Wednesday, February 9, 2011

is it time yet?

We'll (hopefully) get Mr. T's EEG results on Monday.
It's below zero here today and feels dreadfully painful on my face and fingers.
The dog has diarrhea. Happily, he's not my dog, so it's not my problem. (Although it's providing me with a lot of belly laughing because Mr. D is wicked funny about cleaning it up.)
Speaking of "Wicked" and Mr. D--he has surprised me with tickets to go see it tomorrow night! (Yes, ladies, I probably do have the Best Husband Evah.)
My clothes for the weekend are laid out. Darned if I'm paying to check my bag.
The new microwave should be here in a half hour and the stinky old one will be gone.
Speaking of leaving, 2 days from right now I'll be on a jet plane headed for warmer climates and my pal K!
I'm still bringing The Hunger Games, but won't read it until the return trip because everyone's telling me I'll go crazy wanting to read the sequel. Philippa Gregory will provide enough pages for the trip to California.
I cannot wait.


  1. Oh Wicked!

    You'll love the Hunger Games!

  2. I read Wicked and loved it - but haven't seen the play. That sounds so fun!
    Hope all is well w/ the EEG results.
    Haven't read The Hunger Games, but I've realy enjoyed some of her other works.

  3. So much exciting stuff for you coming up! How fun! Well, maybe not the freezing cold (seriously, what is going on here???) and the diarrhea (I have to look up that word every time I want to spell it. Stupid).

  4. Have a great time....and Wicked is so good! Enjoy!

  5. I loved Wicked - saw it in Chicago a few years ago. Enjoy the show!

    I'm in the middle of The Other Boleyn Girl. Maybe I should order the Hunger Games!

  6. I LOVE Wicked. Have seen it twice. enjoy!

  7. I loved "Wicked"--loved it.

    I was trying to figure out why "The Hunger Games" sounded familiar. I looked it up on Amazon and realized I read a couple of chapters out loud to a middle school class. :)

  8. Praying for a great EEG.. Have fun at Wicked.. nice hubby!

  9. We'll be at Wicked tomorrow night too. Look for me, I'll be looking for you!

  10. ooohhhhh! I've always wanted to see wicked...and can you believe? My microwave is on it's way out too....something I just don't want to deal with right now.

  11. You've got some good stuff to look forward to. Enjoy the play!

  12. So envious that you are going to see Wicked!! It's coming to Omaha in a few months and I hope I can see it!

    Have a wonderful trip! I'm flying to Virginia next weekend and I am determined not to check a bag, too.

  13. I heart Philippa Gregory. She so nicely applies her keyboard to the possible stories of some of the most intriguing women.

    Argh. I so wish you were going to have results from Mr. T's tests before we are unplugged in Honduras! Maybe Laura will be able to check your blog for me.


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