Friday, November 26, 2010

a final fifth

One hundred! We're here! One hundred things I appreciate, listed to celebrate this week of Thanksgiving. I feel sated, my cup runneth over, I am really, really blessed. In this grande finale of gratitude, I feel thankful for:

81. jigsaw puzzles
82. a friendly smile on a stranger's face
83. Tom & Lorenzo (if you want to laugh so hard you'll nearly pee your pants, read their recap of the Victoria's Secret fashion show)
84. Secret Ugly Boyfriends

85. Mr. D, who I can agree to disagree with
86. a fair level of independence
87. the moms and dads who step up at Happyland Elementary PTA and help lead Cubbies and coach and volunteer in a dozen other ways to benefit all of our children
88. curbside recycling
89. earthworms and cats who kill lots of mice
90. radiant heat
91. good asthma medications
92. the perspective I gain from age
93. cross-country skis & trails right outside my back door
94. a reliable vehicle--the Momvan is dented and dirty, but she always runs
95. puns, word plays, rhymes, alliteration and metaphors
96. clever comebacks
97. random acts of kindness
98. Rebecca Ramsey's meditations over at Wonders Never Cease
99. closets and cupboards that are clean and organized
100. love, the strongest weapon of all, backed up by hope

Oh heck, it would be wrong to end this post with a picture of my Secret Ugly Boyfriend, wouldn't it?


  1. So much to be thankful for! I hope you and your family enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving.

    I must say - yesterday I developed a crush on the younger Paul Newman. OMG, those blue eyes!

  2. Oh, 91 - do I actually take it for granted? Such a thing, it's changed our lives.

  3. Oooohhh! I LoVe your secret ugly boyfriends!!! Thanks for making my post Thanksgiving coma day even better :)

  4. Oh, and he is ugly, isn't he?

    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear!

  5. Thank You God for #91. I had two asthma attacks on Thanksgiving Day and was so grateful for my inhalers. It saved me a trip to the ER

  6. Oh, I LOVE number 100! I love them all, but love, backed up with hope is just beautiful.

    You rock Green Girl!

  7. Oh, secret ugly boyfriend...drool. I shall be in your neck of the woods this week. Manitowoc, here I come!

  8. Hope your day was happy for one and all!

  9. BTW - go to the bottom of TLo and look for the Monday Musicals. Pick one - you'll rip yourself laughing. Blow sodie po outta ur nose.


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