Tuesday, March 8, 2011

cheerful thoughts on fat Tuesday

I saw this sign online and it made me laugh. What made me laugh more was hearing Team Testosterone race to the car this weekend: Mr. G "I call shotgun!" Mr. B "I call shotgun infinity!" Mr. D "Do you guys even know what shotgun means?"

While trying to enjoy the remaining weeks of winter (read: Screw you, Winter Storm Ethan), I'm focusing on the chickadees at our birdfeeders. They're pretty cute. And I like how I can see the structure of a tree so clearly when the leaves aren't there.

So, there's that.

And I've started lopping off forsythia branches and bringing them inside to force them into blooming bright yellow flowers for me. (Note to self: plant more forsythia.)

And this! Polyester skirts and funky sweaters! Love! Love! Love!

Mr. D is in baseball mode. He's kind of always in some level of baseball mode, but the season begins on the 21st. You can imagine the conversations here. He has also brought home the first half of the 40 boxes of Girl Scout cookies he ordered this year. And then I made cookies for Mr. T's Mardi Gras carnival at school today--which seemed incredibly superfluous under the circumstances.

I dreamed about our pool last night--in my dream our pool actually connected to a canal that surrounded our entire house. At the corner of the front porch (where the gutter needs repairing) it had become very green with algae. Halle Berry and I discussed what I should do and then I switched on a pump to clean it up. This is exactly why I never put much stock into dreams. As if Halle knows the first thing about water chemistry. Pfft.

Seed catalogs. I'm still finalizing my plans before I order. One nice thing about March is that June and July are still full of promise and hope.

Today I'm gathering paint swatches and making a drop at the thrift shop.

Spill it, reader. What's keeping your spirits up on Fat Tuesday?


  1. Looking forward to: Going to an Altan concert & eating pub fare & drinking lager for Fat Tuesday tonight, and having my mom over for a simple dinner for Ash Wednesday.

  2. Paint swatches..!! Yes, yesss!! !! You are totally going for it with the PAINT!!! woo hoo!! That lifts my spirits!
    * = D

  3. My friend called to ask me to do a 3 mile walk with her this afternoon and it is gorgeous outside!

    Thurs. night we are going to see WICKED!!

  4. I like those sweaters.

    I'm looking forward to having Monday off.

  5. Forget cabin fever, we have Spring Fever---get US out of this House!!! Our boys have been having similar discussions today (funnily enough, what I'm blogging about today!). We all have the attention span of a gnat--homeschooling is going to be a wash today (I've spent the morning doing my best Sister Mary Elephant impression...not on purpose!)

  6. I'm shocked that you put no faith in Halle Berry's pool expertise! ;) Thanks for this anecdote... totally made me laugh.

  7. Inspiration jumped aboard my day-off train the second I saw the painted daisy’s scarfs and wrist warmers...
    Many thanks for the link--check it out, those of you who didn’t click it.

    I am headed to my studio to make some gifts.

  8. Hmm, lunch with my mom & my sister at a good salad place, where I snarfed a chocolate chip muffin in addition to eating my good-for-me salad.

    Family is usually pretty cheerful.

    And flowers! They're everywhere here!

  9. Seed catalogs!! I've never even looked at one before. I just assumed I could get all my seed needs met at the local farm/garden stores.

    I don't think I would trust Halle to know about chemicals at all. But if it were about more domestic things, like fixing a vacuum - yes, trust her!

  10. So excited they have Brewers in their Pink MLB collection at VS. That was just wrong they didn't have Packer. I got me a nice lightweight Brewer sweatshirt. Perfect for Spring.

  11. My Lego car works!!! Tomorrow, when I face ten boys at Robotics Club, I'll look like I know what I'm doing!! I'm thrilled about that!

    Maybe you could turn your canal into a lazy river??? I'd be up for a visit in a snap! Check and see what Halle thinks. :)

  12. Hmmm. It's a bit of a down day--it'll be on my blog tomorrow, but I do love when I sub and the kids say, "Yay, Mrs. O., we love it when you're here!" And they don't say it because I don't make them work, because I do.

    Those sweaters are fab.

  13. I love your cheerful thoughts!

    If I have to hear "I call shotgun" one more time in this house, I might have to stab something with a pencil.

    My cheerful: I finally feel better after my last depressing post. No more of those on my blog, Nu-uh.

  14. Love that Etsy shop.

    I planted spinach, kale, and English peas today, which gives me hope for future good eating.

    40 boxes of cookies? I can't even fathom it.

  15. I had replaced our tiny bathroom's flooring and put in a darker color. The pistachio paint on the walls was looking dingy, depressing me. So, I put lightbulbs in the other two sockets in the fixture over the sink, and VOILA! No need for paint now! Isn't good lighting amazing?

    So my bright green bathroom is making me cheerful.

  16. DID YOU KNOW....China Moon in Little Chute delivers to our neighborhood?????? They delivered supper to our house tonight! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

    Happy Fat Tuesday!

  17. Made my weekly visit to my personal trainer (I always feel so snooty and high-falutin' when I say that) tonight and the workout was good - fewer "I can't breathe" breaks and more pushing through. So I'm in a good mood because I did well and because exercising makes me happy...after it's over!

    Maybe Halle is a secret hydrochemist. It could happen!

  18. Ha! I love this post.

    I wish I could see some chickadees at our bird feeder. They are my favorites. So cute! Unfortunately, the dang dog keeps eating all the bird seed we put out so I can't feed the birds anymore. Boo. Stinking dog!

    I CAN NOT wait for summer. Just thinking about going swimming and eating tomatoes right off the plant and walking around barefooted makes me so happy. That's what is keeping me going right now. :)


Spill it, reader.