Monday, March 14, 2011

good things (NOT the Martha Stewart edition)

Friday night my ears popped and I could hear clearly for the first time in over a week. The sounds! The clarity! Heaven!

Speaking of hearing--this story about Lila, Jami Nato's daughter, just made me all weepy with joy.

Saturday I stood outside Habitat ReStore with Mr. G trying to figure out how to manage 2 heavy boxes of wood scraps and my bag across the parking lot. It would take two trips and I'd resigned myself to that fact when the tall red-haired man behind me offered to carry one for me. "I'm waiting for someone right now anyway. It's no problem." The kindness of strangers is one of life's sweetest surprises. We made it to the Momvan in one trip and I felt so grateful.

Finding a Target gift card buried in a pile of stuff. Handing it to the cashier and discovering it's worth $20!

Watching Megamind with Team Testosterone. Very funny.

Even funnier? Playing Charades. Especially when one of the players is six years old.

Going to church as a family and coming home to cook bacon, eggs and English Muffins for breakfast afterwards--buttery, savory, greasy deliciousness.

Temps reaching the 40s--with a forecast of 50s by the end of the week. I'll open windows! Hang out bedding! Start running again!

Sleeping though the night without coughing. Waking up to nary a rumble in my chest--just the clear, steady sound of healthy breathing.

Spill it, reader. Good things.


  1. I have the Today Show on TV. Ann Curry found 3 American teachers that survived the Tsunami!

    I tried a new bread recipe yesterday that was SOOOOO good.

  2. I have the day off, so in a few minutes I'm going back to bed. Heaven!

  3. $20 Target gift card?!? Now that's a find!

  4. I have a secret that I can't officially share on my site yet because I have family members who read it. But... my daughter is pregnant! She's still in the 1st trimester and she has been high-risk before, so we're taking it cautiously and not telling people. It would devastate my grandson to know it was going to be a big brother and then have it not happen for some reason. Her and her husband are very excited.

  5. The blueberry cake I made this weekend. I did everything wrong and it still came out delicious!

    The nine flower fairies I made in anticipation of Lola's birthday next month (working ahead here because I will be gone for almost three weeks). She has claimed every single one as her own so now I have to make four more.

    Coloring the snow yesterday.

  6. I am so happy your ears popped and you are no longer coughing! Yay for the new Doc! Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)

    Good things:

    -A fantastic Sunday drive with the top down and a special someone in the car followed by a great hike and amazing ocean views
    -A St. Paddy's Day catering gig (More work!)
    -My ears and lungs are clear
    -More daylight!

  7. My oldest son and two friends here for spring break. Cooking dinner for 10--I actually prefer it to cooking for 4.

  8. That was a great weekend! So happy for you, so many good things.

  9. Ooooo!!!! Those are good things!
    We had pancakes and french toast for dinner last night. Definitely a good thing.

    My best friend for the past 30 years is coming to visit this week with her baby boy (who I haven't even met yet). So exciting.

    And yes, the weather. Yay 50's!!!!

  10. Good things for me: The fact that you're breathing normally again AND that you're not getting a blizzard this week.

  11. Glad to hear you are feeling better! We had some of that crap in our house. When you are sick and you know TLC ain't gonna cut it I say go for it and bring on the big guns ~ after all you are paying the health insurance. :)

  12. Our local HS is a game away from making it to State.

    I made $22 at a re-sale shop on my boys' spring clothes that don't fit.

    Lots of snow melting today.

  13. I'm glad you can hear again! That's so encouraging.
    Good things: silly bunnies that make me laugh when I'm feeling down.

  14. Oh, thanks for the shout out to sweet Lila! It's amazing how we take our hearing for granted!! Lila said ' cheese' the other day when I got it out of the fridge! Ha...random, but it was like, whoa... You just said a word!

  15. Those are very good things. I too am so looking forward to 50 degrees!!!

  16. Popped ears - yay!

    Good things here are that we too are expecting 40 degrees this week! Before this winter I never would have referred to 40 deg with such joy. Also we celebrated pi day today (cuz we're nerdy like that) with an apple pie (unfortunately not homemade).

  17. Getting everyone's taxes filed;
    getting halfway through my novel draft; having son's divorce final; hitting the hot tub just before the back went out;seeing the infant rescued in Japan~much to be happy about!

  18. Dinner at the home of a new friend: good food, good conversation, and having a 2-1/2 year old tell me he loves me and is going to marry me.

  19. Looove the ear popping sensation! My good thing is our new puppy!

  20. *We're visiting the Boy this weekend to celebrate his birthday early.*
    *The mister and I have our 17th anniversary coming up.*


Spill it, reader.