Thursday, September 16, 2010

riddle me this

Dear Reader,
See if you can guess what Green Girl's up to each week. She'll give you two clues:

1. It involves this

2. But none of this

And reader? Thank you for sharing your poor penmanship tales Wednesday. Green Girl feels much better knowing she's not alone!


  1. Are you a volunteer lunch lady at St. N's?

    I hope so...Sloppy Joe, Slop-Sloppy Joe.... :)

  2. er, channeling yourself back to 1956 in a time warp machine you invented?

    OR - I know! I know! starring in Bye Bye Birdie in your local community theater?

    You have me stumped! Do tell!

  3. Lunch lady at the boys' (or the one boy's) school?

  4. I'm jumping on the lunch lady bandwagon but I'm really commenting because

    "bouffant size"

    is totally cracking me up!!

  5. Hair nets have SO many uses! Holding melons up on the vine as they get heavier? Keeping fruit attached to its basket when opossums are marauding? Stopping largish creatures from drinking out of buckets?

    The possibilities are endless...

  6. Lunch lady duty? We need to see you modeling the hair net, for sure!

  7. I'm going with the hair theme and wondering if you're a hair model. I'd LOVE to be a hair model!

  8. I would have had NO IDEA but I think historygirlie nailed it. Volunteer lunch lady. :)

  9. You're NOT giving yourself a perm!! Say it ain't so!!

  10. Volunteer lunch lady or packing lunches/ travel meals for charities? I used to wear a hairnet when I worked for a hospital kitchen.

  11. My first thought was like Mom on the Verge's. I thought you were broke so you were going to dye your hair yourself.

    Then I realized that we were dealing with hair nets and not hair color. So I'm going with the majority, are you volunteering in a kitchen?

  12. I have no idea and have not had enough coffee to guess. But I must say that I love that the hair net is bouffant size.


Spill it, reader.