Thursday, November 11, 2010

i'll get straight to the point here

Bullet points, that is...

* Thank you for the screen stories. From your comments I now have many job offers as a window washer and know I've made the right choice about keeping my screens off over the winter (per Martha, people, the Diva of Domesticity!).

* Had a very nice visit with my sister this morning over coffee and met her new boyfriend. People, for the first time ever I think she's found a good one. No visible tats, decent job, in good physical health, good-humored, solid social skills, dressed in normal clothes, capable of intelligent and stimulating conversation. Added bonus: little sister looked cute in boots and leggings and funky dress.

* Experienced a multi-tasking FAIL yesterday. Was eating string cheese with both hands full and reading computer screen when a sneeze came on. Kept mouth closed so as not to splatter chewed cheese onto laptop. Sinus passages crammed full of cheese bits as a result.

* Have I mentioned that my sneezes are really loud and violent and explosive?

* Like my hiccups, there's nothing delicate or cute about them.

* Have taken to killing the box elder bugs in my house. They've become aggressive, even crawling across our dinner plates and books, acting as if they own the place. The boys are creeped out by them but I've given them no notice because they neither stain surfaces nor bite. But their numbers are biblical now. It's termination time.

* In karate we're learning a new bo staff form. So far I really, really like it.

* Last night I saw a commercial for a new science fiction movie on TV. At one point a character growls "Vaya con Dios" to an alien before blowing it to bits. I thought that was a strange thing to say to an alien--"Go with God?" Really? Methinks the screenwriters presume people cannot translate basic Spanish phrases so they just put in stuff that sounds cool. Just as dumb to say "Enchilada suprema!" don't you think?

* After school I'm bringing Team Testosterone to the Dells to spend the night at a waterpark. Happy early weekend!

Spill it, reader--do you have fun weekend plans?


  1. The water park sounds wonderful.

    We've got second round CIF water polo playoffs Friday night. I am hopeful!

  2. A nose full of cheese.

    Now that's an image that's going to stay with me for a while.

  3. No fun weekend plans for us - I hope you and your family enjoys their waterpark adventure!

  4. No big plans this weekend. Trying to get my boy healthy. He's been home all week with a fever.

  5. You really got me with 'cheese up your sinus cavities'. What a hoot!! That will keep me giggling all afternoon.

    Have fun at the Dells!!

  6. We're hiccup/sneeze twins.
    I've always envied people who do it delicately.

  7. Orlando Museum Of Art has a 9 Day Festival of Trees, with exhibits of decorated trees, wreaths, Gingerbread creations. Everything is for sale to benefit the museum and there are musical performances every day.
    My friend and I hope to get out of work early enough to go on Sat.

  8. Are you sure those are box elder bugs and not stink bugs?

  9. OK - so I nearly spewed chewed up M&Ms on my computer with that one.

  10. I thought my sinuses had it bad, but at least there's no cheese in there! This weekend - I'm just keeping a low profile and hoping for no unpleasant surprises while DH is away on business.

  11. Yikes, sorry about the cheese :-)

    Glad you like your sister's boyfriend. It's a big deal to "meet the family".

    Enjoy the water park. You guys will have a blast!

    xo jj

  12. LMHO @ "enchilda suprema"! Yeah, most aliens are God-fearing creatures. Snort. I hope your nose is feeling better. That sounds painful!

  13. I laughed loud enough to disturb the hubby-think Packing for Mars loud....when you wrote about multi-tasking----the visual was hilarious.

    Your boot/Victoria's Secret item....disturbed hubby again.....

  14. I'm in stitches over your cheese string sneezing experience.

    Our weekend is PACKED. Recently we've had quiet ones but NOT ANY MORE! We've got scrub clearance on park land (If it doesn't rain...), a party, Chas wants to add another snake to his terrarium so that Schroedinger has a little friend (Aaaargh!) so we'll be in the reptile store at some stage. Max has a friend coming over. And I MIGHT start unpacking my Christmas decorations!!! Squee!

  15. Vive la Queso-nose.. Now there's a catch phrase.

  16. Very funny picturing you sneezing cheese. You poor thing! Have a great weekend

  17. That is a hilarious sneeze/cheese fail.

  18. I'm so happy to just be home this weekend and get caught up on some stuff around the house and to just rest. It's been to busy lately.

  19. Funny post! This weekend begins the gymnastic meet season. It's lots of fun, but hectic.

  20. Dells huh? Pretty darn close to me if I do say so. Hmmm ... perhaps we will have to have a cup of coffee soon?


Spill it, reader.