Wednesday, September 29, 2010

we wonder where he came from all the time

At dinner last night, Mr. G piped up through a mouthful of pizza, "MOM? IS MR. T ADOPTED?"
(Mr. G does speak in all caps--he's the loudest kid in our house.)
(Mr. G is also obsessed with the concept of adoption since his kindergarten teacher talked to his class about how she adopted her son.)

Me: No. No he is not.


Me: Yes. Yes you are. (Because it's so much fun to mess with this kid.) There was this mama monkey at the zoo and she couldn't take care of you, so we cut off your tail and brought you home.

Mr. T: (warming to the theme) And we shaved off all your hair to make you a boy!

Mr. G: (grinning with delight) So I'm really adopted?

Mr. T: You were a monkey.

Me: Yes, we took you home from the zoo and now you belong to us. Our baby monkey.

Mr. T: We shaved you, cut your tail off and made you into a boy.

Mr. G: (sighing) I KNEW IT!

I started laughing all over again when I told Mr. D about this last night while watching SoA.


  1. I LOVE this. I can just see it. Y'all have a good time at your house, I can tell. :)

  2. That's great---cant wait to see the note from his teacher today!

    I have a friend with dark hair and complection..along with her husband and oldest daughter...daughter # 2 is as blonde as blonde can be! They would always joke that the Schwan's man brought her blonde hair. All fun and games until a teacher asked her where she got that blonde hair----The Schwan's Man! (Oh the rumors in our busy body hicktown!!!)

  3. omg y'all are the. best. Aunt B needs her hankie to dab at her eyes from the ensuing fit of laughter......we cut off your TAIL!...oh..! hahaha!! shaved you! haha!

  4. So fun! This kind of stuff is the best part of being a family, if you ask me.

  5. And he's so PLEASED to know he was a monkey! :)

  6. Too funny! Just glad he's happy with it. ;)

  7. I love dinner conversations like this. So much more fun and imaginative than adults.

  8. Hehehe. That's how you cultivate a sense of humor. :)

  9. That's too funny. My youngest would have been thrilled to have heard that she was adopted AND a monkey. Good times at the dinner table!

  10. When my teenager shouts "You're not my mother!" I wonder where he gets it. Did he adopt in and I missed it somehow? So where did the nine months of heartburn come from? Asperger's is an odd thing sometimes. I have to laugh.

  11. Haha! We tease each other here, but we can't tease Max too much. He gets offended and stomps off! He doesn't tease either, he's very nice and doesn't understand sarcasm really... though he tries... Poor feller. We think HE must have been adopted. Or a throwback.

  12. Are you going to start calling him "my little monkey"?

    If he ever needs a topic for a creative writing assignment, he can write about "when I was a monkey at the zoo".

  13. Ha-hilarious!!! Cut off your tail!! SHAVED you!!!!!!! funny stuff!


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