Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this and that

Perhaps a slight majority of the American public will be happier today, thinking they have some modicum of control over the status quo. I respectfully beg to differ, however, with the candidates claiming that a 53% majority equates a "mandate." That's all I'm going to say about that.

My mailbox is full of catalogs. Sadly, Team Testosterone latched onto the Target toy catalog before I could slam dunk it into the recycling bin and bury it beneath the old newspapers. The barrage of "I want" has begun...

Of course, while they went to bed with dreams of Nerf guns and Wii games and Lego sets in their heads, I settled down with Sundance and Title Nine and Acorn. Just a little window shopping while I watched Sons of Anarchy.

All the necklaces I loved in the Sundance catalog cost $300 or more. My favorite bracelet cost $958. Harumph. There's as much pretty "artisan" jewelry on Etsy for a tenth of that price. But the browsing on Etsy isn't quite as satisfying as paging through the catalogs while cozied up in bed...

Speaking of Sons of Anarchy, some of the show's songs are finally on itunes! The biker rock/disco fusion is complete! (cue evil laughter)

Mr. D and I busted out laughing when Gemma gave Jax the whole "You need to channel your hate so you can kill those Irish pricks" speech. That's the kind of loving advice you don't often hear from most mothers...

And what the WHAT was with the hospital administrator's back tattoo? There's a storyline coming out of that scene. So much could be explained if she's a former biker mama. I'm totally warmed up to her character. And you know that priest is just evil.

The storm doors are up, the screens put away, nothing got broke but I cursed a little. On my way to bed I paused by the door to let the cat in and remembered that she was dead.

And I drained the rain barrels, made applesauce out of 20 pounds of apples, voted, and brought my tribe to church last night. In the spirit of November, I'm thankful for the applesauce turning out perfectly, my AWANA leaders' faithful service every week, Tuesday nights on FX, and sweaters on a chilly morning.

Spill it reader--it's the month of Thanksgiving!


  1. Sundance jewelry used to be a lot cheaper. Etsy here I come.

    As for Nerf guns I have banned them from the house. BANNED. No more Nerf guns on the Xmas list. total scam.

  2. It was the month for Thanksgiving for me last month.

    Etsy is good. The browsing never stops.

    Neither does the "I want".... :\

  3. Regardless of who won races, they're hope and promises will fly right out the window (its amazing how politicians are so similar to high school boys trying to get a little somethin' somethin')

    We got the dreaded "Toys 4 Us" catalog the other day---its the begining of Nov and I'm already about to tell the boys to forget it--no presents this year!!!

  4. I JUST wrote a post about the commercialism of Christmas being earlier and earlier every year. It is so gross. THANKSGIVING, people! Be thankful!

    I am thankful for the win of some of the canidates, but I also don't think it will make a bit of a difference in the end. Isn't that sad? Ugh.

  5. 1. Sundance can suck my little toe. You like Robert Redford (you know that's who owns SUNDANCE, right? like the film festival?)? Go see one of his movies one more time...everything in that catalog can be got elsewhere, probably even locally, for as much or less. Blah blah blah. It's smoke and mirrors, chicas. I'm makes me mad that Robert Redford is sitting around going, 'hey, we can sell tschochkas like jewellery and wooly slippers and tshirts to ladies who like to look at catalogs! Yeah!' when he has better things to do! Mr. Redford!

    I am FED UP with PAPER catalogs ALTOGETHER! Sundance is online, is Red Envelope, which has equally cool stuff...ever see Red Envelope? Go look!

    ugh. sry for the rant.

    Greenie, it's sweet that you stopped to "let Violet in"...

  6. I had to hear/see/sort the mail ads from candidacies of TWO STATES and MULTIPLE races. I’m glad it’s over.

  7. I love looking at Sundance, but I never buy.

    I did buy some running tights to wear today under my baggy running pants. Let's hope my butt doesn't freeze tomorrow morning when I run.

    Today I am grateful for warm socks, hot cocoa, and knocking five more people off my Christmas shopping list. I am also grateful that my family has the means to buy all of the above.

  8. I love the Sundance catalog. If only it weren't so expensive.

  9. Oh, my. I'm not feeling terribly grateful today. I know I should, but there you have it.

    Politics have got me down...

  10. Besides, it's the usual: health, income, husband, children. "Thank you, God, for our food and drink. Amen."

    I'll work on it. ;)

  11. Only one rain barrel is drained; I'll do the other this weekend while I'm spreading compost on the garden.

    I have a sick feeling looking at the results. I will miss Russ Feingold so much. It was truly an honor to be represented by such an intelligent senator.

  12. i love november. i love thanksgiving dinner - even the cooking and the cleanup. i do almost all of it. the kids always say they'll help, but they usually are still asleep when i start and i just move from one task to the next without even realizing that i could be asking for (and they could be volunteering) assistance. but, it doesn't bother me. i eat less that way.

    only buying christmas presents for the four kids who are under the age of 8 in my family. just can't afford to buy for each other or for the adults. besides, christmas is for the kids anyway. the rest of us enjoy watching the wonder in their eyes and the thrill in their faces. priceless...

  13. Homemade applesauce...mmmm. Nerf guns, Wii games, & Legos...sounds familiar. :)

  14. Oh yeah....Cubby already has the Toys R Us catalog memorized...and I missed getting the Target one into the re-cycle bin too! Although, I must admit....I was the EXACT same way with the Sears Wish Book when it arrived in our mailbox!!! I even provided page numbers on my list for Santa! :)

  15. omg, the cat by the door comment...totally made my heart stop for a second! Sad!!!

    I love catalogs in bed!! VERY fun to mentally dream of buying ridiculously priced stuff.

    20 POUNDS?? What on earth are you doing with all that applesauce?? We haven't gone through more than a pound in our house total combined over the last 9 years. With 20 pounds, we'd still have some for my funeral (hopefully not for 50 years).

  16. You inspired me. After reading your post yesterday, instead of commenting, I ran off to the kitchen to make applesauce. It was delicious.

    Also, not a mandate indeed.



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