Friday, January 7, 2011

all wrung out and tidied up

It's definitely NOT a good day for a self-portrait on this blog. You know why? Because my eyes are red and my nose is red and when I weep I look like a total train wreck. People, you encourage me. I am overwhelmed by all the people holding up Mr. T in prayer, in good wishes, in support of him being seizure-free. By last count, I've got way more than 60 people praying for Mr. T to be part of that 60%. And a lot of you dear friends have enlisted other prayer warriors on his behalf. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We feel blessed beyond measure.

In other news, Operation Self-Reliance is under way. A couple days ago I warned Team Testosterone that if I saw anything on the floor in the laundry room/mud room, I'd chuck it outside into a snow bank and when they went to get dressed to go outside, they'd find their gear all wet and cold. Last night Mr. D pulled in for supper and greeted us by asking, "Why is there a pile of jackets and snow pants in the snow by the driveway?" Looks of horror were exchanged and boys hustled for the door. They protested, but they realized I mean business. Let's see how long they can sustain this good habit...

Loaf two from the bread maker was a success and I believe I will get the hang of whipping together fresh bread. I'm not saying I'll never buy sandwich bread from the grocery store, but cutting back is a goal I can manage.

The tree is stripped of all ornaments and residing on a vegetable bed, providing shelter for the birds. My garage is providing shelter for mice as evidenced by the giant nest my auto mechanic found atop my engine block. Ugh. I'm so peeved that I have to set traps and deal with their little frozen carcasses. I sure miss Violet. That dog is worthless, all he does in the garage is dig around in the recycle bin and make a big mess. If he'd just kill a few mice, I'd respect the hairy mooch a bit more.

My computer survived infection from all kinds of malicious things--I used my extra time to rent a Rug Doctor. It's incredible how dirty the water comes off our carpets--and we're a no-shoe house. It feels good to be all spic-and-span. The extra space back in our living room since I took out the tree, the kids' toys back upstairs where they belong, a pile of old magazines in the recycling bin. Clean computer, clean carpets, clean desk drawers. Fresh starts are so invigorating, aren't they?


  1. It's great to be humbled and uplifted all at the same time!

    I love that you followed through with the gear outside---I bet they were shocked (and won't soon forget!).

  2. How wonderful that so many people rallied for you and Mr. T! It is worth the red eyes and nose.

    And way to go on following through with your threat. I bet they were surprised.

    About those new beginnings: I am seriously procrastinating. I need to update my resume, write an application letter and make my porfolio. Today. I am applying for a new job. And I would like to clean up all the Christmas stuff. I don't think that's going to happen today.

    Get to work, Hanneke!

  3. Haha! Way to show them, mama! I'm thinking I may have to do the same thing with my boys in a few years (I'll wait until they are tall enough to hang up their jackets first.). :)

    I'm thinking maybe you should get another cat. Show that dog a thing or two!

  4. A fresh start is wonderful--maybe Mr. T. will get one as well!

  5. I don't know what I'd do if I found mice nests in my garage (or anywhere else, for that matter). This would be one of those times when I'd be simply unable to cope.

  6. Love fresh starts. I don't think I'll have that feeling until all the kids are back in college Jan. 17. Hopefully I can start tackling my major projects then. Tell Mr. T. hi from us and we're thinking of him and keeping him in our prayers.

  7. We took the tree down last night. It feels good to have my rocking chair back in its place.

    Wishing much good luck and patience to you and Mr. T. God only gives us what we can handle; I only wish she didn't think we can handle so much!

  8. Ah, fresh baked bread - I was just thinking about it today. Love that smell! No bread maker for me, though, so let's see if I can find the energy to follow through on that idea...

    I'll keep Mr. T in my thoughts, too. :)

  9. That's awesome about the prayers. I hope he can get off the meds and be seizure-free.

    I had to laugh about the coats. My kids never take me seriously until I huff & puff and storm into their room and then they know I mean business. Good luck with them!

    MMM on the bread. We have a bread maker and use it quite a bit. The other day Rick made a low-carb bread for our diet, which was really quite good. Fresh bread never lasts too long in this house, though.

  10. I love your self-reliance lesson. Stick with it. It is well worth the effort.

  11. My hubs had mice chew up his air filter in his truck. The mechanics got a good laugh about that one.

  12. I heart the Rug Doctor machine.
    I even checked into purchasing one...$750. Sigh.

  13. Giggling over the jackets left out. Kudos to you for sticking with it!
    The Fabulous arrived today! LOVE it. On the subject of Kids Who Can Do, the girls are the first to try out the dryer balls. :)


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