Thursday, November 4, 2010

geography girl

I do adore geography and recently my mother-in-law switched my annual gift subscription from Real Simple to National Geographic per my request. The articles about nature and culture and history and exploration bring out the wanderlust in my soul. Since I'm an armchair traveler of the world these days, I was so thrilled to see my first issue in yesterday's mail. The featured stories were all about migration, absolutely fascinating stuff.

Researchers even tried to entice migrating birds with food and discovered that nothing could pull them off course. Migrating species are so single-minded in their goal that they ignore hunger, thirst, rest, sex and all other primal urges until they arrive at their destination. Humans could take a page from that book. The number of migrating species, from rattlesnakes to penguins, is pretty astonishing.

I really think my dream job would be as a National Geographic writer, traveling to the ends of the earth, documenting everything I saw. Oh the adventure! Oh the excitement! I'd need a camera crew, of course, because photography has never been my gift... A tall, handsome, manly photographer who wears one of those cool vests with all the pockets...

Kind of like him:

I can see us now. Of course, I'd have to dye my hair blonde, but a small concession, right?

The whole family will enjoy my MIL's gift, Mr. T is studying ancient cultures in social studies and there was an article about the Aztecs. Mr. B loves his sharks and National Geographic always has articles about the ocean, this edition had a great picture of a sand tiger shark living off the coast of Japan. Mr. G enjoys anything with pictures and Mr. D even picked it up this morning to peruse. I shan't miss Real Simple one whit, besides, I was weary of reading about all the expensive, complicated ways to "make life simple" every month. I don't know who writes for that magazine, but a $300 purse and $500 sheath dress by New York designers (only available at the store) are out of my wardrobe budget for "Fall Basics Every Woman Should Have." I'm looking forward to the next year of National Geographic arriving at my door. In fact, I plan to keep all my past issues on my bookshelf, just like both of my grandparents were wont to do back in the day.

Speaking of the natural world and all the related conservation issues, my bloggy pal Nan over at Things I've Found in Pockets shared this the other day:

There is a new government in Trinidad and Tobago. They are doing their best to make changes to archaic laws, and of course, the largest interest groups are getting their voices heard. Please sign the petition to stop the slaughter of endangered species for the sale of wild meat.

This petition is not to stop all hunting: most hunters love the rainforest, use the flora and fauna to help feed their families. This petition will help to stop the mass slaughter of hundreds of endangered animals for sale.

Responsible hunting will help to save the rainforest. If you do not sign the petition, more rainforest will be destroyed so that masses of already endangered animals can be killed for profit. Please, help us to save our rainforest.

You do not have to be a Trini to sign. In fact, if foreign interest is shown, local government is likely to feel more pressure to act now.

Reader, I hope you'll take a moment and check out the petition and sign your name to it. It's a free and easy way to keep exotic and endangered species off the menus at fancy restaurants.

Before you go sign, spill it ,reader: What's your favorite thing to read about in a National Geographic?


  1. Well, you had me at Ralph Fiennes. (And that movie is one of my favorites.) Don't you want all the clothes from her wardrobe? Yeah, I want her hair, too, and her perfectly shaped eyebrows.

    Have to say: if I was migrating with Ralph, I don't think I could ignore my primal urges. ;)

    Thanks for the link, too. Off to sign a petition.

  2. We discovered National Geographic on cable TV and LOVE IT!

    When I was young and Dad had a subscription I was fascinated with the maps.

  3. "Real Simple" is real ridiculous. How dare you tease me with Ralph Fiennes pictures in the morning?

  4. On a day where either an anxiety attack or major tantrum is looming, I really needed to hear that about migration---single minded focus on our destination---sigh, trying!

    We love NG!!! Real Simple seriously should change their name to Real Stupid---blah blah blah!

  5. Thanks for the to check it out now!

  6. I love to read about kids and animals - my weakness

  7. Can we share a next life? I totally want to travel and write and take photos of anywhere and everywhere. DREAM job!!!

    I feel the same way about Real Simple. It's not simple to me spend $500 on less than half my entire wardrobe (including shoes, panties and bra). So their entire magazine is discredited because of their stupid shopping sections.

  8. I haven't read a National Geographic in years. But after reading your post, I'm thinking I should.

    The people I cook for just gave me a beautiful travel magazine (I can't remember the name and I'm not at home) and like you, my wanderlust was ignited. I'd love to travel. It doesn't even have to be exotic. Anywhere will do. :)

  9. I pretty much always read NG from cover to cover every month. Even if I think that I'm not interested in a subject, invariably the stellar writing and thorough research suck me in until the last word.

  10. I'm still going back to the the travel writer + photog fantasy. If a handsome, manly type wearing a photo vest turns up on your porch to ask for directions to the nearest covered bridge, well.... oh, I forgot. There aren't any covered bridges in Outagamie County. At least the title wouldn't sound the same. Darn.

  11. I love the historical stuff...digging up sarcogphii (sp?) in egypt...historical Jerusalem (one of my favorite stories ever), basically anything based in the past.

    This revelation really shouldn't suprise anyone, eh? :)

  12. i love all the stuff i've ever read from NG. we never had a subscription growing up (too expensive) so i always got to look at them at other places. loved them! my kids loved them, too.

  13. I love NG! I need to subscribe. My boys are at the perfect age.

    I'd comment more but I have to go back and look at Ralph for awhile.


  14. Oooh, thank you my friend! Everyone GO SIGN the petition, please pretty please! And share it with all your friends.

  15. Ohhhhhh, National Geographic! My parents had a subscription when I was growing up and I loved every single page of every single issue! The photos are, natch, the first thing to come to mind.

    You can have the English Patient. I'd much rather travel the world with Indiana Jones. With that devilish grin, who cares if he can shoot a good photo?


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