Thursday, January 13, 2011

that crazy gal

over at Crazy Mom Tats tagged me for a meme--and it seemed just the thing to post this week.

Ten Little Things That Make Me Happy

1. all the people praying for Mr. T's seizures to be gone--so many lovely people!
2. learning that someone will come replace the busted wheel on our garbage dumpster for free--at our house!
3. hearing Nimrod composed by Sir Edward Elgar on the radio last night.

4. finding the piece on YouTube so I could pass it along to you!
5. my neighbor bringing over fresh-baked cookies this morning. To clarify, they weren't from her, they were delivered to her by mistake, complements of our orthodontist to whom we referred new patients. Even so, fresh baked cookies at breakfast!
6. three boys who helped out when asked and played without fighting all week so far.
7. helping out in Mr. G's classroom--kindergarten kids are wicked cute.
8. seeing a hawk perched on one of the trees planted alongside our driveway--the trees are finally big enough for a hawk--hawks kill mice and do we have mice.
9. the sweetest red grapes from the grocery store.
10. my pepto-bismo pink snuggie after I get out of the shower at night.

Spill it, reader--ten little things that amuse you/make you happy. You're tagged
if you're inclined to do a meme!


  1. Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun,sun,sun

    I'm done with winter :(

  2. Nimrod is such a beautiful piece of music! Have you heard Elgar's "Serenade for Strings"? Also quite beautiful!

    Right now I'm happy that we had a two hour delay and I have a little extra time this morning with my cinnamon dolce latte. :)

  3. Reading your journals during SSR each day

  4. What is SSR Sarah? Social Security Reimbursement? Silver Star Retirement? Second Serving at Rehab?

  5. Lots of things are making me happy, including a good meeting with a potential client. Sartorially speaking, however, my new Wilma Flintstone chunky faux pearls and my new fleece-lined boots (warm feet!) have just truly made my day.

  6. warm weather
    air conditioning in warm weather
    heat in cold weather (which we have too much of lately)
    the smiles on my grandchildren's faces when they see "crampa" and grandma
    hugs from said grandchildren
    my husband's smile
    the sight of my children and their families
    a car that starts in said cold weather
    great blogging friends

    those are not in order of importance but just how they ended up. many have the same importance.

  7. the fact that it's going to be in the 50s this weekend
    my dogs
    my kids
    very dark chocolate
    my nook
    books about The Tudors
    my kids being in school right now
    my kids coming home in an hour

  8. I think I'll do this on my blog since I have been running short of ideas!

  9. SSR = "Silent Sustained Reading" which is popular at our elementary and middle schools. And now I know that its real purpose is to give teachers time to read fabulous blogs!

  10. Need.the.recipe.for.the.granola.

    Pretty Please? Walker and I are both concerned that we could run out of the stuff before we know how to reproduce it. That would be most unfortunate.

  11. All great picks! Mmm...fresh baked cookies. And you are so right: kindergarteners are definitely wicked cute.


Spill it, reader.