Tuesday, November 23, 2010

another fifth

Once you get rolling on the gratitude train, it becomes so easy to recognize things to feel thankful for during Thanksgiving week.

21. running water (hot and cold!)
22. flushing toilets (such convenience)
23. Jenn at Juggling Life who gives me perspective on what my next decade will look like (but with daughters in the mix).
24. springtime. Changing seasons are such a blessing, and knowing spring will come helps get me through winter.
25. my health--and my family's health.
26. dark beer and wine.
27. flowers.
28. porches with swings and hammocks.
29. my friend Sarah.
30. books!
31. butter.
32. the right to vote.
33. did I mention the Internet?
34. movies.
35. romance.
36. Jane Austin's perfect heroes.
37. Jocelyn at O Mighty Crisis, for going to Turkey and taking her readers with her.
38. Classical music--the perfect symmetry of Bach, the steadiness of baroque, the invigorating movement of waltzes, the ache of Beethoven.
39. Italian food.
40. a husband who listens to me.


  1. Butter.

    Oh, and the husband. A blessing.

  2. Modern plumbing is not to be underestimated. I am grateful every day that I have flushing toilets and running water.

  3. Love the pic you used--would totally be me if I had to make Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. Ditto on our husbands. And Jenn@Juggling Life. She is such a good Mom!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the porches with swings and hammocks and flowers and the photo of them!

    And husbands who listen.

    And And And. Lovely post!

  6. All very good things. Thank you! especially for that picture of Colin Firth. It starts my Tuesday off just right. :D

  7. wonderful list. Thanks for the photo of springtime to cheer us up on a cold dreary November day.

  8. Hear, hear for running water and flushing toilets. Having gone a year without them, I appreciate them more than ever but tend to forget already how it was. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. Butter is on my list too.... So is indoor plumbing that works!

    Hope your Thanksgiving is a fantastic one. WE all have lots to be thankful for.

    Cheers, jj

  10. Oh, I'm so with you on running water and flushing toilets! Other thanks for the pleasures of the Developed World: No flooding, even when it rains a lot. No bush fires when it doesn't. No tarantulas lurking behind the toilet. Little bags of SALAD, OMG! Electricity EVERY SINGLE DAY, ALL DAY! Strawberries. Cream. Libraries. Internet shopping with delivery to your door by cheerful persons.... Sigh!

    Today, I am also grateful for friends. They are a blessing.


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