Tuesday, February 1, 2011

grown up and stylish

People, I'm staring through the doorway of a new decade. It's crazy. I don't feel grown up. I mostly goof around all day writing and practicing my bo staff and knocking around in the woods. Hell, give me a 6-pack of crappy light beer and a flannel shirt and I could pass for a 21-year-old boy. I earned no detectable income last year (according to my last SSA statement). I still haven't figured out how to wear lipstick or eye shadow and I never wear high heels. When I was little, I totally thought I'd have that stuff nailed by now. Being grown up and stylish meant owning matching bra and panty sets (another FAIL) and coordinating sweater sets (FAIL) with gorgeous jewelry (FAIL). IRL, I wear t-shirts, blue jeans and the clunky yet super-warm Sorrel snow boots my old boyfriend Boomer gave me 20 years ago for Christmas so I could go ice fishing with him.

You can imagine my surprise when Abigail over at Leviathan Amours gave me this award:

There are the rules for acceptance of the award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

Thank you, Abigail! No one ever calls me "stylish" so I'm flattered as all get-out.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

1. I spent the summer after high school working at the Lillian Trasher Egypt in Asyut, Egypt. I hope everyone there is safe during these scary times.
2. I like my eggs over easy so I can dip my toast in the yolks.
3. I crack my knuckles probably 50 times a day.
4. I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio the other day. Since I often say disparaging things about him and his ilk, I realized I'd never really paid any attention to his show and tried to give him an honest listen. I made it almost 5 minutes before I changed stations. He is as offensive and foul and reprehensible as I've always assumed.
5. Marigolds are about the only flower I truly don't like.
6. I woke up the other night and had no idea where I was. I had no idea who the guy next to me was, either. It terrified me. It took a few minutes before I figured it all out.
7. I never listen to popular music. About 15 years ago I quit caring and with very few exceptions (like Lady GaGa, she kind of stands out of the crowd) I couldn't name any groups or artists or recognize them on a bet. In this regard I realize I am more like a 71-year-old man instead of a 21-year-old boy.

3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers.

Alas, I shan't! I'm going to instead invite anyone interested in passing this along to snag it. Besides, if I qualify as stylish, every other blogger I know is SUPER-stylish.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Plus I'm lazy.

Spill it, reader. How aren't you grown up and stylish?


  1. Stylish? As soon as I knew I'd be going on leave of absence, I stocked up on jeans - at Goodwill. Now I'm living in jeans and sweatshirts; on a dressy day, maybe a thick and cozy sweater.

  2. I'm about as far from stylish as a person can get--seriously, right now I'm in an old pair of yoga pants, Jim's big ol' socks (because I realllly need to do laundry) and a t-shirt of Jim's that says "wiffle ball legend" because it's the best shirt for yoga (which I did at 8:30 this morning and I haven't gotten dressed for real yet!!!)

    I don't like marigolds Or Rush...and I've woken up completely freaked about this man in my bed too! (Nice to know I'm not the only one!).

  3. You are stylish as a outdoor type of girl!! I don't think that ever goes out of style, so that is good.

  4. Fun reading all these interesting tidbits about you.

    I love Marigolds 'cuz they're supposed to keep the bad bugs out of the garden.

    I RARELY wear high heels and I work in a Fancy-Smancy office, where most women do.

    I still love cartoons, comic books and play-doh :) Plus you'll find me out in the street playing basketball in the summer.

    Guess I never grew up either. :)

  5. Stylish? Well, my daily uniform these days is a black turtleneck and black leggings with a long (down to my knees) sweater over them, thick socks, comfy clogs.

    I'm not wild about marigolds -- not fond of the smell -- but plant many dozens of them every year as pest deterrents in my garden.

  6. I am currently wearing yoga pants, crocs with socks, a very old Minnesota Vikings t-shirt under a fleece covered in dog hair. No eye shadow, no lipstick, no makeup.

    This is what I look like most days.


  7. Wait -- you crack your knuckles?!


    You are too stylish, Green Girl. :-)

    Me, since I live in the city, tend to play up the city thing. I love my skirts and sweaters, my jewelry (even if it is costume) and my heels. But I won't wear it if it hurts, and I won't wear it if it doesn't look good. Be/dress however you like, just be happy doing it!


  8. I don't wear heels. I'm in a wedding this fall and we can choose our shoes so mine won't be very high. I figure I don't need them being almost 5'6" and I feel like a horse clopping around when I wear them.

  9. o dear...not quite grown all the way up yet, but can't deny I'm on the edgy-edge-edge of the happenin' fashion NOW-age, guurrl! *haha! That colored eyebrow thing? Did it last year. And you! You do too listen to popular music! Tell 'em you're into "Nu-Disco" since last year ::winks:: and you listen to "mixes, mostly" *heehee!

  10. Hi there, I'm happy to have stumbled across your blog!

  11. great post! i am right there with you on the coordinating "undie" things, makeup, t-shirts, and blue jeans.

    but, i've always wanted to be stylish so i might snag this. if ya'll think i'm stylish, that is.

    don't care for the smell of marigods but they do keep the other bugs away. used to like rush before he went even farther off the deep end. now - not a chance. never listen to or watch his shows.

  12. I'm with you on the matching bras and panties--they don't sell those at Costco!

  13. I buy my clothes mainly at Costco and Value Village (a 2nd hand store), so you KNOW how stylish I am! And yet... short years ago, when I lived in California I managed to be stylish enough that a gay guy wanted to date me. It's easier being stylish when you live near an Ann Taylor outlet store; trust me.

    When no one is looking I drink my milk straight from the carton. (It's MY milk; no one else drinks milk at my house, so it's okay. Really.)

    That stylish enough for you? Or am I confusing style with class? (Another thing I struggle with.) ;)

  14. I'm not stylish. Although I'd kinda like to be. But being broke really doesn't help the style factor.

    I rarely wear makeup because I don't really know how to (or care to) put it on. I'm in jeans and sneakers or boots everyday.

    And I crack my knuckles (and ankles, elbows, back, neck and anything else I can) like you do!

  15. I went to the pharmacy this morning in a college T-shirt and jeggings with Brown Suede Dr Scholl loafers with my hair in a ponytail.No make-up.

    When you get old, like me, you will be able to crack your knuckles just by making a fist!

    I like my eggs scrambled so when I make them into a sandwich, nothing leaks out.

  16. I don't think a men's thermal undershirt and a flannel button-down qualifies as stylish unless we've done the timewarp and it's the early 90's in Seattle... The striped fuzzy socks probably would not fly even in that instance.

  17. Haha, yay! So glad you took me up on it. I love reading your blog! Interesting to read all the comments discussing the term "stylish." I thought it was a bit of an odd choice for a viral blog award, but I took it anyway when it came my way! :)

  18. What a coincidence. My dad's air force call sign was boomer. And I am not grown up and stylish because:
    -first of all, i am literally not grown up
    -I'm sitting her typing a comment in my free "student of the month" t-shirt from last year.
    And there you have it.


Spill it, reader.