Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have to come clean, people. I'm not a dog person. But even though Jax will never sleep on our bed, I can't blame the downed Christmas tree on him. See, he was in the basement when it went down both times--and the boys weren't anywhere near the tree when it fell, either. It was merely an accident of physics. You see, when you buy a tree that is almost 12 feet tall, there's bound to be some tipping. And when you don't center that tree in the stand so the gravitational pull keeps it upright, you get a floor full of needles and broken glass. After sawing off a little trunk and putting it level and dead center in the tree stand, the 2010 Christmas Tree has remained upright for 52 hours and counting now.

For fun, here's a photo of Lambeau Stadium during Sunday's game. You're looking at roughly 70,575 people.

Here we are with B and K, our good friends from California (in a roundabout way). While Green and Gold are the "official" colors of the Green Bay Packers, Blaze Orange comes in a close third. You see as much Blaze Orange at a game as any other color.

You cannot say you experienced Lambeau without tailgating before the game:

My husband has excellent friends who included us in their party. A pre-game beer is as much a tradition as yelling "Go Pack Go."

No, I do not have man hands. I'm wearing men's gloves. I just noticed how huge they look in this picture!

Even if you're not a football fan, going to a game is a pretty incredible experience. Reader, if you ever come visit me during the season, I'll have to hook you up with tickets. It's definitely one of those "bucket list" things to do in a lifetime--but more fun with great friends by your side. And if you're smart, you come visit in the fall before the temperatures plummet!

Spill it, reader. Have you ever gone to a professional sporting event? Who do you cheer for?


  1. Oh.my.goodness. My hearty (or is it hardy...I can never remember) midwestern constitution is gone with the wind, there's no way I could possibly go outside when it's that cold and stay there for any length of time. I love the blaze orange, though. That cracks me up.

    As a rule, I am not a professional sports fan other than cycling. My dad worked 6 days a week and therefore was an NFL fan, his team the Vikes. DOTR has taken Josh to a few Thrashers NHL games, we've had Braves season tickets since 1991 (but I don't go anymore), but detest the NBA with passion.

    We're college football fans first, then MLB second. DOTR watches the Patriots now since his HS friend's son started playing for them (Danny Woodhead).

    I really want to know if you've ever worn the cheese head. I've put the corncob on my head in the store once.....but I'll do it if you do ;-)

  2. Green and gold are UofO's colors - my husband and I were just talking about the last game - the civil war - and why the heck they were wearing silver...no idea.

    Plus, the other Oregon football college team OSU is orange and black - so we are very used to seeing yellow, green and orange around here.

    :) those hands are funny

  3. Haven't been to any professional games, but this year we have gone to more football games than I ever imagined possible for me. These are high school games, and this year our team is going for the state championship. Regardless of who wins, I cheer for the Marching Band!

  4. LOL at your "man hands." I'm allergic to professional team sports but I have been to one Buffalo Bills game, made bearable by the hot coffee-laced with liqueur that we smuggled in.
    Actually, in college I worked the concession stand at several Bills games as a fundraiser for crew, which was my sport. It is HARD work keeping football fans filled up with beer and hot dogs.

  5. Here in Hotlanta, we're all about the Braves. It's fun, and it's a family event. Plus it's in the summer, when it's not miserably cold! We know how to do The Chop...

    DH is a HUGE Miami Dolphins fan, and if we lived withing 200 miles of Miami, he would have season tickets. Thank God we live farther.

    Never been to a Falcon's game 'cause they usually suck. But they are GOOD this year!

  6. So glad the tree is up again. I have not yet had the peasure of seeing the packers live. But we intend to one of these days.

    Back in Holland I would go the occasional soccer match. And in high school I watched a lot of hockey because one of my friends was the goalie for the local team. All nice and cozy indoor sports!

  7. I've been to Packer games, Brewer games and Bucks games. I'm going to my first every pro hockey game (Black Hawks) later this month.

  8. We lived next door to Lambeau Field for nine years. Yes, my daughter spent the first nine years of her life seeing the crowds headed for the games. She had a lemonade stand when she was old enough - wow.
    According to Chuck, he started working Sundays because I was glued to the TV watching my Packers. Where does he work on select Sundays? At Lambeau, on the sidelines!!!

  9. Yep.....tons of professional sport games!! I'm from Buffalo, but live in Pittsburgh...so I have two sets of teams to root for....and I'm a HUGE NY Yankees fan......Go Yanks! Go Steelers!!

  10. In 1984, when the Padres went to the World Series, my boyfriend (now husband) and I and some friends had been to about 20 games that season. While we were too young and poor to get tickets to any playoff games, the stadium party when the Pads returned from beating the Cubs was epic and a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

    I've only been to one Chargers game and it reinforced for me that I'm a baseball gal.

    It looks like you had a great, if frigid time. I would not have noticed the man hands, but once you pointed out I definitely laughed!

  11. I am so jealous that you went to the game Saturday! I have seen the Packers play 20 times, but never at Lambeau. Someday I will get there.

    I can blame my Christmas tree issues on the dogs, sorry you are not so lucky.

  12. When we lived in the DC area, we went up to Baltimore for some baseball a few times. Otherwise, no pro games for me.

  13. Going to see a big soccer match in an English Pub is a major sporting event... and I've been to real live ones too. My family is BIG on football (soccer!)

  14. We took my parents to one years ago when the NY Giants came to town. My father has been a Giants fan longer than I've been alive! He was the lone blue in sea of red!

  15. Your manhands made me laugh out loud. I wouldn't have noticed them without you pointing them out.

    Even though I'm not a huge NFL fan, I would like to attend a game at Lambeau. It definitely seems like a bucket list item. Glad you had such a great time!

    As for football as a whole? Is Mr. D. like me and cursing DJK right now, completely disgusted and wondering about his poor family?

  16. The mister and I are the weirdos who show up to Super Bowl parties sometimes without a clue as to who will be playing. Professional sports doesn't even register on my radar despite having been to an assortment of Astros, Oilers (dating myself there...), and a Cowboys games over the years.


Spill it, reader.