Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and another fifth

At my mother-in-law's on Thursday she'll make us all hold hands in a great big circle and announce what we're thankful for in turn. Everyone says the same couple of things: "My family, our health" without fail, and inevitably one or two people will say "I don't know what to say" even though they knew this moment was on the calendar for the last 365 days. I cannot say most of the things on my list because they're too specific and naturally too weird for mixed company, even though I truly do feel gratitude for things like cheese and romance and flushing toilets. But here I can let all my gratitude flow without inhibition. So, without further ado:

41. bloggy friends who let me be me
42. The Screw Iowa Writers Group, for their support and affection
43. daily newspapers
44. karate
45. laughter
46. especially little kid giggles
47. Team Testosterone's genuine love for one another
48. my girlfriends
49. swimming--the sensation of floating in the water
50. Mom on the Run over at Abnormally Normal who sees things the same way I do
51. Jen on the Edge who I wish was my neighbor
52. my real neighbors, the V's, the M's, the W's--such wonderful people, kind and good and helpful
53. a comfortable bed
54. birds--hearing their singing always makes me smile
55. dragonflies and crickets and bees
56. Secret Gay Boyfriends

57. good TV shows that let me escape for a little while
58. locally owned & operated stores where the clerks know my name and preferences and the lines are always short (good for me, though probably not for them)
59. a higher bowling average
60. comfortable shoes


  1. Another good list of things to be thankful for...

  2. Today I'm thankful for ANTIQUE SHOPS! Squeeee!

  3. I'm planning to meet Jen next Spring. I wish you were on the East coast so you could join us.

    I bet you could come up with at least 50 things just about Team Testosterone. You have a good bunch of guys there.

  4. You do realize that if we were neighbors we'd probably never get anything done because we'd always be in trouble together? ;-)

  5. I'm thankful for chocolate, and lots of it :)

    Oops but that doesn't help my die...t.

    So, I guess I should say that I'm thankful I can run - and have a sis who encourages me to enter fund-raising footfests - I'll be running tomorrow morning. Plus, I'm for cyberfriends who remind us to be thankful for things.

  6. Green Girl! I have been such a bad blog reader/commenter - not sure if you read my last blog post - but Facebook has sucked out my brains. I always told myself it wouldn't, but it's very wiley in its ways. :) That is a wonderful list!!
    PS. Doogie is gay? How did I not know this??

  7. I'd arm wrestle you for that gay boyfriend, but I'm pretty sure you'd kick my ass. So, I'll just continue to appreciate from afar.

  8. Today I am thankful for well turned out pies, one Dutch apple (what else?) and one pear. Tomorrow I will be thankful for sharing them with my US family.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I love specific thanks. Yours are wonderful.

  10. I just caught up on your "fifths" of gratitude. It is easy to feel grateful after a good start.

    I had a premade lunch left over after a field trip. One child asked if he could take it home. I said an instant yes. His family is in dire conditions right now; a free meal is a good meal for this kiddo. I'm grateful my family is well fed, not having to scrounge for food.

  11. Great list. I'm having trouble with thanks today, because I'm running a streak of bad luck, but... I'm still alive, eh? Gotta be thankful about that. ;)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Green Girl! Your readers are awfully thankful for you, too!


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