Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a shadow!

* I love having a kid in kindergarten. It's the most fun. He comes home enthusiastic every day. Mr. G talks in a LOUD VOICE and announces what he learns each day when I pick him up. On Monday he told me, "MOM, DID YOU KNOW IF THE GROUNDHOG SEES HIS SHADOW IT'S ALMOST SPRING? I REALLY WANT THE GROUNDHOG TO SEE HIS SHADOW. DO WE HAVE GROUNDHOGS AROUND HERE? CAN I SEE THEM? WHERE DO I GO SEE THEM?" and so on and so forth. I get a real kick out of him.

* Mr. G is also cheering for the Steelers this Sunday. A couple of his buddies from school are devoted Steelers fans, so he's climbed on board with them. Mr. B has informed him that every time the Packers get a touchdown, Mr. B will beat him up. Is it too much to hope for no score?

* Mr. T has begun the requisite Hunter's Safety course.

* My coffee tastes very bitter today. This is funny because I've been feeling bitter lately. Could there be a correlation?

* Oh that blizzard last night! So many roads were drifted over. In summer we say, "it's not the heat, it's the humidity." In winter we say, "it's not the snow, it's the drifting." It was awful--we could barely see, the wind was so strong. I heard gusts were over 40 mph. We'd hit these drifts and the snow would fly up. Several roads had only one passable lane and I prayed we wouldn't see any oncoming cars. We got all the way to the end of our driveway and that is where the Momvan finally got stuck in a giant drift.

* I really really really hate shoveling out the Momvan in bitterly cold windy snowy weather. Incidentally, the boys were discussing hell in the Momvan and Mr. G said it was full of fire and you'd burn your feet. I rather think it could be freezing cold instead.

* Fun fact: those fighter jet flyovers before every Packer game fly over our back yard approximately 7 seconds after you see it on national television.

* Now the wind has stopped and the sun is out. Our driveway is beginning to melt and I swear to you it feels balmy, even though it's only 20 degrees right now.


  1. I wonder if the LOUD voice is a youngest thing? Our's has only 1 level right now and it is driving me insane!!!

    All roads were closed here...they kept warning people that if they wrecked, they'd be on their own for a very long time...Jim said last night that an ambulance couldn't get through for a call (I'm assuming it was a less than emergent need or I'm sure they'd be dragging out a snow plow to lead the way!). I agree with both you and your kids--hell probably is full of fire AND 8 ft snow drifts ;)

  2. I'm glad you survived the storm!
    In Buffalo, we say "It's not the snow, it's the visibility."

  3. Hmmm, now that you mention it our youngest has the loudest voice in our house--maybe it's that always trying to be heard when they're little?

  4. I was JUST going to say it feels positively warm outside! It's sad to think what little will make us happy in the frozen tundra.

  5. Around here we are such wimps we wait until it is 40 degrees before we can call it balmy.

    "hell in the Momvan" - what a concept.

  6. * love this list
    * love the blizzard too (and so very thankful for my cozy warm house and strong husband)
    * my third also has a VERY LOUD VOICE and is VERY ENTHUSIASTIC. love it and love hearing about Mr. G's groundhog enthusiasm
    *speaking of three children, I have been pondering lately how my parenting has changed over the course of parenting three. I have concluded that #3 gets the best and the worst of my parenting, and probably will be the most balanced of the three. But I'd love to hear someone more articulate than me (you!) talk about this. Do you take requests? Could you write a blog about this? Do you parent differently now? Which child do you think gets the best of your parenting?

  7. i remember when the temps would get to 20 and it seemed balmy. i know you are tired tired of the snow and the drifting and the shoveling! spring is coming. and you have a sweet little kindergartner to keep you warm on the inside.

  8. I know I just couldn't cope with snow anymore. It was 75 today and I sat in a rocking chair on the porch and read. I still have the sliding door open.

    I love Kindergarten kids. I used to be a volunteer when both of my kids were in school. It was full-day K, so the teachers were grateful for the help. My favorite part was sitting on the floor to read to them and having one or two in my lap and little girls twirling my curls in their little fingers.

  9. I'm not sure, but I think it's against the law to root against the Packers in your state. Might want to inform your young 'un of that fact, even though I approve of the Steelers myself. :-)

  10. how cute. my daughter talks very loudly, too. she swears it's from living on the ship. i'm deaf and don't talk that loud.

  11. Yay for Mr. G's enthusiasm! I hope he doesn't get beat up!

    And how cool that you get to see the fly-overs before everyone else!

    I smiled at the bitter part. :)

  12. We get a lot of snow here, but not so much drifting. I guess maybe because we're nestled on a mountain or something.

    Interesting about the coffee and the mood -- sounds like you need to add something sweet! :)

  13. Hard to believe but we got over a foot of snow in Oklahoma, and that is pretty much bordering on the end of the world in these parts. People go nuts. Cars line the roads like parking lots. And city policy toward snow removal? It'll melt. The kids love it, though. This is day three of no school and their return is nowhere in sight. Sigh. I really hope that groundhog saw his shadow!

  14. I'm rooting for the Packers...because "I know someone in Wisconsin"

    And yes, I think versions of hell could just as easily be barren, frigid, icy, negative-degree, windblown tundra!! And God is the only thing you have to wear - one tattered Tshirt! Who do you love NOW, sinner! *haha!
    ok I digress...
    Do you suppose in the bible "hell is hot" because the geography of the spot where it was written can reach uncomfortably high temperatures? Curious...
    ~ ^^ ~

  15. Hang in there...T-8 days. Ditch the coffee and drink tea, the anglophile in me says. A nice cuppa Lady Grey and throw caution to the wind and put in a lump of remind you of how SWEET (that's for Mr. G) it soon will be.


  16. In Oregon we say it's not the snow, it's the black ice.
    We hardly had any snow this year and I am REALLY glad for that!!! It's been in the 50's around here...crazy weather lately!

    I'm not even going to watch the superbowl. I have so little interest in football. I imagine this is how most men feel about shoe shopping.
    Cool about the jets!!

  17. Okay, NOW I know where you live! ;)

    We had 4 foot drifts here. It took Todd about 2 and a half hours to do the driveway with the big snowblower and I did the back patios and it took me over an hour. It was CRAZY. The winds here were between 50 and 60 mph. I though the trees in our backyard were gonna bust. Our neighbors tree did! It is lying in their yard right now.

    Cheering for the Steelers, huh? Sacrilege! ;)

    I ALWAYS said hell would be freezing cold. That seems much worse to me than fire.

  18. Rooting for the Steelers in Wisconsin? What a brave man!

  19. Consider the bitter cold as the fruits of your labor in helping our planet. Global warming has surrendered to Green Girl In Wisconsin.


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