Tuesday, October 26, 2010

freak week part II

As I herded the party guests and ghouls outside to play Capture the Flag and Zombie Soccer Sunday afternoon, their shouts echoed back to me through the mist. "Did you see the guts?" "Cool!"

We'd done a little outdoor decorating, but the woods in the fall are pretty spooktacular without my help, so we'd stuck to pumpkins and gourds. Guts? I didn't remember putting any fake guts anywhere....unless Mr. B found that dismembered arm and set it outside...

Once I got the troops properly settled into a game of Capture the Flag (you know, with a strategy and people guarding their flags and what-not), I hiked back up the hill to the house. There, in the middle of my yard, right beside my beloved clothesline poles, I found this:

(Don't look if you're squeamish.)

(I mean it--this is pretty nasty.)

(Last warning....)

What the what?

There in the middle of our yard, right by our house, are entrails. Just the stomach and intestines, everything else stripped bare. No fur. No feathers. No bones. No blood. No other trace of anything. Only these innards.


But disgusting isn't scary, right? At least it's not too scary until you begin thinking about it. Like in those horror movies when the people return to base camp and find the guy supposed to be guarding everything--only he's been filleted or skinned or deboned. And then they're all "Holy crap! Something's out there! Something big!"

Using this same deduction I presume some creature, big enough to drag and devour an animal big enough to have a stomach the size of a 6 inch sub sandwich and at least 2 yards of intestines (come on, I wasn't going to touch it, this is purely an eyeball estimation of length) is lurking around out there. The disemboweled critter had to be pretty big. What killed it had to be bigger. Did it drop it from the sky or did it drag it up here--or did the attack and subsequent carnivorous feasting take place right outside my house?

Things looked pretty...erhm...fresh, if you get my drift.

And there's no trace of anything else.

What would do that?

I can tell you this much: I'm not going outside alone at night for a long time. That's just freaky, people. I'm assuming it's an animal with carnivorous tendencies, but we're not ruling out zombies or aliens yet...

And speaking of animals, don't forget that October's FABULOUS is a copy of Lemur Troops and Critter Groups by Rena Jones. These aren't scary animals, but your favorite kiddos will be entertained and educated about animal groups. Rena's got a charming knack of illustrating her work just so, and who doesn't like a parade of animals? Plus, lemurs are adorable. I cannot see them taking out a huge animal and devouring every bit of them but the guts...because they're herbivores who eat mostly fruit! (I'll be here all week sharing Lemur Fun Facts, tip your waitresses.)

How can you enter to win a copy of Lemur Troops and Critter Groups by the talented Rena Jones? Easy! Every comment in the comment box through Saturday is an entry to win.

Spill it, reader. What critter is cuter than a lemur?


  1. Oooh, I don't mean to make this freakier than it already is ~ but wouldn't a predator animal have eaten that part? Scary, scary...you don't have some crazy evil person in your area doing bad things to animals, do you? Just a thought. Looks like maybe it was the size of a cat? Just wondering. I surely hope not, though...

  2. omg grroossss!!! *hahaha!!! eeeww!!! Best halloween post EVER!! WOW you really got me, Greens, ~ whew! ~ with the innards there...
    now, do you have coyotes there? They are the first to blame in these parts but I'm not sure you have them in Wisconsin. 2nd - it looks like a rabbit was the kill. A jackrabbit. The killer? A dog or inefficient cat. I lived next-door to one such (inefficient) cat, and lemme tellya, the carnage I'd find in our shared garage/laundry area (the cat had access through a swinging cat-door!) was so gruesome...parts-n-pieces...kinda like this sometimes...EW!! & *haha!
    Nice recovery though with the plug for your friend's sweet little book! *heehee! O greens what a post!! You made my day!

  3. I kept thinking I shouldn't look. Then I was looking because I was scrolling as I was thinking. Darned multitasking. Anyhow. Wow.

  4. Oh.My.Gosh.

    Totally gross! How weird...you'll have to let us know if you find anything else like that!

  5. Guts...entrails...just what we needed to make it a perfect Yucktober

    And cuter than a Lemur - I'd say a Siberian Husky - and specifically one blue-eyed beauty named Sasha ;)

  6. That's pretty gross, all right. At first I thought it was dead mice, but then I clicked on the photo. Ick. I would have made everybody at the party wash their hands twice.

  7. Oh man! Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo...

    Being in "the land of enchanment" last week conjured up lots of stories like that--what with roswell and the very large array (like from the movie contact) being so close by.

  8. Pandas and koalas are cuter than lemurs. Baby pandas and koalas are even cuter than the adults.

    And now that I know you have a cold-blooded killer loose on your property, I'm never coming to Wisconsin.

  9. I found something similar about a year ago. I found the intestines first and thought it was a pile of dog poop but then when I got a shovel it stayed together. I later found other pieces that told me it was a rabit.

    Could have been a coyote or bear.

    I think pandas are cuter than a lemur.

  10. what the what???????????
    I am so disgusted, but I stared really long at the picture. Then I looked away before puking. But then I had to look back to verify it was puke-worthy. Repeat process.
    What does this??? It must be human! Whoever was involved had opposable thumbs. I'm not blaming anyone...but look for someone with thumbs. THEY are guilty!!!

  11. p.s. that book looks SUPER cute!! Lemurs are the greatest!!! I think they might have opposable thumbs, but they would never ever leave a stomach and guts laying about in someones yard.

  12. That is nasty! Hope it goes away asap

  13. Oooooh. Can't you imagine students reading this book and then going to the FREEDOM Nature Preserve. If I don't win, I will be ordering it......

  14. Eww, eww, eww!
    I'm not sure I would have come back out for the rest of the party.

    On the bright side...at least you didn't come upon the animal in the midst of the ewww.

    Eww, eww, eww! (Can't help it!)

  15. Entrails... hmmm... did a critter like an owl grab a baby rabbit, drop the entrails, and swallow the rest? Keep an eye out for the pellets....

  16. But cuter than lemurs? Not much. Lemurs are pretty darn cute. Three-toed pygmy lemurs are, however, adorable.

  17. Ewww. I too thought it was mice at first. Maybe my coyote came to visit you.

  18. Fascinating! I actually clicked on the picture to take a closer look (satisfying my inner inquisetive scientist). I wouldn't worry too much about going out after dark, just make a lot of noise!

  19. The former lab technician in me didn't even flinch at the body parts. I've seen worse in the pathology department!

    Cuter than a lemur? Baby hedgehog!

  20. those entrails are jack nasty. Almost as a bad as snakes. :)

    I really really think prairie dogs are adorable, especially when they pop out of their tunnel and stand up on their back legs and sniff the air. Favorite exhibit at the NEW zoo, along with the Bucky Badger, but he's not very cuddly. :)


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