Monday, March 28, 2011

and a pheasant in a crabapple tree

It was hard to feel peeved about our 3-week extension of winter when I looked outside this morning and found the world flocked with frost and ice crystals. Every branch and blade shimmered and glittered while the sun rose. This picture doesn't begin to capture the beauty of this morning.

In other news, life's been a whirlwind of volunteer work lately.
A couple 6-hour shifts wielding a hot glue gun to assist eager elementary school students busy making found object art with our artist-in-residence? Check.
Fingertips blistered and burned from hot glue gun? Check.
Infamy as the "ninja master" because I can piece together black pants, shirts, masks and nunchaukas using only a hot glue gun, fabric, yarn and popsicle sticks? Check.
Successful family fun night of improv. comedy? Check.
Side stitches from sitting beside Mr. G at comedy show? (Comedian: We need an occupation. Mr. G (straining to raise his hand and yell out an answer): Mom! What's an occupation? Me: A job. Mr. G: A JOB! A JOB! Don't worry, to his great delight Mr. G's suggestions were chosen for "movie genre"--Star Wars! and "household chore"--plunging the toilet!) Check.
Boy Scouts tromped through the woods and duly shown animal tracks and tracking techniques? Check.
Plaster casts of animal tracks made by Boy Scouts? Check.
Detritus of hot dogs, plaster of Paris and many boys overrunning the house cleaned up? Check.

All this was accomplished by 2:00 Saturday afternoon.

Now it's Monday morning and I'm ready to lather, rinse, repeat. In the midst of all kinds of drama and existential angst here (including filling bird feeders, tracking down Mr. B's lost backpack, teaching Mr. T the value of hard work and money, laundry, determining my destiny--the usual stuff), I looked out my window and saw this:

That's a pheasant perched in our crabapple tree next to the driveway. We haven't planted pheasants in a couple years, so you can imagine Mr. D's joy at seeing this rooster.

Spill it, reader. What's in your tree these days?


  1. Haven't seen anything spectacular in the trees this morning but I did see a bald eagle by the side of the road driving home on Saturday. Awe inspiring sight every single time.

  2. We haven't seen much...a few robins here and there and a new bird "song" by my window in the morning (sounds like an angry monkey on steroids!). I did notice that my neighbors tulip tree (is that what they're called?!?) has little tiny velvety buds---I LOVE that tree!!!

  3. Cardinals and bluebirds here. Plus a little mystery bird that snuck in the house (he or she will make an appearance on my blog tomorrow)

  4. Oh, that's delightful!

    I couldn't help but enjoy the snow in our trees last night. And today, it's cold enough that I can wear my favorite boots one more time. What's not to love?

  5. ...had a ringneck dove in the back tree yesterday...
    * = )
    A pheasant! how exotic!
    I love that you said "detritus" when you could have just said "mess". Awesome.

    A JOB! A JOB! *hahaha!

  6. You are such a cool Mom!

    We have mostly water birds around here... ducks, swans, they aren't usually in the trees.
    I saw a HUGE hawk in a tree on my walk the other day.

  7. i just posted a nice whiny, angry, angsty post about my life. but i did finish two projects lately, which I'm very happy about -- a baby quilt for a friend and my first sweater.

  8. did you mean actual trees? cardinals. leaves!!! cherry blossoms are just about finished, tulip magnolia's bloomed a month ago and now they are in full-leaf, dogwoods -- blooming.

    it's beautiful here!

  9. Bunnies. Only wild bunnies are bouncing across our snow-covered backyard. But that's all good. We just don't tell our next door neighbor; they destroyed his hedge a few years ago when we had a bad winter.

  10. Squirrels and birds. I'm sooooo ready for spring. I feel a little moldy with all this liquid sunshine we've gotten this year. :)

  11. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I never see pheasants out here in the west, but did when I was growing up in Illinois. We see hawks by the side of the road ALL the time. Almost every day. Hawks are much more beautiful than pheasants!

    Hot glue guns are hard to operate-I burn myself with them EVERY time!!!

  12. Our trees seem to have a rather cold breeze in them today. A cold breeze that took us from glorious high 80's temps to unwelcome chilly 40's over the weekend.

  13. A few old nests from last season....

  14. Bless your heart. You took such beautiful pictures at turned what might otherwise be winter discontent into joyful celebration. Love it.

    Also? I have never met a glue gun that didn't burn me. :-)

  15. WOW. You are busy!

    Although they don't perch in trees, seagulls are always overhead at my house.

    And that can be dangerous. ;)

  16. Busy, busy, busy! Oh man. Time for a breather.

    We had a hawk sitting on our fence at lunch time. That was cool. The boys were thrilled! :)

  17. I've noticed that our resident gold finches are getting their summer plumage --a sure sign of spring in our N. Illinois yard. I love it, later on, when you can't tell what is a dandelion and what is a gold finch in the lawn.

    I really admire your spirit about this very long winter --we've lost our snow cover, and I'm really hoping it won't be back until next winter!

  18. Is this a literal question? If so, I've got mockingbirds, doves (I think), and bluejays. Oh, and squirrels.

    If it's open-ended, I've got a ton of stuff in my tree, including my MIL's maltese (for a week) who wants to sit on my lap and bark at absolutely everything.

  19. Lizards. They woke up from wherever they spend their winter a few weeks ago, and they're everywhere, showing off for each other. Ahh, springtime, when a lizard's thoughts turn to love...


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