Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chemical meltdown

Mr. T was a trooper of the very best sort, going to school with his head wrapped in gauze and wires poking out the back of his neck. He didn't want to go to school, his head itched and he felt miserable about how the whole thing looked, but it ended up being a good day. People treated him with kindness and understanding, which was a good lesson in how we can expose our flaws and failings and accept the gift of other people's compassion. He looked a lot like this, only without the blue skin and soul patch:

Now we remain hopeful, pray and wait. He's back to school now with a regular sized head covered by normal hair recently cut, shampooed and styled.

The temperatures plummeted 30 degrees last night, which sucks (or blows, depending).

In the middle of dinner prep, I tried to heat up a hot dog for Mr. G last night in the microwave. A toxic fog of smoke began to roll out of the machine, prompting me to abort the hot dog project and wipe down the interior. Everything looked fine, the display gave no indication we had problems. I placed a Pyrex cup of water into the microwave and tried to cook it for 1 minute. You know the smell of burning plastic? (I know because when Mr. T was 2 he put his toy dishes in the oven and without checking first, I turned it on to preheat and melted it into a nasty chemical stew.) That's what my entire house reeks of right now. Eau de burnt Barbie doll. I've tried to get the stench out, but it's chemical and I can't seem to move it. It's adhered to the walls, ceiling and furniture. We opened doors, turned on fans, set out bowls of white vinegar and yet it lingers.

Consequently, I've purchased a new microwave. I'm no fool--I could try to get it fixed, but I've been jerked around by American enough to know that'll cost me more than buying a new unit. The really nice guy at the small appliance store next to our dojo has me all set up for delivery and installation tomorrow.

Besides, any machine smoking and spewing out odors like my microwave is probably beyond repair.
What on earth would cause an appliance to self-destruct this way?

I am so ready for my vacation! (3 more days--by this time Friday I'll be sitting in an airport waiting for my connecting flight, reading The Hunger Games and drinking a latte from Starbucks!)


  1. Eek you're almost there! Just keep breathing!

  2. I'm telling you when a vacation is coming up things go WRONG in the house. at least here it does.

    the microwave will be long forgotten in just a few days. wave hello as you fly over georgia....

  3. So glad that school went well for your little guy---praying for miraculous results!

    I'll be trying your white vinegar trick to rid the house of last night's "smoked" roast chicken ;)

  4. You will love the Hunger Games - but you better have Catching Fire and Mockingjay with you because you will want to see what happens next.

  5. Glad he had a good day, and that he was treated with kindness.

    I think those frigid temps are coming our way later today. Ick.

    Happy almost vacation - you deserve it!

  6. What you need, besides a vacation, is an ionizer. However, since those things are VERY expensive, a little spray can of ozium also works wonders with lingering odors. It is the only spray bottle of chemicals I use from time to time when things are really bad.

    I am very glad Mr. T made it through the day with relative ease. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

    And having just been there, for longer than I planned to, sunny California is going to be lovely, I promise!

  7. I'm glad to hear that things went just fine for Mr. T. tomorrow. Here's hoping the results are good.

  8. Awww. I am just loving Mr. T's school! So glad everyone was kind. :) Keeping him in our prayers!

    I DO know the smell of burning plastic. It is HORRID. Yuck. And it is WAY too cold to open the windows now. Here I was excited for February because it is usually WARMER than January. Guess not. Ugh.

    Three more days!!! WOOHOO!!! You are almost there!

  9. I'm so with you on the countdown to trip departure. Hope you have Cathing Fire and Mockingjay on hand because The Hunger Games is a fast read that leaves a girl hanging...

  10. O dude...I know. You'd like to repair an appliance...but sometimes, sometimes...screw it. You just have to buy another one.
    * : (

    ~ CALI !! ~ woo hoo!! !!

  11. Counting the days! San Diego Momma picked out an amazing looking Mexican restaurant--check your email.

  12. So glad Mr. T had a relatively easy time of it.

    And that's too bad about the microwave. I feel your pain--I hate a stench. :) Have you tried cooking a little cinnamon on the stove?

  13. Mr. T is brave. Classmates are sweet hearts and Vacations rock.

  14. hope you hear only good results.
    he's a cute one, that Mr. T.
    Vacation... I'm jealous... Enjoy the anticipation!

  15. Wow, what a day you had. I'm glad your son got through the day. I'm still praying for him. I hope that you will have a warm sunny day during your trip. If you do, take a photo and post it, please, because I am beginning to believe that such days do not exist any more.

  16. glad the test is now behind you! i bet you are looking forward to your vacation! the microwave story was hysterical. we had one that reeked of chemical odors, too. you just can't get those out.

  17. Glad to hear all went well.
    Can't help you on the chemical smell but I can relate. Made Valentines Sugar cookies this weekend and accidentally used freezer paper instead of parchment paper on the cookie sheets. Melted wax via the oven doesn't smell much better. :(


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