Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm bringing packages to the postmaster today--1 completed manuscript for my literary agent, packaged with optimism that he'll find it a "home" (and a cash advance); 1 care package to the college boy, wrapped with encouragement to stay the course and not lose faith; 1 shirt left behind by a colleague of Mr. D's, wrapped with a friendly wave and invitation to stay with us again next time he comes to town. I'm bringing a letter written to the widow of a dear man who died last week, stamped with a prayer for her peace. In our rush to get to Iowa for the funeral, I forgot a card. We're back home and I've expressed our sadness for her on paper now. I'm bringing a revised contract signed and sealed to cancel 10 acres of our CRP land. The flooding destroyed all our work over the last 3 years and government agencies don't allow for "do-overs"--even when it's totally NOT your fault or something you can control (like 3 feet of rain).

Spill it, reader. What's in your Out Box this week?


  1. An anniversary card for my sister and brother-in-law. As of today, it's only 3 days late.

    Fingers crossed for the manuscript - I will look forward to the post where you announce that you are a published author!

  2. A card to my husband's cousin - she's battling cancer :(

    A care package to my son at college with Halloween goodies.

    And, lots and LOTS of bill payments - YUCK

    Yours sounds much better than mine.

  3. Sadly I can’t see my outbox do to the huge shadow cast by my freaking INBOX!

  4. Made 24 thank you cards for my mother's friend who just lost her husband.

    C & J's school pictures have been sent out to the out-laws --opps I mean in-laws

  5. I actually went last night:
    1 envelope containing 2 ponytails of 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love (yes, I had my hair cut over a month ago-it took me a while to say goodbye I guess).

    1 envelope with a broken Plantronic bluetooth that they are replacing for FREE.

    1 package of printed photos for some children of migrant workers from my last volunteer project. We never think about the fact that super super poor families don't typically have photos! So I take them at every event and send them to be distributed to the families. :)

  6. I was wondering about some of my fellow Wisconsinites when I heard of the flooding. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Good luck on the manuscript. I look forward to a post with nothing but excitement regarding a big advancement check. :)

  7. I should be mailing out some books. Going to post office is quite high on the list of things I hate to do.

  8. Cards made by my girls to their grandmother, who is in the hospital.

    Birthday cards to friends and family.

    Paid bills.

  9. Lots of love for my daughter and son in law with lots of encouragement as they enter this new stage of their lives. Kisses and hugs for our new little grandson Graham. I love him so much already and he's only been here for 4 days! Healing wishes to a dear friend that is battling cancer but received good news this week. More healing thoughts to my son who has been training to run in the Chicago Marathon, but hurt his knee a few weeks ago and it's not better yet...the marathon is soon. Lots of positive thoughts to those who have run out of their own.

  10. It's more what's in my inbox; books, books, and more books. Friends and family are responding to my plea for reading materials!

  11. Just a box of books, shipped to Amazon. :)

    Best of luck with the manuscript!

  12. Outbox: Birthday invites. IRS communicaton. (Always fun.) Reach Out Honduras trip paperwork in triplicate. A card celebrating the birth of an old high school friend's baby.

    How exciting to hear about your manuscript going out the door. Hope to hear it more good news on that topc in the future!

  13. On my desk to pass back to my students... aka my outbox...

    A quiz on the parts of the guitar.

    A seating chart for the three pieces we're playing at our winter concert.

    An assignment for a writing assignment comparing the musicals "West Side Story" and "Into the Woods".

    An almost completed supply order.



Spill it, reader.