Monday, November 8, 2010

muttonchop monday

Green Girl has a little secret. She likes rough and ragged men. In theory, of course, because it's tough to inhale the fumes of sweat and motor oil and cigarettes and whiskey for too long. But in fantasy?

Bad biker boys have got it going on.

She thinks it's that devil-be-damned glint of ferocity in their gaze. And black leather. And the heady whiff of danger.

When she and Mr. D hunker down on Tuesday nights to watch Sons of Anarchy, one certain biker has captured her imagination.

Bad-ass Tig, with the muttonchops.

And Marlboro Reds, official cigarette of hard-livin' men everywhere.

He's loyal, big-hearted, fearless, clever and those clear blue eyes. These pictures don't do him justice, reader. You have to see him in action to understand Green Girl's adoration. And he's got one of those whiskey-graveled voices that make her knees all wobbly.

Plus? He knows a guy who can make a dead body disappear. What's not to love about a man with strange contacts on his cell phone?

He's a man's man. All manly.

He's gone to prison, shrugged off gunshot wounds, and racked up a formidable stack of felonies, what with the gun-running, the murders, the drugs and the smuggling.

But that rakish grin makes it all forgivable. Tig, motorcycles and muttonchops and always misbehaving.


  1. Get Out Of My Head!!

    These guys will be featured in one of my near-future posts.
    Tig was one of my least favorite characters last year. I just didn't trust him. This year he has completely redeemed himself with his loyalty.

  2. I adore you for this. You get me. :)

  3. Well, once again, you and I are on the same psychic wavelength. I woke up this morning thinking, "Hmmmm, I wonder if Green Girl is going to do a Mutton Chop Monday today? It's been a while..."

    Where we're not on the same wavelength is our taste in men -- I prefer mine extremely clean cut. :-)

  4. Wow. And not in a good "I totally hear ya" way. Sorry, I just don't see it. I guess I like 'em a little more metro than that. ;)

  5. thinking i might have to start watching this show.....

  6. I know. One reason I'm still married is that I KNOW I will only end up with one just the same. Better the wild hotshot helicopter pilot maniac pirate you know, than the one you don't, right???

  7. Between your recommendation and my son's I am SO going to watch the series from the beginning some day.

  8. I also like the bad boys (in movies mostly)

  9. Makes me want a Harley. For me, though, not for the guys. I want my own!

  10. I've always gone for the good guys. Just can't help it. An athlete/nerd is my kind of guy. I was lucky enough to meet one and have had him hogtied ever since. :)

  11. I don't know about you, Green Girl...

    You're not gonna take up with a mutton-chopped biker passing through town, lighting up Marlboro Reds, are you?? I'm already worried about Team Testosterone!

  12. Yeah, I can see that.

    Was Steven King the guy who can make a body disappear? Love it!

  13. I don't even know of this show or this guy, but now you've got me all het over him. NUMMY.

  14. Haven't seen this show.......gotta give it a try!


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