Friday, December 10, 2010


It finally snowed! My spirits zoomed upward as the flakes spiraled down. Now it looks like Christmas outside.

Naturally, the snow disrupted Bumble Book Club plans. For the first time in 5 years we were forced to skip our annual Dirty Snowball at Cleo's because of the slippery roads. My family did get out, though. Mr. T's PS (parochial school) had their Christmas program last night, so while a blanket of snow muffled our small town, we sat inside the pretty sanctuary and watched 4 year olds with halos made of tinsel muddle their way through carols. Then the 5-8 year olds, spiffed up in their Sunday best, belted out painfully off-key versions of "We Three Kings" and "The Chipmunk Song." The grand finale involved 8th graders (in the same costumes I bet their parents wore 20 years ago) reenacting the Nativity. Video recorders glowed and grandparents cooed. Then we gathered in the cafeteria below for punch and cookies. Mr. D and I visited with people we haven't seen since summertime baseball games at the park. I looked around the cafeteria at the people clustered, kids playing tag and devouring frosted cookies (donated by families with last names M-Z) and my heart felt very warm. America's small towns still exist, in all of their chatter and familiarity their citizens keep simple traditions alive--like Christmas programs followed by punch and cookies in the basement of the Catholic Church. I've begun to feel like this town is home.

We drove home and as soon as Mr. D put the Momvan into "park," the boys bounded out to the driveway with their sleds. I passed Jax through the front door (on his leash) and they romped in the snow. When they came in, Jax tried to run across the kitchen to greet me--with wet paws--and promptly slipped and fell, bonking his furry head. Note to self: keep towel in laundry room to dry his feet before he steps onto the ceramic tile floor...

Of course, finishing my manuscript revisions and mailing them back to my agent yesterday added to my sense of goodwill and joy. Embracing the mood, I baked a batch of cookies, enjoyed our still vertical Christmas tree while drinking hot tea last night before bed, and heard from a dear friend twice in one day--once by Christmas letter and once by phone. It's these pleasures--a long talk over hot coffee, finding snowpants that fit all 3 boys, the satisfaction of a huge task accomplished--that make this day bright.

Glad tidings, indeed!

Spill it, reader. What has you feeling the spirit of Christmas as you head into this weekend?


  1. I am spending my day off finishing all my Christmas gifts for the entire marketing department instead of just my staff (I am feeling it and decided to make 10 more ornaments) and wrapping them in self made gift wrap. All the while I am listening to Christmas music, sipping coffee from my Christmas mug, wearing my snowflake covered jammies, and seeing a winter wonderland outside.

  2. i'll be making cards and journals for co-workers, making and mailing my family's christmas cards, and helping my granddaughter with the rest of her journals.

  3. Alas, I feel like I'm slogging through rather than getting in the "Spirit". I'm not sure what it's going to take....

  4. Music is doing it for me -- I'm going to a Christmas concert tonight and I'm already looking forward to it. And on Monday I take my girls to see the Nutcracker for the first time.

  5. The Service of Nine Lessons and Carols....twice...on Sunday will get me there. I putting up a few Christmas decorations today. Judson will be home tomorrow, so I have the tree up in his room and took lots of pictures of it while it was clean just so I could remember how it looks! ha!

  6. I wish I could say that I am 'into' Christmas this year, but I'm not. I haven't put up even one Christmas decoration yet, mailed cards or purchased one gift. I think I need a swift kick in the rear to get me going.

    Glad you are enjoying though! That's nice.


  7. program punch and cookies! Thanks, now I am so hungry for red punch--and red is def a dye we keep far from our door :(

    Christmas spirit is seriously lacking this year--decorations are up, need to get a move on making some presents, all of this snow and January temps just feels oppressive!

    On a happy note, chocolate almond milk makes a pretty decent hot chocolate fake out (especially with a glug of peppermint schnapps!)

  8. The Nutcracker Ballet... Middle Child and I stayed up way past bedtime last night watching the Bolshoi Ballet's version. Lovely.

  9. Congratulations are in order - for your finished manuscript, but also for the much harder task of getting three kids in snow pants that fit. Around here we're playing Advent songs on the piano, baking cookies, writing Christmas cards, and shoveling a bit of snow. Maybe will get to do some sledding this weekend. I hope so!

  10. My sister in law sent me a 25# bag of salted peanuts from I divided it and will share with everyone I know. The snow makes it seem like Christmas and I can get into the mood of giving...

  11. Knowing my Cape Cod Kid will be here in less than 2 weeks. I haven't seen him in a whole year!

    I've been drinking my tea in a snowman mug and I have the car radio set on the "all Christmas-all the time" station.

  12. I'm not really feeling all that Christmasy yet--more like college app stressed out. But I'm sure I'll get there. I did get the house decorated and the tree will go up tomorrow. Although in 90 degree temps!

    There will be a New Year's card this year instead of a Christmas one--we won't all be together until the 22nd.

    You paint a lovely picture or your day!

  13. We just got back from the WPS Garden of Lights. That put me in the spirit of Christmas.

  14. If you need more snow, head a couple of hours west. We are looking to get 8-14 inches by 6 pm tomorrow.

    I went the grocery store and stocked up on baking goods. We should be thoroughly cookied by Sunday.

  15. The Dirty Snowball Outing was cancelled??? I feel a little better, then, that I had to back out.

    I got my Christmas Village up the other night with only minor interruptions by the ladies, and we go on our annual Christmas Shopping Date on Wednesday afternoon. After that day, Christmas can come. I'll be ready!

  16. Boo snow. Lol, I am not a fan of the white stuff at all!

  17. sounds like a great day! Wish we had some pretty snow

  18. How much did you get? We (mnpls) got 18 inches of snow!! And I'm still snowed in!

    Stay warm sweetie!

  19. Simple pleasures of the season, indeed. Coffee in holiday flavors: Door County's Christmas Blend, Dunkin' Donuts mocha mint, and more.
    A cookie now and then, but not too often.
    Driving down College Avenue on the way home from work - under the angels, of course. It's worth the extra few minutes to drive the Avenue. In December, it just feels right.

  20. We're making slow progress decking the halls at my home. Hubs cut our Christmas "TREEZILLA"!! down from the backyard this weekend. Turns out what grows outside really does appear much smaller, lol. With my college boy home it has put us in a festive mood.
    Do you like playing Christmas music while decorating? For me the music welcomes a wonderful sentiment of the season to the air, as does the aromas of baking.

    It's good to be back, I hope you get a chance to stop by for a visit.

    Sweet wishes,

  21. Hello...I just found your blog link..nice to meet you:)
    Im soo not ready for Xmas...I must get a move on, and quick!! We had snow in MI yesterday...schools are closed today...its a COLD one out there!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spoil Me Fashion Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  22. Oh, that sounds wonderful! How lovely to be Up North for Christmas. Gotta love those 30-year-old nativity costumes. They're classics by then!


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