Thursday, February 3, 2011

so cute they make my teeth ache

It's been a week, I tell you. The Momvan needed to be towed to the auto shop because it wouldn't start. Happyland Elementary's PTA has me blowing gaskets I didn't even know I had. (You wouldn't think a school sock hop/raffle would require the same level of diplomacy Hillary Clinton uses to engage Middle Eastern leaders in peace talks, but in Happyland people have a real gift for creating drama.) My library is trashed from Mr. D's poker party last night. My middle boy is in tears because of tomorrow's Packer Pep Rally and my oldest is getting nervous about Monday's EEG. No one wants to go to bed at night and no one wants to get moving in the morning. I scream and yell and they drag their feet and get tardy slips at school. And it got bitterly cold again today.
Calgon! Take me away!

There's some cuteness around here lately, though. Last Sunday each of the kids at church got a "sheep" to take care of for a whole week. This is a hands-on way to understand Jesus as the Good Shepherd, real sheep and a real shepherd were present last Sunday to give the kids an idea of what this lesson is all about. Then a fake shepherd showed up to demonstrate "bad shepherding" (losing sheep! feeding them donuts!). ANYWAY, here's what Mr. G did with his sheep:

He used fencing from his toy farm to keep it safe on our kitchen table.

After he got dudded up to become "Captain Electric Toothbrush Man" and fight crime and do ninja stunts with his electric toothbrush. The kid cracks me up.

Meanwhile, Mr. B has always had a distinct sense of style. As you can see from this photo, Mr. G adores his big brother and is trying to follow closely in his footsteps:

Frick and frack, aren't they?

A little cute takes the edge off.
Spill it, reader. What's cute in your world lately?


  1. A few years ago I declared myself a drama free zone---sorry, but if you're bringing drama, I aint buyin ;) What would happen if you stopped being diplomatic and just called them out on the crap?

    Right now the cutest thing we have is 3 boys cleaning their rooms while blasting the Top Gun sound's become their fav and I'm quickly reallly starting to hate it!

  2. Cute - my pet rabbits supply the cute. I was taking a nap yesterday when Sadie jumped up on the couch to check on me, make sure I was still breathing. Well, maybe she was making sure I didn't have any junk food she could filch.

  3. Love it! of my niece and nephews!! My boyfriend's baby pictures. :)(Not his baby, pictures of him as a baby.)

    My grandmama and her crazy sharp sense of humor!

  4. Kids are always cute - even when they're 6'5" :)

  5. Have to say it's my boys. They always cheer me up (except when we are trying to go to bed or get out the door to school. huh. )

    right now they are playing nicely. i love that.

  6. My new giant kitty has the cutest squeaky little meow.

  7. What are you talking about? My son is ALWAYS cute! (Ha! *snort*)

    Love the pictures of your boys. Definitely cute!

  8. Your blog is always "cute". I look forward to what is going on in your crazy life and how you are "handling" everyday with those cute boys. As a grandma, I enjoy seeing my cute grandkids doing whatever! Life does slow down...

  9. Oh my, you are having quite the week. It's a good thing you have so much cute in your life.

    The cute thing that still has me smiling is how Mr. G. is rooting for the Steelers on Sunday and Mr. B. has promised retribution boy-style. For some reason, I have found that to be hilarious.

  10. I think you're rockin' the cute for both of us!

  11. That little sheep is super cute! Cubby was super the other day when he left me a few silly bands on my alarm clock. He told me they were mine to keep. He loves to share!

  12. My two tabby cats groom each other. It's not unusual to find them up on their high ledge, licking each other's ears. Awwwww...

  13. Wow! What a week. Seems like everyone is fighting it lately.

    What's cute. Hmmm...

    It's pretty bad that I have to think this hard about it. ;)

  14. Nothing is "cute' at three below zero. I'm just sayin'.

  15. Cute? My neighbor walks her Yorkies and one of them insists on carrying a stick that is bigger than he is.

    Three of my daughter's Sorority Sisters are being foster moms to a puppy. They are so crazy in love with the cute puppy that she may have found a permanent home. Their twitter messages about the puppy are really cute.

  16. My whole family is cute right now, they are so happy to have me back. Lola cannot stop talking, Ryan cannot stop touching, and the cat cannot stop sitting on top of me, kissing me (really!), and paw pawing until he drools.

    I should go away more often.


Spill it, reader.