Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the strange and the fabulous

The Strange:

There is one yellow dandelion growing in the school yard--I walk past it every day when I go get the boys.

We've received an invitation to a wedding--neither Mr. D nor I recognize any of the names on it.

I saw something beneath the Momvan in the garage the other day--at first glance, I thought it was a Pop Tart I'd run over--white and brown with an edging of red. Their grandma had generously sent them home with Pop Tarts Friday morning (!). Nope, it was a fat mouse I'd run over with the Momvan--I miss our cat. We never had mice when she was around.

The Fabulous:

A few years ago I brought all my plastic Christmas swag to the thrift store. Begone, you filthy, dusty, fake garland Made in China! We have enough pine, spruce, cedar and berries in our 60-acre yard to decorate au natural. I cut buckets of greens and boughs of red berries and poked them into empty jars, laid them across shelves, arranged them among candles. So. Lovely. And so simple. Plus some trees got the trimming they direly needed to look "traditionally triangular."

Clementines at the grocery store!

"Gaga Squats"--the name of Mr. O's terrible new work-out at the karate school. It's a 15-minute glute/leg/ab work out done to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry tunes. Truly one of his more devious and fun methods of torture.

I've put some of my greens and berries in vintage milk bottles like the ones Anne Marie is selling in her NaDa Farm Market shop on Etsy. Anne Marie has the most wonderful, simple and earthy way of decorating. She has an eye for beauty and a talent for making lovely things. I have an eye for appreciating what she does at her home and on her farm, but nothing close to her crazy skills. Head over to her farm and check out her past posts--the photos are gorgeous. For November's FABULOUS I'm giving away your choice from her NaDa Farm Market Etsy store. How do you enter? Equally simple: every comment in the comment box is an entry to win--I'll pick a lucky winner Saturday.

Spill it, reader. What's strange and fabulous in your world lately?


  1. Fabulous - how festive our apartment looks with our Christmas decor; limited as it may be.

    Strange - the fact my 3-year-old has been saying "Maddie says/thinks/wants/says yes." Maddie's due date is in 12 weeks. My kids have a strange ESP thing about them.

  2. Trying to decide which is more repulsive: dead mouse or pop tart?! ;)

  3. That is a quite sturdy dandelion! I will proceed to not think about how a mouse can resemble a pop tart. And I certainly will not wonder if it looked like a frosted or speckled variety.

    Am fully imagining your Christmas decorations though, and would love to see the decked halls, and bottles!

    strange - my gone-to-seed basil covered by three inches of snow
    fabulous - Prague rooftops covered by three inches of snow

  4. I now have a strange image of a pop tart in my brain!

  5. If you were a mean mommy like me, you'd tell your kiddos that's how pop tarts are made! Oh man, I'm gonna have to find me a mouse (can't help it, we were raised by a very terribly hilarious father...who wrapped hot dogs in cressant dough and told us he caught the gophers in the back yard...)

  6. your decorations sound divine. please post pictures so we can all admire.

    strange: i'm sure there's something out there in my world. will keep my eye's open today.

    fabulous: my family, my blogging friends, and my "in person" friends.

  7. Fabulous--reading your blog each day

    Strange - how half a strand of Christmas lights can go out

  8. The fabulous: my vases filled with cranberries and a red candle in the center. That's all, I am still working on our decor. Nothing strange going on here. Yet.

  9. Love those "antique" bottles. A fat mouse, yikes, I know I miss my cat Sparks too.

    And a dandelion in the winter - what is happening in the world, global warming...?

  10. That dandelion reminded of the fly I killed today. That was strage too.

    It is fabulous I got my last Christmas gift brought and wrapped today. I'm completely done.

  11. It's funny that you mention the dandelion, because I noticed today that I *still* have roses in bloom outside, even though we had our first frost six weeks ago and have had plenty of cold days since then.

    As for fabulous, I went to the post office today with a huge pile of packages and did not have to wait in a long line!

  12. Strange- I took my dog to the groomer today and when I went to pick her up I didn't know which dog was mine. She looked so different it blew my mind.

  13. Those Gaga Squats are the most hilarious thing I've heard possibly ever.

    Sorry about the Pop Tart Mouse.

    Strange and fabulous in my world?

    Um. There's frost in San Diego.

    I know.

  14. YAY! for clementines...one of two fruits my 8 year old will eat. The other one is dried cranberries and I don't know if I can even technically consider them a fruit. Certainly not a fresh fruit.

  15. I'm sorry, but I'm laughing at the Pop Tart Mouse.

  16. I'm going to be very, very nice to our cats today. And say, "No," with this mouse tart image in mind when the teen hits me up for Pop-Tarts at the market this weekend.


Spill it, reader.