Monday, January 17, 2011

gabby Monday

I confess, readers, I'm a little disappointed nobody warned me that I might shoot my eye out. Granted, I wasn't using a Red Ryder BB gun to pick off the mice in my garage, but all the potential for quoting Christmas Story in the comment box was there. The perfect set up. Someone could've even scored Super Bonus Movie Reference Points by mentioning Jax's propensity to behave like a Bumpus dog.

That said, we (meaning Mr. D because I'm not touching those traps again) got another 3 mice over the weekend. And because I can completely imitate the indomitable Suburban Correspondent today, I will: Mr. T is sick. I've dealt with vomit already this morning.

I could have spent quality time with some Jehovah's Witnesses this morning, too (who, with admirable temerity, drove down our 1/4 mile long driveway in a blizzard to deliver my Watchtower) but I scurried out of sight while they rang my doorbell.

To recap: it's a blizzard in Wisconsin today. The Packers play the Bears to see who goes to the Super Bowl next weekend. Did I watch a little NFL action this weekend? You bet I did. The Packers are blazing, people. They get better every week. No one's injured, their defense is tough as nails and they can run and pass the ball down the field equally well (Kuuuuuuuuuhn!) which is how they stymied the Eagles last week. It was kind of fun to see Tom Brady and his Patriots knocked out of contention. I tried calling my BFF (Brett Favre Fan) Sarah to ask her what he might think of watching the Jets play the Packers for that Super Bowl ring...but that would be mean-spirited, wouldn't it?

It'll be a glorious week of Green and Gold excitement. Our home team is having a great year pulling their act together. Also noteworthy: none of them are acting like morons off the field either. Badger State Fun Fact: those foam cheeseheads you see fans wearing at the games? Surprisingly heavy. I don't own one myself, but I tried one on in a store once and they weigh about 3 pounds.

Team Testosterone doesn't have school next Monday and I'd toyed with bringing them to Chicago for the weekend. Not now--Bears fans and Packers fans never mix well so we'll stick closer to home.

I switched from NFL drama to Hollywood just in time to watch Katey Segal win a very well-deserved Golden Globe for her amazing performance on Sons of Anarchy. (A high five to Little Miss Sunshine State.) When Colin Firth's speech ended, the collective longing sigh from his devoted fan base floated to the heavens. Could he be more perfect? (No, no he could not. High five to Jen.) Even in an acceptance speech he is funny, intelligent and romantic as hell.

He is a prince among men.

Oh, all right. Because it's Monday I'll leave you with one more.


  1. OH damn. Now I have drool on my keyboard.

  2. I think Brett will be proud his old teams may play each other in the big dance..

  3. Thank you for my daily dose of hotness, ie: Colin Firth. *sigh*

  4. Go Packers! What a fun time for a fan of the NFL and the Packers. Glad that Farve has moved back to the tractor in Miss. Now, the mouse problem. I think they have disposal mouse traps that you don't have to "set" and would be safer for your hands..

  5. I am so excited for the NFC Championship game! I, of course, am a die hard Green Bay fan and my husband is from Illinois so he's a Bears fan. We love a little friendly competition, so football Sundays are so much fun!

  6. Ahhhh.... Thank you for those photos. I appreciate it very much.

  7. We must have had a Wisconsin team playing in the Holiday Bowl a few years ago because there were Cheeseheads walking all over Seaport Village--3 lbs. seems pretty heavy for a day of touristing.

    Loved "The King's Speech."

  8. I came here to Golden Globe High Five you and you beat me to it!

    I was all set to Packer High Five you until you expressed enjoyment over my beloved Patriots getting knocked out of the playoffs ;-)

  9. Go Pack Go!! Go Pack Go!! Thanks for the gratuitous hunk at the end.

  10. I'd <3 to see the Packers and Jets in the SB!

  11. Now I wish I'd seen the acceptance speech...

    Enjoy your week of football dominance!! :)

  12. GO PACK GO!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

    My kids have off on Friday. I wonder if I should take them down to Chicago. It would be so fun! I think the rivalry is huge (you don't even see this kind of rivalry in the SUPERBOWL!) but I think Bears fans are still fairly respectful. Not like I'd be taking them to Philly! ;)

    I was watching local news and the reporter was talking to Bears fans at last week's game. They were asking them what they thought of playing the Packers this week and most of the fans said there were scared. HA!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

    I am so excited I can't even contain myself.

    I thought of you when Colin won his Golden Globe. :)

  13. Is it creepy that I wanted to lick my computer screen? Oh, Mr. Firth ...

    Also? Totally cheering for your Pack. Any team that can play in the temperatures as Lambeau deserves to go to the Super Bowl.

  14. La la la la on the football talk.

    Now on to Colin.

    I thought the SAME thing after his speech: Could he BE more perfect? And what he said about his wife? And how awesome he was in King's Speech? (Did you see it??? You have to see it. I know you would love it)

    And finally. Thank you for that extra photo.

  15. Oh, sweet mother of pearl. I am going to forgive you for being a Packer fan simply because you posted that last photo of handsome Mr. Firth.



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