Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to be honest

1. Last night I participated in a sparring match where I could only be defensive and my partner could only be offensive. To be fair, it was a bit of a grudge match and I took a shameful pasting. It really ticked me off.
2. I agreed to be the communication merit badge counselor for Mr. T's Boy Scout troop. Oy vey. The only reason I agreed is because Mr. D and I do almost nothing to help out the Scouts but our boy is involved. Frankly, I prefer dropping Mr. T off at his troop meetings and heading off to karate class with Mr. B. For two months I'll have to stick around and actually lead things.
3. When I read about the Wisconsin woman who found a quarter of a million dollars' worth of drugs in her new vacuum cleaner, I suggested to Mr. D that it would be pretty tempting to not turn it in to the police. He had every right to question my moral fiber. Although I was only saying someone might be tempted to keep $250,000 because that's a lot of money, but my imagination can be deplorable. I'd never do that myself. Heck, I discovered I hadn't paid for something in my shopping cart and after loading my groceries into the Momvan (in the middle of a blasted cold January afternoon in Wisconsin) I headed back inside to ante up even though it was inconvenient because I knew it was the right thing to do. I like to believe if I'm honest about $3.57, I'd be honest about $250,000 in shrink-wrapped cocaine.
4. When I ask the boys what they want for lunch or dinner and Mr. B answers "peanut butter sandwich" and Mr. G says "the same" I really really love them. Inevitably Mr. T pipes in, "can't you make (fill in the blank with some time-consuming casserole requiring ingredients not in my fridge or pantry)?" "No," I reply and resent him for not eating peanut butter sandwiches. "Well then can we go to (fill in the blank with restaurant names)?" "NO!" Our irritation runs both ways. My kid wants to eat fussy things and feels unloved because I won't give him what he wants. I feel unloving because I don't want to mess around with him and the kitchen and for the love of all things holy just eat a peanut butter sandwich already!
Then I introduced him to this:

It turns out he's willing to eat a chocolate sandwich.

Spill it, reader. In all honesty.


  1. I made a fresh smoothie this morning and my child, who has been faithfully drinking them all week, didn't want it. She wanted apple juice (heated please...) instead.

    I grabbed the smoothie from her hand and before she could protest, which she did, I drank it all myself.

    She still hugged me and gave me a great big smile when I left. My crabby mood did not rub off. Thank goodness.

  2. I feel for you on #2--because I often think to myself, "Hello? I signed my kid up for your activity so I could have a little time to do something for myself..."

    And the Nutella? Genius. Our kids love it on bananas before bed...in crepes with strawberries...etc. And then I went and discovered this Turkish product (they do have Nutella, too) that is the same thing, only it's a DARK chocolate,

    and right around then is when I gained these fifteen pounds.

  3. In all honesty...? (*hahaha!)

    1. I don't give a rat's @ss about a DJ. It's not like you made that record.

    2. whether you lost or gained weight has no bearing on my life

    3. rooting around in your little change purse for exact change doesn't mean jack to the cashier, nor to anyone else in line behind you. Just round it off, then cash in the rest of your goofy coins at the bank, the COINSTAR, or keep saving them in that jar like the rest of us until you have a substantial amount...rack 'em, roll 'em an get some REAL DOLLARS *hahahaha!! The bank will happily put the coins in their nice little counting machine and you don't even have to roll them anymore!! Consider it!!

    * : )

  4. I discovered another blogger thinking about nutella today too! This recipe'll have to be for one of the more adventurous days. Or sic your son on it! http://waysideviolet.com/2011/01/18/chocolate-hazelnut-frosting/

  5. Well, I need a new vacuum, so it did cross my mind to look up this shop. When I read this in the paper, I wondered - how did the shop people miss this when they reconditioned the vacuum?
    We keep Nutella in the house, too. It's mainly a snack food; we like it on graham crackers.

  6. I allowed my younger girl to have Nesquik in her milk every morning with breakfast, because it guarantees she'll drink all of her milk, which she needs to help keep her weight up.

  7. I had Nutella for the first time years ago in high school German class.

  8. In a new vacuum???? Just when I thought I'd done gone and heard it all!

    Yep, I'm with ya all the way on honesty...I'm twisted that way but I can sure see how a girl could dream of what she could do with such cash.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful winter's day sweetie!!!

  9. I've gone so far as to go back to the store the next day (discovered they hadn't charged me for something after I got home) and hand the clerk and item and say "ring this up but don't bag it; someone forgot to charge me for one yesterday." after having slack-jaw expressions, and calling the manager over for another explanation, i walked out with my integrity. same thing a couple of other times. people can't believe that i come back and tell them that i was undercharged.

    i give back anything that is given to me in error. {even a smart mouth answer - tee hee hee}

    love nutella! what is the dark chocolate variety? yum

  10. Okay, so Nutella is one of those things that gets taken to Honduras. Because you can't get it there. That's the real reason I don't live there.

  11. The kids are eating pretty well -- finished off all the leftovers at lunch -- and are suddenly eating me out of house and home. 11 years old.

    If I know about a mistake at the store, I'll correct it, whether it's in my favor or in theirs. But if I get home before I realize it, I figure it's both our faults, and it's a fait accompli. Also, I am not schlepping back across the hot-as-hell parking lot with two wacky kids to pay for anything that costs less than $10. Period. Sorry...

  12. Plus, would you know how to move $250,000 in cocaine?

  13. We had nutella on toast for breakfast today! Because I've been horribly lazy lately.

  14. Nutella and Peanut butter sandwiches have saved many an evening.

    My honesty? I am having one of those weeks where I don't want to do ANYTHING I said I would do. I just want a week with no obligations,no having to work, no having to volunteer or find sunday school teachers, or VBS workers, or anything.

  15. Nutella? NOT. Tried a jar of it once and it was okay but never felt compelled to buy it again. Perhaps if I had small children at home I would rethink this.

    I would only return THAT much money if someone showed up at my door asking about it.

  16. You actually spread Nutella on something? I eat it straight out of the jar with a baby spoon. This is such a beloved treat in our house that I sent a jar of Nutella and a baby spoon with my daughter when she started her freshman year of college. I thought I died and went to heaven when I was in France a couple of years ago and Nutella was everywhere!

  17. You want real heaven? Add a shmear of Fluff to it. A trick I learned while living in Boston. Dessert between two pieces of carbs. It's truly a S'more Sandwich! Mr. T would appreciate that haute cuisine!

    -Kara in CA
    (I will eventually get a profile...promise!)

  18. My poor kids live on bagels and mac n' cheese. The other day my daughter told her friends mother that she enjoyed eating at their house because at her house it's every man for himself. I wanted to kill her! Sheesh. Talk about calling me out.:(


Spill it, reader.