Thursday, February 17, 2011

in short

The political climate is positively RABID and HOSTILE in my fair state right now. Progressives are rolling in their graves as I type this. All I can say is shame on you, new governor/dictator.

The Hunger Games--wonderfully plotted, but frankly I am not chomping at the bit to grab the next installation. I will, but other books call to me first. The premise of the 13 districts intrigued me, though. I forgot how great science fiction CAN be.

In a fog here--cannot see past a quarter mile.

Mr. T's face when I told him about the EEG report was the biggest grin you could ever imagine. I love love love that he's not on pills. I was telling someone jubilantly about our success the other night and learned of a family we know whose daughter was recently diagnosed with the same seizure disorder. I'm definitely giving them a call to lend them support.

Whilst sparring last night I took a THUMB to my RIGHT EYE when my partner punched me in the face. Ew. I told him I hoped his hands were fairly clean. A few moments later I kicked him in the head. Not hard--but we were both a little shocked that this old gray mare could still get her leg up that high to pull off such a move.

Editing my latest project. Sometimes it's really hard to see your work for what it is. It's always easier for me to edit for other people.


  1. I downloaded Hunger Games onto my Nook the day after we talked. Right now though I'm reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. It's really good.

  2. don't just want to pick up Catching Fire?

    Can't even believe that the Rep. strong holds don't see the people's voice.... how sad it will be for our workers if they lose their bargaining rights. Don't people realize this could mean class size of 40? Gov. Walker will make it ILLEGAL for any unions to negotiate anything but entry level pay.

    So VERY happy for T

  3. Yup, pretty sure the fog will be accompanied by the smell of tear gas wafting from Madison any moment now.
    So happy for Mr T & your family BTW!

  4. So happy for Mr. T!!!!

    I need a book to read......

  5. We have a new Gov that is heinous! He just turned down 2.3 billion dollars to develop high speed rail, before he even let any of the bids go out. He could care less, he's a millionaire that has a private plane.
    He panders to the Tea Party on a daily basis.

    Maybe I'm just cranky because we have to file a HUGE damage claim with UPS and I have a sinus infection.

    SO happy for Mr T!

  6. I've never understood politics getting in the way of civility. My husband is a republican and I'm a democrat - all my kids are a mix and independent. We have some great conversations at the dinner table. I always say, "If we were all the same, life would be boring."

    Plus, I LOVED the Hunger Games :)

  7. Interesting about the political debates going on in the state right now. My friends who teach in public schools have a completely different view of this than my friends who teach in private schools. We'll see how this all plays out. I just wish everyone would be more civil about the whole thing.

  8. i edit other people's work better than editing my own as well. i think it's because my mind knows what it is supposed to say so i don't see the mistakes as readily.

  9. Shame on our Governor and all that goes with this. The situation is making me physically sick and I hate having to be put in this predicament. I am so sad that things had to come to this, but this is the democratic government in action. This is why we fought to be our own i guess in a way it's a good thing.

    It still just makes me so sad....

  10. For the past two days after picking up Lola from daycare, we have driven passed large groups of protesters positioned on an intersection. Reminds me of my Olympia WA days where protesters would gather in front of the Capitol every Friday night. I tried explaining to her what they were doing but I don't think she caught on.

    And we can't see anything up here either.

  11. Rabid and Hostile is right. Where are the protest signs saying "I teach, and I pay taxes"??!! It's really upsetting me - and I'm not strong enough to contribute! ( I keep posting on Twitter)

  12. Yay for a great EEG report!

    Boo for the spawn! :)


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