Wednesday, December 8, 2010


* a cup of coffee with a splash of milk every day after lunch.

* reaching across to ruffle my sons' hair whenever I walk past them.

* buckling up--after I start the Momvan.

* cracking my knuckles, back and toes. Feeling particularly satisfied by that sharp series of pops! when I crunch all the knuckles on my right hand at once.

* kicking my shoes off when I walk inside.

* never wearing socks to bed.

* removing my wedding ring when I wash my hair.

* reading, even if it's only a paragraph, right before I turn off my bedside light and go to sleep.


  1. Hello my fellow knuckle-cracker!

    Your house must be toasty and warm. I have been wearing socks to bed in FLORIDA!

  2. Not a knuckler-popper myself, but have witnessed many a "pop"!

    Looks satisfying, but my Mom didn't allow that, so...


    p.s. No socks in bed is a good thing! :-)

  3. Habits are so satisfying, aren't they?

    I must admit, I'm an occasional sock-wearer in bed...cold feet.

  4. I take off my shoes immediately when I walk in the house. Summer or winter. And I seldom wear socks at all. Bare feet are my preference - my feet must be free!

    I love grits in the morning. Mmm.

  5. My mother told me never to pop my knuckles - I didn't/don't listen!

  6. I love the last one! Even if my brain is fried, and I feel the day's had little magic in it, a few printed sentences, from the prayer book or otherwise, set things to rights before sleep.

  7. I always buckle up before I start the car. :)

    I have to read myself to sleep too. I've been doing that since I was six.

  8. I forgot my reading light this summer during a water polo tournament. I ended up having to do my before bed reading in the bathroom so as not to interrupt the players' sleep.

  9. One of my girls is going through a joint cracking phase and it's driving me nuts.

  10. start the car - then buckle up.
    make a cup of coffee, take it into the bathroom with me while i shower, and then forget to drink it. {sigh} it ends up being part of my protein breakfast drink then. at least it doesn't go to waste.
    take my shoes off as soon as i get home. put on my jammies if i can get away with it.
    bedtime - put vicks (or cheap store brand) on my feet ever night, add lotion to help soften the roughness, and PUT ON MY SOCKS. LOL - my feet freeze! the vicks helps keep my sinuses open and it (really) does quiet nighttime coughing.

  11. Oh my, I don't think I have any habits. Except maybe my cup...or three...of coffee every day. My trips to Starbucks, my laying down at night to write, read and watching the Food Channel. My feeding the fish, dogs, and making breakfast and lunch for my hubby. My checking my email, my voicemail and my text messages. Calling my sister, my kids and my husband. Oh my, maybe I do have a few habits...

  12. Stumble down the stairs to fetch a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
    Wish I could ruffle my Boy's hair. Love doing my girls' hair when they are in the mood for such attentions.
    Cringe at the thought of popping my arthritic hands. Yowza.
    Must have thick, fuzzy socks to encase my icy tootsies from October-April.
    Cannot read after 9:00 p.m. because I'll get caught up and fail to put the text down until I've read the closing words.

  13. My "evil" northern habit down here in the south/west is wishing for snow as soon as Thanksgiving hits. Southerners do not get that.

  14. Ooo! I love your post. I'm now wondering if I ever asked a Question of the Day about habits!

    I too, crack my knuckles, back and toes. I recently graduated to elbows. It grosses out a lot of people. But I'm not stopping.

    Like Little Miss Sunshine State, I can't believe you never wear socks to bed. I don't wear them a lot, but some nights my feet are just so cold, I gotta put some on - in So Cal! You must sleep in a Wisconsin hotspot. ;)

  15. I can't sleep with sock either!
    Happy holidays, jj


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