Wednesday, November 17, 2010

little bits

* In further proof that the world is very small, I discovered last night that an old friend from high school and an even older friend from my childhood are in a Bible study together at church. I knew both of these women in different towns--yet here we all are, in one spot now.

* Mr. B surprised me yesterday at his school concert. He had a big featured solo part and never told me!

* I sat beside a very kind old gentleman during the concert. Elderly gentlemen are among my favorite kinds of people. We chatted a little, he was polite and pleasant to sit beside.

* Still decimating the box elder bugs.

* My toes are cold every day. I've taken to wearing slippers.

* My email box is overflowing.

* I'm craving all things savory lately.

* Especially shepherd's pie.

* Well, all pie, really.

* The cold wind feels cleansing today.

Spill it, reader. In little bits.


  1. We used to have box elder bugs in one of our former homes. I hated those little buggers.

    One day, I was spraying down our wood privacy fence, which was covered with them, with dishwashing soap (kills 'em), and my husband proceeded to tell me a riddle to see if I could figure out the answer.

    It was... A woman's mother died and at the funeral she noticed a very good looking man, who seemed to be unattached but no one knew who he was. She wondered and wondered about him for days and finally, she killed her father. Did I know why?

    I said, that was easy... She wanted to see if the man came to her father's funeral, too.

    He said that it was a real-life question posed to serial killers and other convicts and the only people who got it right were the serial killers.

    Well... I was taking out hundreds of box elder bugs so I guess that made me a serial killer.

  2. I'm craving warm comforting foods, like beef stew and spaghetti and meatballs.

    I'm wearing warm fluffy socks and warm fluffy sweaters.

  3. mmmmm....pie :)

    and my toes are cold almost all year round. smartwool socks are the answer!

  4. I'm eating chicken salad that tastes like the chicken salad I used to eat for lunch when I worked at the mall in Jersey as a kid. For a second, I felt 16.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I'm excited.

    I'm more excited for Vegas on Sunday.

    I wish I wanted to write.

    I'm hoping to get lots of holiday Suzie Foods orders.

    Slippers would be nice.

    My lunch break is over.

  5. Modest and talented is a wonderful combination!

  6. * I have always known the world is a small place

    * I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread yesterday and just printed out an awesome recipe for pear pie. I'll try that one out for Thanksgiving

    * Despite my self-imposed rule of "No Christmas before Thanksgiving", I am already listening to the Holiday Traditions channel on my satellite radio and lovin' it

    * I have no idea what a box elder bug looks like

  7. I'm not sure what elder bugs are. We had silver fish in our old house.

    I got clothes hanging all over the inside of my house, because today my dad finally came to try to fix the squeek in my dryer.

  8. Mom is here for Thanksgiving.

    I'm SERIOUSLY considering quitting my job. My request for Christmas Eve off was denied.

    I'm craving grits.

  9. Pie. Yes. It's always time for pie.

    Despite your Unfortunate Experience with Old Navy jeans, their chenille socks make for less frosty toes.


Spill it, reader.