Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a walk on the wild side

Mr. D keeps mowing paths, Green Girl keeps walking on them.

The butterflies this year are everywhere. Even a novice like Green Girl can capture a butterfly with her super-slow digital camera.

The prairie blooms are mostly yellow in September.

With purple asters spotting the field.

Seeds fly everywhere, among the bees and dragonflies, mosquitoes and butterflies. No wonder everyone's allergies are terrible.

So much goldenrod.

Sweet, crisp autumn fruit.

Sedum, literally crawling with honeybees. Look closely and you can see them. They're so busy working, they ignore anyone walking past.

Green Girl loves the symmetry of flower heads--all the seeds growing in perfectly designed spirals. There is always order in nature.

And really weird looking bugs--at first Green Girl thought it was a hummingbird. It looked like a cross between a moth and a bee. She's got to look this one up in a book.

Giant sunflowers showing off.

Prairie grasses turning red. All the richness of summertime is fading now, softly turning gold before dying for another season.


  1. You are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing the walk with us!

  2. Love this time of year! So many butterflies here too--must have been from all the rain earlier. Absolutely beautiful walking paths :)

  3. Lovely walk.

    The bees in that sedum are something.

  4. That ALL looks SO beautiful!

  5. Every walk must be different--how pleasant.

    Funny you should mention sunflower seed spirals--I was just looking that up today!

  6. The butterflies ARE everywhere this year. So cool! Of course, so are the wasps. Boo.

    I LOVE fall. Such beautiful colors. Your pics capture it so well. :)

  7. What a lovely walk that was. Thanks for bringing us along.

  8. Beautiful pictures. Sunflowers are my favorite.

  9. Beautiful! I love, love, LOVE the yellow flower with the butterfly.

    This almost makes me appreciate fall. Almost.

  10. Beautiful flowers this fall. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  11. Such a pleasure! Nature is so gorgeous.

  12. Wow those are some beautiful flowers!


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