Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a stay-inside kind of day

I woke up this morning to the wind moaning SO loud in the chimney that I thought someone left a TV set on. It sounded just like people's voices. Pity the semi drivers today with all the gusty winds. Right now I can see the kids at recess across the field trying to play outside. They look positively miserable. If I were the principal of Happyland Elementary, I'd declare Indoor Recess today.

Wearing nasty old bleach-stained pants because it's too chilly for shorts. I'm lazy and spent Saturday going to lunch with my BFF (who gave me the most wonderful gift--just wait until you see it!), Sunday choring around the yard and visiting the neighbors, and yesterday messing around with Team Testosterone. No shopping. If I have to go anywhere, I have 2 pairs of jeans from the last decade that will cover my bottom half for now.

Over the weekend I divided clumps of daffodil bulbs--and replanted over 100 bulbs. I know there are more bulb clumps to dig up, but I forgot exactly where they are. It looks like a rogue dog or groundhog has been digging in my garden beds, I keep digging "probe holes" to locate the daffodil bulbs and I'm making a mess out there. I divided lilies and replanted coneflowers and pulled weeds. I rescued 2 frogs, did the edging with the string trimmer and hung out a lot of laundry. The mosquitoes were merciless except when the wind swept them aside.

Did I mention that we have a pumpkin patch? We share it with our neighbors. We've got the most huge pumpkins ever. We're in awe of how it grew.

Our secret? Our neighbor is a farmer with Mad Skillz. He brought in a truckload of manure and added other Super-Strength Secret Farm Ingredients. We're guessing all the rain this summer probably helped, too.

Naturally we spent some quality time looking it over and laying claim to different pumpkins.
I'm going to have to get a bigger carving knife ...

or perhaps a small chainsaw to carve this year's Jack O'Lanterns.


  1. Wow...great pumpkins. Fun for the boys to have them in the garden.

  2. Truly the most sincere pumpkin patch ever!

  3. Yeah ~ it's a hairblown look kinda day here also. I was able to wash the wood floors today and have them dry no no time with one window open.
    Nice pumpkins! Wait, that sounded a little off. :) Orange never seemed to take for us this year so we've got green ones. Looks like I'll be purchasing some orange this year. Grr.

  4. What great pumpkins. My girls would be so envious.

    I wish it were chilly and fall-like here. Instead, it's 90-something and warm, but at least it's not humid.

  5. Oh I'm sooooo jealous of those pumpkins. I always grow a small patch - it has to be small in the city. But, I usually end up with six or seven pumpkins for my porch but NOTHING like those. Like I said, I'm soooo jealous.

  6. Super windy here most of the day yesterday - the temp dropped from 91 at 1:30 to 70 by the 6 o'clock news.

    Those are some awesome punkins! The pumpkins look great, too. :D

  7. I am SO jealous of your pumpkin patch. I have tried twice in Washington with a tiny little success. The first one overtook my vegatable garden - beginner's mistake - only to yield exactly one pumpkin. The second time I planted them away from everything else and got two pumpkins.

    I have been looking around my new garden to find a spot for next year. This year I am buying like most folks.

  8. Wow! Those pumpkins are impressive.

  9. I'm in denial about the imminent arrival of Fall. I was plannng on waiting another week or two to acknowledge the arrival of September. Your pumpkin pics make the idea of 2010 slipping away much more palatable.

  10. Windy here too, we have to watch for falling roof tiles as we walk about.

    I'm impressed by your enormous pumpkins! I'd love to know the super strength secret farm ingredients. My parents are trying to grow a garden out at my great uncles' farm, to no avail. My great uncles are chuckling about what happens when citified lawyers try to garden...

  11. Holy pumpkins! Yowsa! I think I may have to plant some next year for the boys. They keep begging for them. ;)

    It is amazing how quickly fall has gotten here, isn't it?


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