Tuesday, February 22, 2011

we love puzzles, NPR & George

Every Sunday morning en route to church in the Momvan, Team Testosterone and I listen to the Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle on the Air on NPR. Granted, their answers aren't the most accurate (Mr. G will shout out guesses like "stupid!" and "skeleton" to answer questions like "What President's name is found in the word hairdresser?" and Mr. T and Mr. B get demoralized by how much they don't know sometimes.) But it's good, clean fun and I generally feel intellectually superior to my fellow Americans by the time we pull in the church parking lot.

The prize is always the same each week, but it's presented by the celebrity guest that Liane Hansen has interviewed. Mr. T asked once why the prize is always the same--I tried to explain that the Puzzle on the Air isn't about the prize, it's about getting to play. Another time he asked about the "weekend lapel pin." What is that? Well, a lapel pin is a little pin, like a piece of jewelry, that you wear on your collar. Why do they only get to wear it for a weekend? There's much to be learned from that Sunday morning program!

Team Testosterone encourages me to get on the show every week after we finish our audience participation, they think their mom is pretty smart. Trouble is, to enter you have to figure out the qualifying puzzle and that's usually wicked tough. I've been able to do it exactly twice--and the second time happened this week. Mr. B helped me figure out the answer and Team Testosterone made me promise (using pinkies) to submit my entry to get on the show. Well, I've done it--and if Will Shortz calls me this Sunday morning, we'll all be over the moon with excitement! (I'm still pretty jacked that I figured out another answer--Will Shortz makes up tough puzzles.)

We love our NPR, we love our PBS. It's the only news source we've found that's based on facts and analysis instead of scandal and slander. It's the only culturally enriching, family friendly and intelligent entertainment we can find with any regularity. When every other station or channel offers up loud, bawdy and divisive, NPR and PBS provides a sanctuary of educational (To the Best of Our Knowledge! Arthur! Sesame Street! Curious George!) and thoughtful (Masterpiece! This American Life! Frontline!).

One of the quality controls for public broadcasting is the funding--it's not dependent on commercials. It's funded by the public, through taxes and donations. If you love your public broadcasting, or even like it a little bit, join the movement to preserve funding by clicking here. The House of Representatives has already voted to eliminate funding--$1.35 per person is the public's support for this national treasure. Contact your state representatives and senators TODAY if NPR and PBS matter to you.

Spill it, reader. Do you love your NPR and PBS?


  1. I'm a faithful listener and watcher. It's my primary radio station for this commuting gal, and I love PBS. We are fortunate to have 2 PBS stations here in Hotlanta, so I have choices.

  2. I love Nova and Antiques Roadshow on PBS. They recently did a series on Pioneers Of Television that was really good.

    My NPR favorites are Car Talk and Wait,Wait...Don't Tell Me on Saturday mornings.

    My kids grew up with Sesame Street and Mr Rogers. Like Crazy Mom, we had two PBS stations...Providence and Boston.

  3. Good post, Greenie...I loved NPR's "From the Top"!...Sunday evenings, with some of the country's best youth classical musicians. SO inspiring, and what beautiful music!

  4. I listen to several NPR podcasts! love them!

  5. I don't really watch tv or listen to radio, but I hope you get on the show! that'd be so cool!

  6. LOVE the weekly puzzle. Hope you get on the show!

    Love love love PBS and NPR.

  7. I do love my NPR--and have the exact same trouble with the qualifying puzzle. I have lots of "driveway moments."

  8. I don't feel right if I don't get to listen to NPR every day. I have it on all the time when I'm in the kitchen. (I'm hoping to pavlov-train my kids so that THEY always listen to it when they are in their kitchen as adults.)

    Good luck if you get on the show!!!!! My kids think I should try out for Wheel of Fortune. Doesn't quite have the same cachet as your gig.

  9. During the day I pretty much have WPR on all the time. I love all the programs. It's also the only station on my car radio :)

    I love PBS Saturday night schedule~ the British comedies.

    I don't think I've ever heard the weekly puzzle. I'll have to check my stations listings.

  10. Okay, so which president's name is found in the word hairdresser?

    While I appreciate NPR and PBS in theory, the reality is that I don't watch TV or listen to the radio. I keep meaning to get a radio for the kitchen so that we can listen to the news during breakfast, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

  11. My favorite shows are Wait, Wait...and American Routes. But I probably listen two hours a day on average. Those are fun shows, but it's their commitment to the news and informed analysis that I really support. It doesn't surprise me at all that the new majority in the House voted to strip them of their tax allotment. That group doesn't do well in an educated public.

  12. Can you believe I very rarely have the radio or T.V. on??? I prefer to have it quiet over here a lot of the time....with the bustle of everyday life the quiet is nice sometimes.....

  13. Love NPR - especially wait, wait, don't tell me and car talk.

    We contribute regularly to our local PBS stations, too.

  14. Longtime lurker saying "thank you" to all the folks who support NPR and PBS! This issue is especially near and dear to me because I work at a small PBS station and my job is on the line.
    So many people complain about our perpetual pledge drives because they don't understand that we are NOT a government agency. Fact is, only a small (but significant!) portion of our budget is government money.
    Most people also don't understand that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting dictates a lot of what we can and cannot put on the air.
    Your average potential "advertisers" balk at these restrictions, so competing in the free market is seriously hampered.
    Catch 22...

  15. I knew we were torn apart at birth .... love, love, love NPR at any time of the day!

  16. we love our pbs. i call it thr poor girl's cable tv. i will seriously cry and raise major stink if our pbs is reduced. i've signed petitions and written letters to congress folks for that too.

    i've been writing lots of angry toned letters lately....

  17. I love PBS and NBR!! I love watchin 'Poirot', 'Masterpiece Theater', 'Midsummer Murders' and all of the rest.

    Isn't Will Shortz the man who creates the New York Times crossword puzzles?

    I used to listen to 'Car Talk' on Saturday mornings with the brothers.

  18. My son is 22 now and away at college, but, like you, I did many puzzles with him on the way to church over the years. Now we listen to Wait Wait together when he's home, and we both love American Routes too. And, of course, we are so grateful for the quality news programming. We've been members for years, but if all I'd ever gotten from NPR was the coverage of the revolutions in the middle east these last weeks, I'd still think it was worth it. My public radio station is KOPB. It's great to get it in Portland, Oregon, but it's vital to have it in rural Oregon. I hope everyone who loves public broadcasting has contacted her/his senators to tell them not to compromise on this!

    Jan, in Portland

  19. LOVE everything NPR does!!!
    I love the celtic program.
    I love This American Life.
    I super-love The Moth.
    I want to cuddle with Wil Shortz.
    I literally fall asleep every.single.night listening to the BBC hour.
    I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!

  20. "Hey Ernie, why have you got a banana in your ear?"

    "Sorry Bert, I can't hear you. I've got a banana in my ear!"

    That Sesame Street, deep stuff!


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