate great discussion. I'm so torn...let me know what you think. The entire Jemma/Tara ordeal won the award for "Worst Day with Your Mother-in-Law EVER." And WTF Jax? At the end I swear he'd have made a Very Bad Choice had he not been interrupted. And after that whole heart-to-heart with Opie about women. OH THE DRAMA. Once again I fell asleep grateful that Mr. D isn't a member of a motorcycle gang running guns for a living.

It's the little things, isn't it?


  1. I don't watch Sons of Anarchy--mostly because I didn't get in on it from the beginning. My oldest son tells me I definitely need to get the DVDs and catch up.

    The central vac is a cool thing, but we don't seem to have them out here as much.

  2. And did you watch Glee?

    SHUT UP!

    so funny. I've missed Sue.

  3. Dang it, I need to catch up on SoA! It's one of those things that is sort of loitering at the edges of my mind but your mention of Opie clinched it.

    I watched the premiere episode of Lone Star this morning (airs Monday nights on Fox) and I think I'm hooked.

    I am so happy that the fall television season is starting. Maybe that makes me sound shallow and/or dull but I am still unemployed and have many, many hours to fill.

  4. Your vac is now a sexy accessory. (As is your savvy creativity.) Perfect!

    I haven't even heard of Sons of Anarchy...what channel is it on? If it's HBO or Showtime, I don't get those...

  5. You are so freekin' clever with the hose hose!! *ha! and: I think we have the SAME TILE!! (Mine's in the laundry room and back foyer!)

    I am curious about SOA - what is it? If you wrote reviews I would totally keep up...I see it on the tv guide but haven't watched it...I'm gonna catch Boardwalk Empire tho!! That looks like a winner on HBO.

  6. This building is well over a hundred years old, and says FIE on your central vac! Fie, even, on being able to watch TV and let the washing machine 'spin' at the same time!

    We have real nice high ceilings though...

  7. Now that is a clever solution! And I have never even heard of Sons of Anarchy. I am hopelessly out of date when it comes to TV too...

  8. Oooh. I'm so borrowing your ingenuity. Clever you.

  9. Well aren't you just the most ingenious person Ever! Never would have thought to use old tights and yarn for That---you should definitely buy yourself a green girl treat for all the $$$ you saved ;)

  10. Haha! Yes, it is the little things. Like not running guns. ;)

    You are a super genius with the tights! WOW! Great thinking! :)

  11. OMG. I so agree. Can you imagine if your spouse was one of the Sons of Anarchy?!

    You put the Jemma/Tara thing beautifully - the worst day ever with your MIL! LOL! I mean seriously, I watch and think this just keeps getting worse and worse. Don't they have a minute of normal?! (Guess not.)

    And yeah! WTF Jax?! I think you're right. He was about to make a very bad decision. Jerk. Now that his girlfriend is a killer, he might want to rethink that.

  12. I'm smiling at the tights - they really do make great tie-ups in the garden! I tore up an old t-shirt (Chuck's first Survivor tee!) and I use the strips to hold the tomato plants to the stakes. The new stakes hardly need any tying. They're awesome.

  13. Very crafty DIY trick with the hose coverings!! Genius!

    I've never seen that show so I will have nothing to contribute to a weekly recap. :)

  14. If you blog about Sons Of Anarchy, please be aware that I'm a week behind. Not that you would spoil it for me, but I would have NO IDEA what you're talking about and it would be make me crazy!!

  15. i carnt help but notice you cut up Black Opaque Tights..90 denier thick ones..3 pairs..? do you use black opaques for the garden..?[my daughter wears them for school/college]


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